20 Creepy Pics That Are Going To Keep Us Up At Night

There's this, like, weird rush I always get from looking at creepy things. And I'm pretty sure I'm not alone on that (after all, you're reading this).

These pictures may run the risk of giving you nightmares. But hopefully not. They're only, like, kind of terrifying. And not full blown nightmare fuel or anything. Still, enter at your own risk.

"Abandoned town in Turkey."

Ghost towns are always a bit unsettling. But this town is on a whole other level. Maybe it's because all these houses look like mini castles. Still just knowing that no one lives here really creeps me out.

I feel like vampires would probably be right at home here.

"X-ray of a hammerhead shark head."

I don't know why, but it never dawned on me that a hammerhead shark's head is shaped like that because the skull is shaped like that. When you think of it that way, it's kind of terrifying. Especially knowing how far apart their eyes are.

This weirdly muscular cat.

Some people are creeped out by hairless cats. I think they're cute, even if they look kind of weird.

This cat, though, is a little too buff, if you ask me. It seems kind of unnatural, and it's really disorienting to look at for too much time.

"The tiny screaming robot on my big robot at work."

I really don't like the look on this robot's face. What is it trying to tell us? Is it afraid of something it saw, or maybe something it's looking at right now?

Either way, I just don't trust it.

There's something really odd about this red corn.

First of all, who even knew that corn came in this color? Like, of course it comes in more than just the yellow variety we're used to seeing in stores. But for the kernels to be the color of blood? Yeah, no thanks.

This lizard and its terrifyingly large mouth.

Okay, I'm pretty sure this picture is going to keep me up all night tonight. There's something so off about this lizard's expression. Don't even get me started on the eyes. And those weird feet... uh, yeah. I think that's enough of this for now.

"The Mickey Mouse gas mask."

Thanks, I hate it. So, so much.

I get that, at some point in history (like WWII), gas masks were a necessary precaution to have around. But did they really have to look this creepy? What child would willingly put something like this on their face?

This tree that looks like it came straight out of a horror movie.

I have no idea what's going on here, but I hate it. This tree is cursed; that's the only explanation that makes sense. I mean, it's probably actually either some kind of chemical spill or a disease, but that doesn't mean it's not also cursed.

"My relatives put these dolls in front of our front door for my parents' silver wedding. I almost had heart attack when I left for work."

I'm sure the intention was nice, but seeing these dolls sitting in the night... in the dark... yeah, get rid of them. I'm sorry, but they're just way too creepy.

Whatever these things are supposed to be.

Why do I feel like these dolls can be found on eBay or something, going for hundreds of dollars? Like, why do I feel like these creepy, cursed little things are collectors' items? Even though they have eyes that can probably stare straight into your soul.

This abandoned house that's in the middle of nowhere.

Living in the middle of nowhere is kind of unnerving to me (it's my irrational fear of axe murderers if I'm being honest). But this house is just a huge nope from me. I'm, like, 97% sure there's at least one ghost in this building.

"Picture I took in a cemetery today has a tree staring at the camera."

If you look at the tree on the right side of the picture, it really does look like it has a face that's turned toward the camera. Creepy, right?

But the more I look at the face, the more it kind of looks like Bowser, which makes it a bit less creepy.

"This long exposure I attempted of my wife last night while camping."

Sometimes, the creepiest pictures are the ones you take by accident. I'm sure the person who snapped this didn't set out to make their wife look like a movie monster. But, it happened. And now I'm going to have nightmares, so thanks.

These disembodied statue heads just chilling in a forest.

I'm pretty sure that most of the creepy stuff you find in the middle of nowhere is planted there by pranksters. But there's always a chance that they're related to some kind of satanic cult activity, and that's a chance I never want to take.

"Porch decoration. Portland, OR."

On one hand, it's surprisingly well executed. It's just too bad this decoration actually looks like it came out of someone's nightmare. In fact, I might see it in mine tonight, but that's okay. There are worse things in this world than creepy faces (like cursed dolls).

"An old bucket I found in my dad’s sawmill. No idea what original contents were."

I'm sure whatever this bucket was used for was pretty innocuous. But the wording on it makes it seem strangely sinister. Like, what could be in there that this bucket had to warn people not to eat? Could've been anything, really.

"These pieces of jewelry."

Surprisingly enough, these are actually really cool. Like, I couldn't see myself wearing jewelry that looks like a bloody human heart, but I appreciate the amount of detail that went into these.

And as long as they aren't real hearts, there was no harm done. Right?

"'Oh no my kid discovered the baby monitor.'"

I'm not saying this is a reason to not have kids. But it does show that when you do have kids, you're always at risk of seeing some weirdly creepy things. Maybe just keep the baby monitor somewhere they can't reach.

"The concrete joints on this sidewalk are breaking, revealing an approximate 2 story [*sic*] drop!"

I'm not afraid of heights, but I have my limits.

This image proves to me that one of those limits is iffy concrete pathways above a steep drop.

This absurd amount of birds in this neighborhood.

Ravens and crows are, like, omens of death and stuff. Seeing a few is probably no big deal. But seeing this many? Oh man, that's not a good sign.

And they all seem to be waiting for something. Yeah, not a good sign at all.

Here's a wasp eating a spider, because they do that apparently!

The animal kingdom sure is weird. You'd think that spiders are at the top of the bug food chain, but it looks like there are wasps that eat spiders. And it's as gross as it is creepy.

Man, I really hate wasps.

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