30 People Whose Daily Annoyances Were Captured Like Renaissance Paintings

We all find ourselves struggling with mild inconveniences throughout our everyday lives. However, sometimes these small annoyances can be caught on film in a way that elevates them to a sort of art form.

With this in mind, from people who nearly recreated The Creation Of Adam with a lost phone to individuals who enjoyed looking at tennis balls very up-close, here are 20 people whose daily annoyances were captured like Renaissance paintings.

"Hitting my sister with a snowball..."

I would like to know what they used to fire that snowball, as it looks as though they shot it out of a canon judging from how much the impact has had an effect on her!

"My friend when this guy we didn't know started telling him a story about his wife leaving him."

This is one that we can all surely relate to. Everyone has had an experience of being cornered in a bar by someone that you really don't want to talk to but just can't get away from.

"Earthly pleasures..."

I do not know how anyone carries more than three pints at once, never mind trying to carry nine at once! There is about to be a criminal amount of beer wasted all across the floor of this restaurant.

"Trying To Salvage My Sunken Jeep."

At least he seems pretty positive about the whole experience, which is good I suppose. Christ knows that I would be a lot more worried about the fact that I had capsized an entire Jeep!

"Family vacation to the Grand Canyon. What a view!"

Ah fog, ruining people's trips to famous landmarks since the dawn of time...well, since the dawn of people going on holidays to famous landmarks I suppose. I love how pissed off he looks.

"Caught my friend losing his fish on film..."

The fact that he has one fist clenched suggests that he tried to save it at the last second, only to be bested by the fish. I wonder how long he had spent trying to catch that fish?

"This photo of my niece trying to catch a ball..."

As many people also pointed out, she is just keeping her eye on the ball as you should! Although, she just might have taken this advice a little bit too literally.

"I forgot my sunscreen while splitting wood today."

Now this guy is just permanently wearing a vest it seems. Time to go out and buy as much aloe vera as you can my guy, and try to avoid getting slapped on the arms!

"Swatted a wasp from my head and it got the inside of my middle finger enough that it is swollen beyond use..."

Yep, this guy now cannot close his hand without inadvertently flipping off those around him. Who swats at a wasp with their bare hands?

"My daughter & I learning a very important lesson about feeding goats at a petting zoo."

Oh no, now it appears as though the goats have developed a craving for human flesh. Soon they will start to exclusively eat humans!

"Lady taking up three seats on a packed CTA bus."

I am floored that no one pulled her up on this, or literally pulled her up out of her seat for that matter. This must be the most offensively polite town on Earth.

"On my way to the market I stepped in a bit of mud."

A "bit" of mud? I guess that it is time to start painting your other shoe with mud as well so that they match. Sure, you could wash the mud off the muddy one, but who has the time?

"Never thought it would happen to me. 6 hours flight, it touched me 3 times."

This would be a lot of people's worst nightmare. I suppose that it could be worse if the weren't wearing any socks and their feet were spectacularly dirty.

"We were trying to take a nice photo with the dog. Wet boy had other plans."

Their dog inadvertently helped them to capture the perfect photo though! Why do dogs always feel the need to shake themselves dry right next to their owners?

This Ramp Which Is Supposed To Provide Access To Those Using Wheelchairs...

Christ, you would get some speed up going down that. This guy seems really pleased with the ramp though, just look at how happy he is with the end product!

"Man overboard!"

At least he still has his sandals on, I am sure that he will be fine! Head first is one hell of a bold way to fall out of a boat though, this guy really didn't go for any half measures.

"I was talking to a friend and someone drove by and threw a slice if cheese at me, then they came back and threw another one."

I mean, at the end of the day this is just a waste of perfectly good cheese. Also, they are clearly a crap shot if they missed twice.

"ATM decided to shut down with my card locked inside."

I am pretty shocked to see that these ATMs are running on Windows 7, that wouldn't inspire me with hope of getting my card back if I am honest though.

"When no one notices the cooler stopped working."

In everyone else's defense, it's kind of hard to notice if the cooler stops working unless you're actively standing in the cooler at all times, and I think hiring someone for that position alone would be kind of a waste.

"How is your lunch going?"

I understand that you likely dropped your salad onto your keyboard, but it fell so perfectly that it looks like you just plated your salad right there. Not the most conventional surface, but as long as you're enjoying it the only harm done is to your keys.

"Because I wasn't already running late for work."

Cereal is perhaps the riskiest thing to make when running late for something, only second to soup which is sort of the same thing but hot. Just stick to a piece of toast, you can hold it in your mouth as you run out the door.

"Found one and then twist my finger... Lucky me!"

Four-leafed clovers are sick and tired of bearing the burden of every human being's luck. They get plucked out of the ground to either being shoved away forever or tossed out. They have decided to revolt, now choosing to curse people with bad luck instead. Watch your step.

"I parked my Jeep incorrectly."

Yeah, this definitely isn't right, but it's not the worst parking job I've ever seen. You know those selfish tools who take up two or more parking spots because they don't want anyone close to their car? That's worse, at least here you're out of peoples' way.

"Every single grape in the bag has seeds."

You tried to take the easy route, one many of us have taken before, and the fruit packaging company said no, not today. Today you will work for your snack, and you will come to appreciate all that seeds have to offer.

"Just [gave] this little guy a bath 20 minutes ago."

Did you consider that maybe he is simply made to be dirty? That he does not wish to be clean? Sure it causes more of a mess for you and ruins the inside of your home, but isn't that worth it for his happiness?

"I’ve been promising my son a milkshake for days. Finally swung through to pick up one for him. The scene when we got home..."

Quick, it only got on a corner of the purse, this is still salvageable! Evacuate it from the scene quickly, get a cloth and wipe down the leather, taking more care with the fabric lining. It's too late for the milkshake, but the bag can be saved!

"Jigsaw provided with our holiday [accommodation]."

Yes, it's bizarre that they had a puzzle in the room that was missing (according to the uploader) 112 pieces. However, they probably thought no one was ever going to actually use it. Who actually uses the stuff on shelves of hotels and Airbnbs?

"My toddler and I walked to the park... Just to find that the whole playground has been removed."

This person went on to add, "It was shiny and metal and fairly new! I have no idea why they did this but perhaps it's to dissuade children from playing on shared structures during a pandemic...yet the sign at the front still says WELCOME, sans explanation."

"Got wings for dinner. Pulled a perfectly sealed, completely empty blue cheese cup out of the bag when I got home."

Nothing like enhancing the flavor of wings like a cup of fresh air. The pure, sealed oxygen really adds an extra kick, can't have wings without it these days!

"That really sucks my friend..."

He is so close to getting his fingers to it, it hurts to watch! If this were a painting, I think that it would probably be called "The Creation Of Apple" or "The Final Post."

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