20 Things That Are As Annoying As Your Boss Booking An 8 AM Meeting

It doesn't really take much to ruin a perfectly good day. Sometimes, a small yet annoying thing can be enough to knock your mood down a few pegs. It happens way too often, too.

The things in this list are probably enough to annoy the best of us. Even if you think you have a lot of patience, you might not be able to handle these irritating things.

"I hate going down this street because I have to see this."

I also hate having to see this. Those windows are way too off-center. Like, it looks like the builders didn't at least try to make it look good.

And they're basically stuck like that (unless the owners really want to spend thousands of dollars to move the windows over a foot).

The fact that there are so many W's compared to the other letters.

I don't know why this foam letter manufacturer thought anyone wanted this many Ws. But here they are, and they vastly outnumber all of the other letters. It's not like W is even that common of a letter, so why is this a thing?

This road that's annoyingly uneven.

Don't you just love driving along roads that look like this? It's so much fun, right?

Not. It would be so much better in the long run if cities did a better job with road maintenance. But that would be too easy, so they don't.

It says right there on the front not to fold, and yet...

The person who processed this letter either didn't pay attention to the incredibly obvious sign that says not to fold it, or they really didn't care. And I don't even know which one would be worse. At the end of the day, though, the package is still ruined.

"This is an official LEGO storage box. All the small parts get stuck in the crack."

It looks like LEGO didn't think this one through. Sure, the storage box looks really cool, but there really shouldn't be any part that small pieces can get stuck in.

It must be especially annoying if you wanted to use one of those pieces.

"This ad for a puzzle game showing an impossible puzzle."

This is actually so confusing. Why would you advertise your game by using a puzzle that can't really be solved? Wouldn't you want to use easy puzzles that anyone can do instead? This seems like the opposite of what you'd want to do.

"Bread from Whole Foods... more like Hole Foods."

Yeah, whoever made this bread messed it up. I guess if it isn't pre-sliced, no one would notice until after it's been purchased. But that still sucks.

To me, this means that buying bread is a gamble now. Which is annoying and kind of weird.

"They forgot to put the veggies on 1/2 the pizza...so they dumped raw green peppers and mushrooms on after it was already done."

I don't see why they couldn't at least cook the veggies before sticking them on the pizza. Or... just made a new pizza. Not to be that person, but I'd probably call and ask for a refund.

The fact that this is on a shelf.

You'd think that someone would've noticed the way this bread is covered in some serious mold. The fact that it's still on the shelf is kind of terrifying, but mostly just aggravating.

But seriously, someone needs to throw that thing away. It's about to grow a face.

"Every egg is individually wrapped in plastic."

I've seen plenty of things that have been individually wrapped in plastic unnecessarily. But eggs? Eggs? This one makes less sense than anything else I've seen on the internet today. How much you wanna bet you can't get the eggs out without having them break.

"The way Amazon packaged (or didn’t package) this expensive graphics card."

So Amazon, who's kind of infamous for shipping tiny items in an unnecessary amount of packaging, didn't even bother to package this properly. This thing, that just so happens to be an expensive and hard to come by computer graphics card. Yep, seems legit.

People who leave reviews like this.

Because it's the theater's fault you didn't like the movie? That makes no sense. One has nothing to do with the other. But people like this really exist, and I can't imagine how frustrating it must be for the theaters that have to deal with them.

When one parking spot isn't enough so you have to take up four.

I really hate it when people park right on or over the line, making it impossible to park in the empty spot next to them. But this is, like, 800 times worse. Why are some drivers like this? Why can't they just have respect for everyone else?

"The cables I need to charge three devices made by the same company."

Technology can be really annoying at times. Just like back when we had to figure out which battery each of our devices used, we not have to figure out which kind of USB we need. Why can't we just have a universal one that fits on anything?

"Our 2 year old puppy just ripped up every legal document we had."

As much as we love dogs, they can get on our nerves sometimes. Whether it's because your pup decided to claim your favorite pair of slippers, or because it ripped up all your important legal documents, you're probably going to go through this at some point. And it sucks!

"Lent my sealant gun to someone, this is how I found it the next day."

Don't you just love it when you lend something out, only to find it in complete disarray when you get it back? People expect you to lend out your things, but don't have enough respect to keep them in good condition. So rude!

This is probably a fate worse than death.

Paper towel dispensers are great and all, until this happens. Then you'll be wishing you never used the restroom in the first place.

No but seriously, this is actually one of the worst things that can happen to you. It's just way too rage-inducing.

"Date printed on the sour cream instead of the lid, which was missing."

On one hand, this is kind of cool. But at the same time, you basically can't use that sour cream. It's been opened for who knows how long, so it can't be any good. Also, it has ink on it. Yeah, wouldn't eat that.

"I ordered this with my gf and got scammed.. I was supposed to get a bigger portion but got the same with a bigger packaging."

What's the point of having different portion options if they all amount to virtually the same amount of food? Like, why do this? I swear, some places only exist to get us all angry.

It literally just kept getting worse and worse.

It's annoying enough when this happens with one bag of chips. But there are at least five in there that are completely stuck. I don't even know how something like this would happen, but it kind of feels like my worst nightmare come to life.