30 Times Something Had To Be Lost In Order To Discover Something New

They say that nothing lasts forever. And even if that's kind of true, it doesn't mean everything that's lost is a bad thing. Sometimes, it takes enduring a loss to find something new.

In each of these pictures, something may have been lost, but something else was found. And that in itself is pretty darn interesting, if I do say so myself.

"Saw this perfectly eaten ‘K’ while biking today."

When bugs eat leaves, they usually just leave chopped up messes. But this one ended up looking cool. Plus, the plant doesn't seem to have been too overrun by bugs. So this is kind of a win-win situation if you think about it.

"Dripped some water on my green highlighter — splitting it into blue and yellow!"

The page may be ruined, or is it? At the very least, some super cool colors came out of this mistake. Because you know, green is made out of blue and yellow. It makes sense, okay?

"A long lost AirPod in my vacuum."

I guess this is what happens when they get lost. And some people out there have a really hard time not losing their AirPods.

On the plus side, at least it gave us a pretty interesting sight to see. One that we'd probably see a lot, though.

"This sign that's grown into a tree."

Yeah, trees like to do that. They tend to absorb things that have been placed on or too close to them. And yeah, it sucks that the sign is basically lost now, but at least it's a cool sight. It looks like a portal to another world or something.

"There was a dead moth in my tea candle."

I almost feel bad for the moths that get stuck in candles. I say almost, because it's not like anyone forced them to get this close to a candle.

Still, it's kind of gross if you look at it for too long.

"These bricks (beneath where I kept my fire pit last night) had dried faster than the surrounding bricks after I hosed everything off this morning."

I guess less water fell on that spot? Or it was still warm? And that's why it dried faster? Honestly, it doesn't make a lot of sense, but it also makes a lot of sense so I'll just go with it.

"Spider made a web in a deformed reed."

I guess it just goes to show you that animals can make do with pretty much anything. This reed may be misshapen, but it also just happens to be the exact perfect shape for a spider web. Things tend to work out in the end, don't they?

"Little bit of green in the pavement."

Well, you could say that this green space lost its greenery the second they put pavement on it, but that wouldn't be entirely true. Since there's a little green grassy patch in there.

It really adds a bit of excitement to the space.

"Image of bird head in melted wax on counter."

Who would've been able to guess that melted wax would make this exact shape? Because I wouldn't even think it was possible! But life is full of surprises, and wax really can make random shapes.

Is it just me, or does this kind of look like a rabbit head, too...?

"This tree in my local park is consuming the fence as it grows."

You really are rolling the dice when you build fences this close to a tree. Because trees continue to grow no matter what, and they will absorb fences while they do it. Just like signs, or any other things people put on trees.

"The amount of fur left behind from a tennis ball launcher in just an hour."

I guess if a tennis ball gets hit hard enough, it'll lose some of its fluff. And enough of that fuzz can make a little fluff pile after a while. And then we can sit around staring at it.

"Outdoor animal deco fused with a tree at a rental house."

The thing about nature that we should probably remember is, it always wins in the end. Sure, this decorative animal may be barely visible underneath all that nature, but that's kind of part of its charm. It almost makes a statue in and of itself.

"The first killing frost."

The first frost of the season isn't always a great thing. After all, it means that summer is officially beyond over, and a bunch of plants are going to die. But at least it'll leave you with an interesting sight like this. Plus, something will grow in that spot next year.

"This corrupt photo from my SD card."

Yeah, the original picture is kind of ruined. But this super cool corrupted picture is, well, super cool. It looks like it could be part of some found footage movie. Like, it's a little bit creepy and atmospheric, which really works in this case.

"This business used crushed Arizona cans to decorate their walls."

I always wonder how businesses get enough things like this to decorate an entire store front. I'm sure they didn't drink all of that Arizona iced tea.

Still, seeing old things recycled into something new and unique is always really fun.

"Zucchini Shoes."

I guess this is one way to use zucchini. Though, eating it is a lot better.

Still, I can't help but be kind of impressed by how detailed this pair of Chanel zucchinis turned out. My only hope is that no one wears them in public... Or ever.

"Old cars becoming the river bank."

If you look closely along the edge of the river, you can actually see the shape of a car. That's really cool! Even if it's pretty strange.

I wonder if this happened naturally over a few decades, or if someone consciously used a car frame to reinforce this edge.

"My pineapple scented wax melted looked like a pineapple ring."

Interesting how something that's supposed to smell like pineapples lost its original shape, only to end up looking like the thing it smells like. It's kind of funny how things like that can happen from time to time.

"My KitKat is missing the wafer."

This poor KitKat bar lost its wafer. Or, maybe it never had it to begin with. Either way, without the wafer, all that's left is... a chocolate bar. With nothing else on it.

Yeah, that's pretty boring. Cool, but boring.

"This bright yellow fungus / collection of weird eggs growing on a dead tree in my garden."

According to Redditor grapesfrompluto, "It's a slime mold called Stemonitis Axifera." That's kind of cool, even if it looks a little like a sponge from a distance.

And to think, it's only growing because this tree died. Circle of life, man.

"I know why the plants are dying."

To think, this could've been avoided if someone out there didn't take the sign too seriously. But I guess these plants had to die for the staff of this place to learn a lesson. Sometimes that just how things go.

"A tree growing out of a tube."

Well, whatever that tube/post/random piece of metal was supposed to be, it's now a holder for that tree.

I wonder if the tree is going to grow really tall and skinny, or if it's gonna somehow absorb the metal post somewhere down the road.

"Wasps built a mud nest in my flashlight."

Yeah, that flashlight is done for. Even if the wasps are gone, the fact that they were ever there in the first place is bad enough. Just throw the whole thing away. The wasps won. It's theirs now. No room for argument.

"The sticker perfectly peeled off the skin on my pear."

The sticker took some of the pear skin with it, which is kind of okay. It's not like you need the skin to enjoy a pear, anyway. And in any case, it left a pretty cool indent in the fruit.

"When I worked at a movie theater, studios sent movie trailers to us via USB, and they did not expect them back!"

I bet you anything these studios completely forgot about these. And now they've just ended up in this person's possession. There really isn't much you could do with them, but at least it's a fun memory of the not-so-distant past.

"University coffee shop used pencils instead of tile at counter."

I wonder how many of those pencils were purchased, and how many of them were found over the years before they decorated the counter. Because I kind of can't believe they'd just buy all of those pencils (but I also can't believe they were all found).

"The gym I go to is renovating. They knocked a few walls down and revealed it used to be a Hollywood Video."

I guess stores are the same as houses; you really never know what you're going to find when you knock a few walls down. At least this wall didn't have, like, rats or something behind it.

"The amount of locks I cut off in a single school year when working at an Elementary School."

The kids who left these locks not only lost them, but whatever they may have had in their lockers, too. But at least all these locks make for a really cool picture. Too bad they can't be used anymore.

"Somebody finally moved their car."

Whelp, that car was obviously parked in that one spot for far too long. And sure, its existence caused all that nature to grow around it, but that's still so strange. Did this person really not move their car for that long?

"The inside of this expensive shoe that my dog gnawed on."

It's kind of sad, really. That shoe is lost to the ages, all thanks to one very bored dog. But I guess that's part of life (and the risk you face as a pet owner).

And honestly, it kind of looks cool. Not wearable, but still.

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