30 People Who Came Across The Much Weirder Features Of Earth's Operating System

Life can be criticised for being a bit tedious from time to time. However, if you go out of your way then it is possible to find the truly weird things that this version of Earth has to offer.

So, from people who purchased the single strangest pieces of 3-D artwork to individuals that got themselves into unsettling arguments with their landlords, here are 20 people who came across the much weirder features of Earth's operating system!

"What's the goal here? Surely, there was an easier way?!"

The fact that they spray painted "Integrity" on the side is wonderful. What possibly reason could they have had for doing that? I am sure that this will work wonders as a bumper though.

Excuse Me, I Think That You Spilt Your Swan...

I hate it when places just tip out their extra swans into nearby rivers, pollution via swan is a massive problem that is facing far too many towns and cities across the world!

"Thanks, I hate it..."

Butter soda? Jesus wept! No thank you, I have a modicum of respect for my insides and my taste buds, so I think that I will go with the enchilada soda like a normal human being!

"What time is it? Found this clock in a thrift store."

"What time is it, Dave?"

"It's four turd-y! Hey, did you hear what I said, I said 'four turd-y,' because the clock is mad out of turds!"

"I knew that clock would be a mistake."

"A 6 Door Prius... What The Hell?"

Can you imagine ordering a limo to pick you up only for a six door Prius to arrive at your house? It looks battered as all hell as well, what have they been doing in it?!

"This charity shop...gem?"

I do not know anyone who wouldn't want a 3-D rendering of an oil-painted dog clutching a severed hand. In fact, '3-D oil-painted dog with a severed hand' sounds like it should be a really abstract post-punk album.

That Is Actually Pretty Impressive...

I just about manage to eat sushi with chopsticks, and yet this absolute machine is out here eating an entire burger with them! Some people will go to some really extreme lengths to avoid getting greasy fingers!

"Snakeskin, and head, boots."

Wow, where do you even begin with these? When you are wearing them do you have to slither your feet along the floor instead of walking normally? That would take you ages to get anywhere though.

Your Next Halloween Costume?

I am as fond of CatDog as the next person, but this is a step too weird even for me. Although, the show itself was pretty trippy so I suppose it only makes sense that the costume would be equally weird.

"This structural pole that my boss refuses to fix."

How could you work in a building where this monstrosity was grinning at you all day every day? A lot of people suggested that it might be time to report this to the higher ups.

"A tenant in the building next door got evicted. These are the empties the landlord pulled from the apartment."

I wonder if the people who were evicted got their cleaning deposit back at the very least? Something tells me they might not have done.

"Safety first!"

It is nice that this guy is going to take his little pet out to the park to play a game of frisbee while they are on their break. It looks as though the little guy will have earned that treat!

"My guitar pick blends into the countertop..."

Now, I assumed that there was nothing really here as well. However, one person pointed out, "It's about 1/3 of the way up from the bottom in the middle of the picture." Even when you know where it is, it is still hard to notice.

Now I Am Become Bus Seats, Destroyer Of Sense Of Style...

If you want to ride the bus for free then you should try and blend in as best as you can with the bus' upholstery. I just hope no one sits on him.

"Started work this morning, put my headset on, felt something furry in my ear, looked and there is a bat in my headset."

I wonder what sweet nothings this little bat was whispering into this person's ear? Seriously though, I'd get a rabies shot in case it had a little nibble.

"Our office stays mostly empty these days, but I popped in today and made some coffee. After it brewed I lifted the pump lever I found this."

Well, it looks as though there are going to be some highly caffeinated spiders in this office!

"Upgrades People, Upgrades!"

"That's an Ellenator. Some guy in Germany modded a car to make it legal for his 16 years old son to drive a car. The first Ellenator models where based on either a VW Polo, a Seat Ibiza or a Škoda Fabia. Nowadays an Ellenator is only based on the Fiat 500," explained one individual. And they're not wrong!

"A rodent died under our sunroom this winter and stunk up the house. This was my landlord's answer to fixing the smell..."

So is having the world's worst solutions to any and all problems a new prerequisite of being a landlord? I think that maybe I could forge a new career if that is the case.

"This highly-polished truck."

Much like a lot of the other people who saw this image, I just assumed that this was just an abandoned tyre. I should probably have noticed that the room was a mirror image of itself a little sooner.

"I've been tracking the new level of bugs in my dad's shop microwave display, they're drawn to the clock's backlight."

Dear Christ. Just how could anyone look at that and not throw it away immediately or burn it in the back yard?

"I see you, top secret under cover agents."

I wonder if they were conducting an undercover investigation into the local cat population or maybe into the neighborhood's postal workers. Someone really needs to go over with them what undercover means.

"Just imagine being this lucky."

The owner of that car needs to take advantage of this situation and buy themselves a lottery ticket later on. They must have some pretty good karma to have gotten away unscathed in this situation!

"Made cake toppers for my wedding and forgot to check the oven's temp before putting my fiancée in..."

Now I know what the song Girl On Fire is about at the very least. It is also good to see that mushroom clouds are now able to get married.

"My go pedal fell off..."

This is why all cars should have holes in the bottom so that drivers and make their car go by running along the floor in such emergencies. I suppose it is better that the go pedal went than the stop pedal?

"My cat had a blockage in her stomach and needed surgery to remove it. It ended up being 26 hair ties."

I always wondered where hair ties would disappear to once you had used them! This person's cat clearly comes around the snaffle them up!

"Tire jack's just aren't made like they used to be..."

I do not think that children's trampolines are an apt substitute for legitimate tire jacks really. Although, what do I know about engineering? Nothing, clearly! You do you my guy.

When You Find The Perfect Frequency...

Some people can get very particular about the radio stations that they like to listen to in their car. Clearly this individual found the station they like and never want to change!

In Space, No One Can Hear You Peel!

This is actually some very impressive sculpting in all fairness. I wonder how you figure out that your best artistic medium is whittling things out of the flesh of a banana? Still, if you're good at it, then embrace it!

Brace Yourself!

This is the perfect design aesthetic for anyone who is looking to add a little bit of the French Revolution into their bathroom! It perfectly blends the feeling of threat that everyone enjoys when they are using the toilet.

The Sky Is Falling!

It seems as though God has yet to iron out the last of the bugs in the latest version of Earth. Although, if the last few years are anything to go by, the sky falling is the least of our worries.

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