14 Strange Items Only The Internet Knew The True Purpose Of

There is so much negativity that stems from the internet. Many people choose to stay away or take breaks from it.

But there is one good thing that came out with the age of the world wide web. It's especially useful when you're trying to identify something you found.

These odd objects were total head-scratchers to me, but now their mystery is solved.

1. This Interesting-Looking Pot

Do you have a lot of pots in your kitchen? Well, if you do, perhaps you own this as well. I had no idea what it was, but now I've discovered that it's a milk cooker. The lid with holes prevents the milk from spilling.

2. This Odd Thrift Store Find

If you found this interesting “knick-knack” with some kind of instrumental quality at a thrift store, would you buy it? Or better yet, would you know what it was? Apparently, it's a door harp or a door chime.

3. This Weird Cage

If you guessed this was a soap swisher, you would be correct. Put a solid bar of soap (or many scraps of soap) in the cage portion and swish it around in water to create soapy water for washing dishes and such.

4. This Stainless Steel Mystery

Have you ever seen this before? Me neither, so can you guess what it's for, huh? When you're cooking turkey, you poke his through the turkey's opening to keep the stuffing from falling out. OMG, what? That sounds barbaric, but it does make sense, ha, ha!

5. This House's Openings

Why does this old coach house have these weird openings a the top of the roof? Well, they're dove coats, and they're used to house the nests of pigeons or doves. Isn't that so interesting or what?

6. This Funny Apparatus

Somebody found this weird object in their parents' garage. Now, if you're a golfer, you probably recognized it. It's a golf caddy for par three course. Bottom V is where you would place the golf balls. Golf clubs lay horizontal in the clips.

7. This Unique Object

Do you ever run at night? If you do, then you might want to get this nifty thing. It’s a clip-on shoe light for anyone who runs at night. Use it so you won't get run over.

8. This Strange Tool

What do you think is this tool? Let me give you a hint — somebody found it in the kitchen. If you're a fish lover, you might have used it to scale a fish. Oh, I had no idea such a thing even existed.

9. These Odd Things

At first, I thought these were some kind of syringes, but I assure you they are not. They're actually stabilizing bolts for a washing machine drum. You would be smart to put them back in when you move your machine a far distance.

10. This Dog Tag

Have you ever seen one of these things on a dog's collar? Did you wonder what it was? It's a “key” to a doggy door. When a dog comes to the door, it opens. Wow!

11. This House Chain

Why would there be a chain hanging off of a house? Can anybody guess? Well, what do you know? It's just a rain chain. It's an alternative to the traditional downspout of a gutter system. Aha!

12. This Unique Stand

If you've ever inherited any items from your grandparents, maybe you got one of these too. It's a valet stand. The suit jacket goes on the top part, and the folded pants go on the center crossbar. Hmm, interesting.

13. This Strange Clock

If you ever visited somebody in assisted living, you might have noticed this clock. The attendants use it to avoid bed sores. The clock shows how to rotate the patient correctly. I had no idea they even had something like this.

14. This Yellow Object

Somebody passed by this yellow "button" in the woods, and they wanted to know what it was. As it turns out, it's a survey marker. A ground survey measures the baseline chemistry of soil, stream water, and stream sediment by taking samples.

Who knew there were so many strange objects out there, huh?

Aren't you glad that the internet is there so you can find out all the purposes of these interesting items? I sure am. I'm always fascinated by unique finds. How about you?