20 Surprising Finds That Make The World A Sillier Place

We all make both conscious and unconscious efforts to improve our days. From the way we decorate our living spaces in ways that make us smile, to going out of our way to pick up a treat for ourselves, we all seek to make our lives better.

The items on this list do that, but instead of being deliberate, they were nice little found surprises that brought joy to the days of those who found them.

"These construction workers painted their own McDonald’s logo."

Wow, it's so good I couldn't even tell it wasn't an official sign! If McDonald's doesn't hire this crew to build all their signage from now on, they're making a big mistake.

"Found Amethyst pieces in a new gravel driveway."

Okay, but can you imagine a type of gravel that's just gemstones? It'd be like that rainbow rock gravel you can buy for fish tanks, but prettier and for humans instead. A glittering rainbow driveway sounds genuinely beautiful. Tacky, sure, but beautiful!

"We’ve got nosy Halloween decorations."

So are the small skeletons the tall skeleton's children? Or is it more like a ruler/subject relationship? Actually, given how huge the tall one is in comparison and the fact that it's made of gold, maybe this is their diety. The skeleton god of snooping.

"Someone put oogly eyes all over the menu at my local Starbucks."

This makes every menu item look extremely suspicious and a little afraid. "What, are you going to eat me? Are you going to order me and eat me? Me? What did I ever do to you? Why don't you order the item next to me instead?"

"This tree/bush looks like a capybara."

Capybaras are already one of the great gifts nature has ever given us, but can you imagine if they were that big? The size of horses, or rhinos? Capybaras big enough for people to ride? That would be heaven on earth.

"X-ray of my childhood bear, taken in the '90s."

Not only is this supremely cool, but it's also kind of creepy, but in the way where it's good. It's a unique thing to have and a memory you probably cherish since it was so interesting, especially when you're a kid!

"A beer can fell out of our fridge and landed like this."

Their fridge made a great sacrifice that day in order to save that beer. The can fully cracked the bottom of the fridge, meaning they now have a bigger problem on their hands than they would have if the can had just exploded on impact.

"Shhh! My fortune cookie is sleeping."

Nothing gets you ready for the day like a good night's sleep, and a well-rested cookie means it's better prepared to give you more accurate fortunes later on. You may feel cheated now, but this is all to your benefit!

"Burnt egg looks like a skeleton."

Not just a skeleton, but the grim reaper himself! He's here to whisk away your burnt eggs, for they are no longer meant for this world.

Or maybe he's here as an omen, a sign to not eat those eggs you just cooked.

"[This] fake toast in Hollywood."

I've spent a long time staring at this, but I still can't tell if it's a flat painting or a tiny sculpture. Either way, what a subject matter. What placement. Truly a stunning work of social commentary.

"University coffee shop used pencils instead of tile at counter."

A very cute and unique gimmick, yes, I've never seen anything like it. That might be for the best though as looking at this for too long is making my head hurt and my vision feel blurry. I hope it's not as bad in person.

"This spray bottle the cleaners in my building use."

With a job that revolves around cleaning, you have to find ways to make it exciting and interesting, and what better way than pretending you're a spy defeating enemies via wiping away dust and dirt?

"If you unlock this car when it is dark outside, you can see that it greets you in [Spanish]."

When I first read this title, I thought it meant it only greeted you in Spanish at night, as in during the day it would greet you in English or whatever else. No, it means you can only see the projection at night. Duh.

"Thank you curtain, you're doing God's work."

What a beautiful curtain! It compliments the room so nicely, and it's so polite too! I must ask, where did you purchase these, I want to fill my home with them immediately!

"Every early October around noon, the sun shines through my parents’ bathroom window and perfectly illuminates their toilet bowl."

This shining beacon of light can mean one of two things. Either this bowl is displaying its true holy nature, or there's something in the bowl that's shining that light, like a portal of sorts or some mystical artifact. Whichever is better is up to you to decide.

"This telescoping crane dressed as a giraffe."

I was going to make a joke about how it's camouflaging among other tall things, but then I remembered that dressing up as a giraffe is the opposite of camouflage in a city. It would have been better off disguising itself as a telephone pole.

"While at Aldi today, I saw these hamburger buns that were missing their bag...but the expiration date was stamped right on the buns."

Whatever employee put those out like there was nothing out of the ordinary about them is the funniest person in the store. Imagine walking up to the cash register with these and telling the cashier, "They were on the shelf like this, I swear."

"Just found this tag inside my new shorts. Hopefully it works!"

That's quite the lofty claim for a pair of shorts to be making. Is this the sort of thing you can take to court if it's wrong? "Not only did I not get a second date, but the first date was awful too! These shorts suck!"

'This Halloween sticker has a beard... a ghoastie if you will."

The thought that a ghost would keep its facial hair from when it was a human but not the hair on its head is extremely funny. Or maybe this guy was just bald.

"Someone put googly eyes on a gas pump."

I'm starting to think there's someone running around one city in particular with a giant tub of googly eyes just slapping them on everything they can. That's fine though, it's objectively the funniest form of vandalizing, so they get a pass.

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