14 Bad Tattoos That Are Definitely Going To Need A Cover-Up Job

One thing you must consider before getting a tattoo is that it will be on your skin forever. Of course, these days, you have the option of lasering it off, but do you really want a scar to remind you of your mistake? I think not.

However, that doesn't seem to stop some people who should have never gotten a tattoo in the first place.

1. This Tragic Back Piece

I bet this guy is very proud of his massive back tattoo. Sadly to me, it looks more like a five-year-old drew this scenery. There's absolutely no rhyme or reason to any of it here.

2. This Poor Excuse For A Rose

Is this a joke? Or did somebody actually get this as a tattoo? I seriously hope for the former. Everything about this piece is absolutely awful. Not only does it not resemble a rose, but the colors are pretty tragic.

3. This Puzzling Piece

Um, does anybody know what's going on with this piece? Somebody on Reddit mentioned the band Gojira, so I had to look it up. But I still don't understand the significance of this or why it looks so horrible.

4. This Real Head Scratcher

Some people are so into luxury brands that they want to display them everywhere. But I honestly never thought anybody would go this far to do so. How about you? I hope this marketing scheme gets him some freebies, lol.

5. This Horse Lover

I like horses as much as the next person. They are majestic creatures. Sadly for this guy, there isn't anything remotely fantastic about this awful tattoo back piece. What in the world is this supposed to be? I'm so confused.

6. This Unsettling Piece

If you ever get that odd feeling that somebody is watching you, it could be this guy with the most unsettling eye tattoo. I guess he always wanted to have eyes at the back of his head, ha, ha!

7. This Ultimate Sports Fan

Sports fans are definitely a wild bunch, no? I mean, they cover their bodies with all sorts of slogans and team logos. However, when you do it permanently, I would expect something better than this.

8. This Premature Celebration

Speaking of sports fans, some of them do jump the gun. Like this die-hard England fan. Couldn't he just wait until his team actually won the World Cup before he went ahead with this brilliant idea?

9. This Odd Rosary Tattoo

Is it just me, or do these rosary beads look more like grapes to you too? Oh no! How can you possibly fix that? Perhaps another talented tattoo artist could turn them into clouds or something like that.

10. This Marilyn Nightmare

I'm such a huge fan of Marilyn Monroe. She was a looker. So I'm not surprised this person wanted to get a tattoo likeness of her. However, something went horribly wrong, and now they're stuck with this on their body. Ouch!

11. This Neck Piece

Neck tattoos aren't for the faint of heart. They are very hard to hide. So this guy should have researched the tattoo artist a little better. Don't you think? I guess his heart is broken even more so now.

12. This Baby Wolf

Is it a wolf or a baby or a baby-wolf? Leave it to this genius person to come up with a brand new species. I have only one question for them, though — why? What's the point?

13. This Sock Tattoo

OMG! Who's the moron who thought this was a good idea? Dude, you're stuck wearing argyle socks FOREVER! Didn't you think of that? Even when you're lounging on a beach, you're still wearing these dumb socks. WTF?

`14. This Unfortunate Compass

I thought everyone in school had to learn the phrase "Never Eat Shredded Wheat" to know the correct layout of a compass. Well, apparently, this woman missed that lesson. Oh no...

Okay, I'm only going to say this once.

Before you get a tattoo, make sure you decide on a suitable design. And pick a good tattoo artist.

Otherwise, you'll be stuck with something as laughable as these examples here. Now is it going to be a cover-up or a laser job? You decide.

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