30 Ideas That Were Worse Than Stubbing Your Toe On A Doorframe

This little planet of ours is full of people whose tiny heads are teeming with great ideas! Although, there are also an even higher number of people who are full to the brim with terrible ideas!

So, from people who managed to find the most effective way of ruining a slide to individuals who didn't understand what colors were, here are 30 ideas that were worse than stubbing your little toe on a doorframe.

"Mid-shelf acetone..."

At least they labelled it in some way. Although, one person did write, "Didn't stop me from drinking from an Evian bottle with 'turpentine' written on it. Only did it once." I bet that tasted truly abysmal.

Thanks AT&T...

"Wife and I came home from shopping on Saturday to discover that ATT&T fiber contractors hit our water main while running new lines in our neighborhood, and just left. They packed up their trucks and went to the next street over leaving a 30 foot geyser in our front yard," wrote the person who posted this.

"What a complete bonehead..."

Seems as though this guy might be lacking in common sense somewhat. I feel as though he knows he has messed up judging from his stance. Maybe he just feels that he has to commit to his choice.

"Training the bears...?"

There are some truly amazing people out there, amazing in the worst way possible that is though. Maybe this person should try and bring a picnic basket to tempt the bears out with next time?

"Saw this from my balcony Friday afternoon and was finally able to give them a ring when they opened Monday morning. Final destination crisis averted."

Jesus Christ, that would have been quite exciting for any pedestrians nearby when this car slammed on, or for any motorcyclists for that matter.

"Took care of the extra cheese, boss..."

The fact that it looks as though the bun has been jabbed by someone's finger just makes the whole thing even better! I always prefer my burgers with extra smushing.

"My local uni intentionally drilled a hook into the wall to lock an emergency switch."

That just seems like a needless waste of hooks! I mean, it is also an incredibly dangerous thing to do, but I just cannot get over the waste of perfectly good hooks!

"Instead of cleaning the air vent my local petrol station just hung an air freshener from it."

Dear God, how dirty is that vent?! You would need a whole forest of magic trees to help with the state of that vent!

"This is what happens when a planned power outage is done during rush hour."

You would have thought that, since they knew that there was going to be a power outage, that they would have put some alternative traffic measures in place.

"Gee, thanks dude..."

Pink on pink was probably not the best choice in hindsight, was it? Although, at least it is a minutely different shade of pink which really helps. I feel as though they could use this as part of an eye test.

Introducing, The Fpoon!

I cannot think of a single item of food or dish for which this specific utensil would be useful. I kind of want one to see how hard it is to eat with, but I don't know why.

At Least They Will Come To See You!

That is sweet of them to offer to visit. I am sure that this kid will learn how to love going to school, isn't that what they are teaching at school these days?

"Gotta make sure everything looks right."

What in God's name is he doing in there? I hope that they remember to let him out before they fill that up with cement. That would make for some pretty grim foundations for a house.

"The psycho who did this in my art class."

Maybe this was a part of their final art exam, a sculpture that they called, "What Seems Right Is Sometimes Wrong." It is actually a very deep statement on the nature of morality...probably, hell what do I know?

Was This Really The Best Way To Fix The Slide?

Using rough stone and jagged metal really doesn't seem like the best way to fix a slide. They must have ran out of cheese graters that they could use instead I guess.

"Got this new hoodie and everybody has asked me why I am wet and I have to tell them it's just the design of the hoodie..."

Another person pointed out that the "nipple zipper" is also a bit of a weird design choice. The phrase "nipple zipper" is just unbearably horrific.

"OSHA clearly approves that one."

I am always amazed by the amount of people out there who think that stacking ladders on top of one another is a good idea. I hate climbing up any ladder, let alone two ladders balanced atop one another.

Of All The Spots In All The World...

"This time of year the beach is almost empty. To the right and to the left of us is available. This lady walks around us and plops herself down taking away our unobstructed view of the ocean," explained the unfortunate person who posted this.

"Boss, it may look bad but I assure you it's gonna be much worse."

You better hope that you're going down this ramp fast enough to make it over the cat, as if you land near it then it will tear you to shreds.

"This edge piece doesn't interlock with the rest of the puzzle, so moving the puzzle even slightly dislodges it."

Why would they ever think that this would be a good idea? Time to glue that piece down, I couldn't be having it floating around and ruining the sanctity of a completed jigsaw.

"My buddy sent me this picture from his job site today. Amazing."

I really enjoy that the guy on the top of this precious monstrosity looks just as baffled by its existence as everyone else who is looking at it!

"Welp…there goes her new bed."

She has the despondent look of someone who has just destroyed their bed and is now aware of what they have done. Or, is this actually someone who is content that their bed now spans an entire room?!

"No issues with this pier..."

One person did point out that the problem here was that this was "Crumbling under pier pressure," and I absolutely love that person. Top tier dad jokes right there, just knocked it right out of the park.

"From the guys that brought you Skittle and Pringle..."

Surely this one should have had two in it as then it would have been a literal "M" and an "M"? Still, I do like that this might finally teach me some portion control.

"We have to have a fire extinguisher at the job site? FINE, now we have one!"

If you want to get this out then you will need the knife which is kept underneath a pool of acid, and the special glove to retrieve it will be behind a glass case, the hammer to smash which will be on the moon.

"Who didn't replace the bags in the diaper pale?"

The smell in that room must have been truly eye-watering. The fact that they have managed to hold their shape is just massively upsetting as well. What a poor person who had to clear this out.

"I wish I was joking, but I had just given him a rise this morning..."

I hope that this guy is good at clearing a large distance from a standing jump, as otherwise he is going to be standing in that spot until this paint has dried.

"Just took this little guy a bath 20 minutes ago."

If they knew that they were going to be taking him on a walk near muddy puddles, they should probably have waited until they got back from the walk to give him a bath really.

"My wife says my sandwich looks sad."

Christ, I feel as though I have been sucked back to primary school just looking at this sandwich. Although, if that's the kind of sandwich you like, then you do you!

"If this isn't illegal, well it certainly should be."

I do not know who advised Snow White that this foundation was the right shade for her skin tone, but she should definitely not have listened to them! It is really quite horrifying actually.

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