20 Neat Things That Definitely Look Like Something Else

I don't know about you, but I kind of love it when things look like other things. There's something so fun about using your imagination and figuring out what kinds of shapes a thing forms.

This list is full of some pretty interesting stuff. Plenty of unexpected things, too. Who would've thought that so many things can look like something completely different?

This rare gummy bear that looks like an even rarer Pokemon.

If you've ever played a Pokemon game, you might look at this gummy bear and see the mythical creature Mew. It's the right color, and it's even got that signature long tail. Pretty neat, especially since it probably happened by accident.

Is that a duck? Nope, it's a squash!

This strange gourd has curls on either end of its round body, and paired with the stem on one end, it really does look like a duck rolling around on its back! That's actually kind of cute, and would make for a pretty fun fall decoration.

When numbers look like letters.

It may not be anything new (I'm sure all of us have used calculators to spell funny words as kids), but it's still so strange how numbers can look like letters from different angles. According to this calculator, you get "hihi" from "lol + lol."

There's a face on this ice dispenser.

Our ability to find faces in random objects is kind of impressive. This ice machine looks like it has one eye and a very wide, gap-toothed mouth. I can't decide if it's creepy or cute (or a combination of both), but it's there.

It ain't easy being this green M&M.

Okay, you have to admit that this M&M shares a striking similarity to Kermit the Frog. The chips on either side look a lot like eyes, and it just has this Kermit shape. I dunno. I can't be the only one who sees it, right?

This poached egg that looks a lot like a human heart.

Usually, when we find things that look like hearts, they look like the abstract love kind. Not human hearts. But this egg looks like it could've been inside someone's body (if it were a bit bigger, that is). Cool, in a kind of creepy way.

This chicken tender that'll have you questioning everything.

It's so strange how this chicken tender ended up looking just like a question mark (a bit like a seahorse, too, but it's definitely more question-like). Hopefully it doesn't cause you to have an existential crisis; there's no use questioning this chicken.

Broccoli heads? Nope, just a bunch of trees!

Do you think these trees were cut to look like giant broccoli, or did they just start looking like this naturally? Like, it doesn't really matter, but it also kind of does. I just want to learn more about these random broccoli trees.

The shadow of this toilet paper roll that makes it look like there's still toilet paper on it.

Good thing you'd probably notice the roll before the shadow, so it won't trick you into thinking you have paper when you're using the toilet. As cool as this optical illusion is, they should probably change the roll.

These two similar-looking items are actually two different things.

The thing on the left is a shower scrubbing pad, while the one on the right is a Bluetooth shower speaker. They just both happen to be the same shape and have similar color schemes. Look closely enough, though, and you can tell that they're two different items.

This copper wire scorpion that looks surprisingly realistic.

I'm not gonna lie, I almost thought this scorpion was real at first. Even though when you really look at it, it's very clearly made of copper wire.

It's amazing how you can use wire to make so many different shapes, though.

This burned piece of egg on a frying pan that looks like the grim reaper.

That's actually pretty uncanny. The black parts look like a cloak, while the yellow egg part in the middle looks like a skeleton face. For something that happened completely by accident, it sure does look like a pretty accurate depiction.

This rock that looks a lot like a fossilized shark tooth.

In fact, are we sure that this isn't just a fossilized shark tooth to begin with? I'm not actually sure, but the OP of this picture seems convinced that it's just a rock.

Well whatever it is, it's at least pretty neat.

This building that looks like the bottom half of a guitar.

My guess is that this is the HQ for some kind of music production or instrument manufacturing company. Or maybe it's a museum or something.

But as it turns out, it's a hotel and casino in Florida that's shaped like a guitar! Who would've thought.

This wood ear fungus that's really living up to its name.

It may look like a giant humanoid ear, but it's just a mushroom. I guess that's where it gets the name from? Because it looks so much like an ear, it's kind of uncanny.

Wood ears are supposed to be edible mushrooms, but I couldn't imagine eating one in this state.

This air freshener that looks like a record player.

This is probably one of the coolest things I've ever seen. Apparently, the record spins and releases scent as the car fan blows on it. This would definitely be a fun gift for the people in your life who love records, no matter how old they are.

The yin yang symbol on this bottle cap.

I'd say, "what are the odds of anything making a yin yang symbol by accident?" but this actually happens a lot (or at least people post things like this online a lot).

Still, it's pretty awesome when it does happen.

The way the scuff marks on this boat look like some kind of landscape painting.

It really does look like someone's painted a landscape with water and islands on this boat, but if you look close enough, you can see that it's just really scuffed. How cool is that? The strangest things can happen totally by accident.

All these fallen tomatoes look a bit like a pumpkin patch.

When you look from a distance, this picture looks a lot like a pumpkin patch. But if you're paying close enough attention, you can clearly see that it's just a bunch of tomatoes. Still, it's kind of cool in its own way.

The shadow of this hay bale makes it look like there's a hole in the ground.

At first glance, it really does look like there's a suspiciously rectangular hole in the ground. But then you see the shape of the hay bale and realize that it's just a shadow. Pretty cool how lighting can change the perspective of a picture.

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