30 People Who Definitely Needed To Be Told At Least Twice

Have you ever had a day where you're not at your most alert? You don't quite hear a few things right or you make a silly decision that your fully-aware brain would never have made?

That's likely the state we can imagine the people in this list were in, as it shows many a time where people missed a step in critical thought or didn't hear the instructions the first time.

"Local car dealership has power outlet stickers on their laptop desks for customers."

The most bizarre thought process must have been behind this. Did they think no one was going to use the desks? Or the outlets? Why put the sticker there at all if it would be immediately discovered as fake? Who cleared this?!

"Be considerate please!"

Most card readers prefer gentle handling, okay? Slight, deliberate movements instead of crazed mashings and pressings. A little more thought and time will go a long in way in making sure your transaction is smooth and enjoyable for all parties.

"This bike I saw."

Now any potential thieves can't get mad when the sign is right and it's a piece of junk. They thought it was put there as a deterrent, but no, it's just a brutally honest bike owner trying to save a thief the trouble.

"At the parents’ place… Sigh."

They were forward-thinking enough to install this outlet with all the USB ports, but not enough to use said ports. I get it, though, the block adapter is an old comfort. It works quickly and is always there when I need it, why try any of the new fangled outlets?

"A college student."

And only a college student would ever think to try this. I'm more curious as to whether or not this worked, as campus police aren't usually the forgiving or lenient type, and schools care a lot about their parking lots for some reason.

"They forgot to put the veggies on 1/2 the they dumped raw green peppers and mushrooms on after it was already done."

For those who want a little extra crunch to their pizza without burning it to a crisp, here's an easy trick! Just top it with raw veggies!

Really, this is a shame, because this pizza looks great otherwise. I'm starting to get a little hungry over here.

"How my wife stacks the dishes."

She's made this a game for herself and any other person who want to pull a dish from that stack. It's like Jenga, but worse and with more at stake if the pile comes tumbling. But at least it keeps things exciting!

"Asshole parked in front of our drive way."

Given the sizeable dent in their back door there, this probably isn't the first time they've parked like this. You're just way, way nicer and didn't back right up into them anyway unlike the last person whose driveway they blocked.

"Lady at a movie theater."

Even social conventions and public politeness aside, why would you want to do this? Movie theaters, like any other high-traffic public space, are gross! There are germs all over those seats and you want to put your bare feet on them?!

"I hate going down this street because I have to see this."

If you think you hate it, imagine how the people who live there must feel. Do you think this window is not the bane of their existence? A plague upon their household? You only see it in passing, but they live with it full time.

"The squirrel uprising has begun!"

Duh, that's what happens if you only feed them bacon, they start to get a little wild! To circumvent this, make sure you're feeding the squirrels a healthy, balanced breakfast that includes eggs, some fresh fruit, maybe some toast, and the bacon.

"Why you never put design to a vote. I present... my high school senior t-shirt. Blue Valley High School Tigers."

What do you mean this is why you 'never' put design to a vote? This is the best school t-shirt I've ever seen! If anything, this is a perfect example as to why designs should always be put to a vote, life would be better if everything looked like this.

"The amount of packaging Amazon used for a single box of Brita filters."

Little did you know that Brita filters are actually extremely fragile, and could crumble into pieces the size of individual atoms if they're jostled even a little bit. Amazon was doing you a favor and definitely not wasting plastic to save for time.

"Lady taking up three seats on a packed CTA bus."

I truly do believe there are people out there who were made in a lab and released into the world as fully fledged adults, not taught manners or anything else about how the world works, just to see what they would do, for who else could do this in good conscience?

"PSA for all the ladies out there."

Well, technically it can be a purse holder, you just have to be willing to deal with the consequences of using it as such. Make sure not to forget it there, though, those consequences will only become worse if you do.

"I need 3 spots, thanks."

I fully recognize parking lots as the lawless zones of driving, where anything can happen and everyone is both right and wrong all at once. Except for this guy. This guy is so horrifically wrong in every way possible. Do not be this guy, ever.

"I just put my trash into the recycle bin."

Years of us color-coding recycling as blue and garbage as green was just tossed out the window. Only a true villain would do this, one who wants to keep polluting the earth one misplaced piece of garbage at a time.

"My Dad 'fixed' my lawnmower."

Your dad 'created' a 'potential hazard'.

Actually, this doesn't look like too bad of a fix. Sure it may not be as sturdy as your standard wheel, but if it rolls then it works! Now, no more putting off mowing the lawn!

"I am a dishwasher and this is how the bakers cut the brownies and leave the rest."

Are so many people averse to brownie ends that this restaurant forsakes them entirely? If you refuse to eat an edge piece, I'm here to tell you that you're among the weakest links and natural selection will be coming for you.

The ol' runaround.

The uploader best explained the truly infuriating story here, "Tried to support a small online book store even though it was more expensive than Amazon. Seller up-charged me just to purchase the book from Amazon and have it sent to my house."

"My wife labelled every moving box as 'misc'."

And what if she's right? Did you monitor her packing? Maybe every box is filled with miscellaneous stuff. It's like a reverse scavenger hunt, where instead of finding where things are hidden, you're given the things and have to find where they go.

"My bf (who is a chef by trade) throws his dirty dishes to the side of the stove when he’s done with them, regardless of if there’s still food on it or not."

Don't worry, this only gets worse! When someone pointed out that a clean workspace is often a top priority rule for chefs, the uploader responded with, "Wait until you see how he never puts away anything he uses (including dairy and meats)."

Wow! He has a number of lessons to learn it seems.

"This is how my fiancé set up the TV."

Your fiancé might be an alien. I'm just letting you know now so you're less shocked later. There's no way a human being looked at this and thought it was okay, let alone correct.

"Landscaper shattered my new 2021 Camry that I just got tints on yesterday. They left without telling me."

Love that the title includes a humble brag, but I suppose I'll allow it as context is important. I don't drive a brand new car with brand new high-end tints, but I'd still be mad as all hell if this happened.

"Mom put this cactus outside to deter a squirrel who keeps eating our plants w/out realizing the spikes are soft. Here’s how that turned out."

This squirrel thinks you guys are the best. Every day you lay out a full all-you-can-eat buffet, and even introduce new dishes every so often to keep things fresh. He's going to leave you a brilliant Yelp review, your business will be booming in no time!

"That doesn't even make sense."

It truly pains me that every few weeks or so I"m forced to see an image that reminds me not everyone knows how acronyms work. It doesn't have to be like this. Bullet points exist. So do numbered lists. Any alternative is better.

"This asshole (my next door neighbor) accelerates at 60 mph in my tiny ass neighborhood. He almost hit me the other day."

I don't why people do this, especially in what looks like a normally quiet suburban neighborhood. Like, who are you trying to impress? The dog that lives on the corner? The retired couple across the street? Who is this all for?

Just a nibble.

The person who uploaded this photo explained the context: "Coworker announced that she and her SO are finally pregnant after years of trying, I got her a box of pastries to celebrate and when I the party was about to start I open the fridge at work and see this..."

If you're the type of person who does this to food that isn't yours, you need help. Immediately.

"Gotta love school lunch fries."

At first, I thought this was just about the tiny portion, then I remembered that fries are not supposed to be that pale. They just handed you raw potato sticks and asked you to use that school-encouraged creativity and pretend they're cooked.

"Accidentally ended up with half a f****** gallon of ketchup [...] didn't read carefully before ordering groceries... I live alone."

As someone else who lives alone but also loves ketchup, this is the opposite of a problem to me. This stuff doesn't go bad for ages, and this is a great way to make sure you won't run out for years to come!

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