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Britain's Most Glamorous Cancer Patient Shows Up For Chemo Dressed To The Nine's

Undergoing chemotherapy treatments can be exhausting both mentally and physically. Far too many of us have had our lives affected by this disease, and it can be so difficult to watch ourselves, or someone else, undergo treatment.

One mom from Gloucestershire, England is staying strong and fashionable for her kids by arriving to her chemo appointments in super chic outfits.

Lisa Fry, 41, from Cheltenham, Glos, was diagnosed with incurable cancer in 2018, just one week before giving birth to her youngest son Jagger.

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In light of being diagnosed as incurable, the former Army Cadet Force sergeant decided she was going to be the same fashionable person she's always been.

As a mom to four, it was important for Lisa to show her children she is the same mom as she was before.

"I have always been a fashion follower, I love style but I think this time around I've ramped it up a bit more," she told "The Mirror."

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"I dress like that every single day even if it's for doing a school run or popping to the shops. I don't want my kids to see me being any different to how I was before the cancer. I'm still their mum."

"People ask me how do you dress like that when you have four kids and cancer — I get a lot of attention and it's really nice, it boosts me," she added.

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Lisa explained that she saw her life going in one of two different directions: "I either sit at home, be depressed and think about the worst or I can think the most of the time that I've got and be happy and get on with life. I'd rather grab these opportunities that come in life."

Lisa was initially diagnosed with stage 3 breast cancer in 2011 after she found a lump while breastfeeding.

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After two years of treatment involving chemotherapy, radiotherapy, and surgery, Lisa was given the all-clear. It was during these first rounds of treatments that Lisa started dressing up for her appointments.

The mom went on with her life and became a personal trainer, a Sergeant in the Army Cadet Force, tied the knot, and got pregnant again.

Tragically, it was one week before the birth of her youngest that she found out the cancer had returned.

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"It was heart-breaking," Lisa recalled. "I was thinking 'I can't have cancer, I'm going to have a baby in a week.'"

She continued: "The day I found out was horrendous, my world just broke into a million pieces. That day still haunts me today."

"I was thinking 'why me' but suddenly something clicked inside me - I decided I'm going to crack on with my life."

"I'm not this weak fragile thing riddled by cancer, I am really confident, sassy and feel super sexy in my own skin, I'm physically strong and mentally and really positive about the future I believe I will be here a lot longer than given," she concluded.

What an amazing attitude. We're rooting for you, Lisa.

h/t: The Mirror