15 Finds That Prove Thrifting Is The Ultimate Treasure Hunt

Thrifting is like looking for a needle in a haystack. There's a lot of weird stuff out there — and boy do we know it — but there's also a lot of truly awesome, valuable stuff out there, too!

These people found the ULTIMATE thrift treasures when they hit up their local stores. From designer items to luxury cookware, these thrifters are living the dream.

I would be ALL over this.

"Just found this beauty at a yard sale for $20." I can't believe some of the things people let go! This one even had its original paperwork. What an absolute steal.

I want them.

"My white whale; a pair of nearly new Valentino Rockstud flats in my size and color for 80$. Retails for 975$."

I have wanted a pair of these for AGES. UGH.

I would ALSO run away with these.

"Me: 'How much are these? There’s no price.' Lady: '$10 for both.'"

$10 for mint condition Le Creuset dishware? Yeah, I'd be thrilled. They look like they came right out of the box.

Some toddler is about to look fresh af.

"Gucci Toddler dress thrifted today. Never worn and still on original hanger. Spent $20.00."

Unlike the Gucci monogram, which I think is tacky, this print is AWESOME and so unique!

This is going to make mornings excellent.

"When the checker asked me what this was, I muttered that it’s for making coffee and ran away. $1200 La Pavoni Europiccola espresso maker for $6.50 at Goodwill. My coffee dreams have now been fulfilled."

Are you wearing — The Chanel boots? Yes, I am.

"Chanel boots for $5? Don’t mind if I do."

The insane part is that they were authenticated after purchase, so they're legit. WHERE are people finding these gems? Drop your locations.

These look limited edition, too!

"Brand new Dr. Martens in the box with tags. $25. Got them off of Facebook marketplace from a girl who just didn’t want them. They are amazing and I am speechless."


"Vintage Valentino! $25 bucks!"

Someone in the comments found the same one for $500 on another site. So, yeah. This is a hell of a find. I LOVE the color so much.

Finding this is a thrifter's dream.

"It finally happened to me. After YEARS of being jealous of people on here for finding them. I've finally found my white whale! For. TEN. Dollars."

Now that is the find of a LIFETIME.

Nice kicks.

"I've leveled up in thrifting...Gucci Sneakers for $2.50."

Do you know how much those things would resell for? I say resell, because I would never wear them — they're lowkey ugly as hell, but still.

This is a timeless piece.

"Authentic Givenchy necklace $4. This was sold to a collector for $250. I love thrifting."

Apparently, this was found at a local thrift store! I can't believe the profit margin on that resell. Impressive.

Imagine finding an actual diamond at the thrift store.

"I followed my gut on this stunning, unmarked lapis pendant. Jeweler confirmed 18k gold and diamond. I paid $20." A jeweller appraised it as being worth $1500-$2000! That's a huge score.

This shirt is giving me "dad on vacation" vibes and I'm into it.

"My white whale - authentic Gucci shirt from the '90s. Found in a gigantic pile of used clothes at a flea market in Barcelona for 2 euro. It caught my eye because of the print, and nearly fainted after checking the label."

There's nothing like vintage Armani.

"My most prized possession. Vintage Giorgio Armani orange shearling coat I snagged last year for $80 at a local consignment shop. Originally for over $1300." That coat is SO in style right now!

I would cry if I found this.


"Was looking for a b-day gift for my bride... $85 for a vintage Chanel Tassel bag and she was over the moon! Legit checked myself, everything down to the Lampo zippers checked out!"

Vintage Chanel is so much better than new Chanel, especially in terms of quality. This is a huge find and I am JEALOUS.

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