20 Pics Showing Something As Unlikely As Hitting The Jackpot

I'm always floored by the amount of strange and unlikely coincidences that happen in the world. Like, what are the odds of any of these things happening?

I'm sure they're higher than winning the lottery, even if it doesn't feel like it. Like seriously, all of the things on this list just don't seem very likely. And yet, they all happened.

"Pulled the second skin off my tattoo, the scab came away almost completely intact."

First of all, this is a really nice tattoo (and probably took forever to finish). But wow, there was so much pigment in it, it was able to transfer a perfect copy without fading. That doesn't seem like something that happens every day.

"My school museum has a Bob Ross painting."

You mean this school has a painting made by the Bob Ross? That's so cool! I wonder how hard it is to come by one of his paintings, considering he's so famous (and dead). I bet this painting costs a fortune, too.

"If you unlock this car when it is dark outside, you can see that it greets you in Spanish."

This seems like the kind of thing you wouldn't even know your car did unless you were paying serious attention. Like, if I owned this car, I most likely wouldn't notice this feature for at least a few months (years if I'm being honest).

"I saw some sort of Navy stealth boat."

Of all the random things to see while driving on the highway, this one wasn't part of my bingo card. But, uh, at least it's kind of cool to look at?

Why it's there and where it's going, we probably won't ever know.

"Ordered the largest drink they had at KFC and it comes in a bag."

I mean, of all the places to have a drink bag, I can't really say I'm surprised it's KFC. But still, who would've thought any place would sell their drinks in bags? Especially when cups and bottles have existed for so long.

"Amazon sent me 4 copies of *The Aristocats*. I ordered 0."

I don't know what's funnier about this, the fact that this person got four copies of the same movie, or the fact that they didn't even order it to begin with.

I guess these could make good Christmas presents?

"A student brought an apple they grow at home that's red inside."

Are... are there actual species of apples that are like this? Or is this some kind of hybrid or genetically engineered apple? Either way, it's kind of cool, even if it looks more like a pit-less plum than an apple.

"This rock with fossilized shells I found in the middle of a forest in upstate New York."

I guess you can find fossils anywhere, but this doesn't seem like the kind of thing you just stumble upon all the time. Especially while in a forest. Like, you'd probably have to go digging for it.

"I got tipped a dollar that was once from the tooth fairy."

It's always a joy to find random dollar bills with writing on them. I think it's kind of fun to imagine the kind of people who wrote on them, and what their lives were like. In this case, some lucky kid got a visit from the Tooth Fairy some time ago.

"Friend told me to park close but not hit him. I think I was successful."

I don't know whether you'd need more skill or luck to pull this off, but I have to say that I'm super impressed. The two cars are basically touching, and no impact was involved. Not bad, not bad at all!

"My puzzle had an EXTRA piece."

I wonder why puzzles sometimes come with extra pieces. Do they find that one specific piece gets lost pretty easily? Do they somehow know you're going to need an extra of just that one piece? Did it get in the box by accident?

"My daily used flip flops broke today after 12 years of use and 15+ visited countries."

I'm honestly so surprised that a single pair of flip flops was able to last this person over a decade! Like, I can't even go one season without mine breaking on me (in the middle of a trip and everything).

"I think I saw a shooting star/meteor."

There was apparently some kind of rocket reentry that happened in the area (Atlanta/Nashville) a few nights ago. So a bunch of people would have been able to see a sight like this in their night sky. Still, that's such a cool shot.

"I just found a bus pass in my bedroom. It's older than I am and from another state."

Not me getting mad because I am, in fact, older than this bus pass. But anyway, this is a really random thing to find in your home. I guess a previous owner left it there at some point?

"A spider somehow managed to catch a snail in its web."

I never thought snails would be a part of a spider's diet. They just seem like vastly different creatures that live vastly different lives. But snails are pretty low on the food chain, so this really shouldn't come as too much of a surprise.

"Toilet paper gone, shadow remains."

I guess this bathroom has really specific lighting. Either that, or there's a ghost toilet paper roll roaming around the house. I'm pretty sure it's the former, though.

Hopefully the roll gets changed before people get tricked into thinking there's toilet paper there.

"I found my doppelgänger at a bar, dressed like me!"

Apparently, there's at least one other person in the world who looks like you, even though you aren't related. And the odds of finding that person are probably lower than winning the lottery.

But it happened to these dudes, so it can happen to anyone.

"The way my soap fell on the bathroom floor while I was taking a shower."

This is probably the luckiest bar of soap that's ever existed. It's perfectly balanced and isn't falling over. It would be a bit of a shame to disturb it, actually. It looks kind of comfortable there, anyway.

"This recycling bin at Ibiza airport accepts bricks."

I really want to know what goes on in Ibiza that they have a brick recycling bin. I seriously can't think of any situation where this would make sense, other than if people collectively knocked their houses down to donate to new houses.

"As I was driving through this town and a passenger of mine pointed out that it looks like a place from *The Truman Show*... Sure enough! I never knew."

Now I'm wondering if this house was part of the set for the movie. It must've been (either that, or someone really loved The Truman Show and modeled their own home after it). Wild how we find things like this at random.

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