20 People Who Tried Their Best At Life, Only For It To Get Them Nowhere Fast

We all experience moments where it can feel as though the world's only aim is to inconvenience us as much as possible. If you have ever been in an airport then you have undoubtedly felt this.

So, from people who were told that they were no longer allowed to breathe to individuals who earned the undeserved scorn of their pets, here are 20 people who tried their best at life, only for it to get them nowhere fast.

"This un-sit-in-able seashell chair..."

"Jesus Aquaman, have you got any other chairs, this one is killing me."

"That's pretty offensive to my culture you know?"

"Oh, I'm sorry. Have you maybe got a cushion though?"

"Of course, here's one I made out of barnacles."


"They tried…"

Jesus Christ, how much had these people had to drink before they decided to try and work out how to add 20% onto this bill? Also, why didn't they check for suggestions at the bottom earlier?

"I saved this little squirrel but my cat wasn't very pleased…"

"Damn it John, give me the tiny treat, we had a deal!"

"Well, I just think that we should maybe try and help it instead?"

"I will never forgive you for this deception. Sleep with one eye open John, one eye wide open!"

"Our Vodka Tastes Like Dog Piss!"

How did they not see that using yellow in this would pose a bit of a problem? Sure, it's great that this company is trying to help out the planet and dogs but why yellow?!

"Our local ramen place wants to play things real safe..."

I was with them there up until they told me to stop breathing. If you want to eat here then you will need to take one massively deep breath before you head inside!

"I can't work out what's worse: having the idea and then making them or actually wanting to buy them?"

Surely this is less a great gift for cat lovers as it is a great gift for poop-lovers. Just because someone likes cats does not necessarily mean that they enjoy dealing with cat poop.

"That friend who has always got your back…"

I kind of cannot help but admire his commitment to protecting his friend's purchase from flying out of the back of his car. This man values his friend's property more than his own health.

"My younger brother, who moves out in 2 weeks, tried to make a pizza."

The people who this person's younger brother will be living with have no idea what is coming their way. Prepare yourselves for constant questions and potential fires if nothing else!

"I know this person is drowning, but how was your day?"

Maybe someone was stealing the rope? I mean, you would have to be pretty low to steal such a thing, but I can sadly imagine that there are people out there who would.

"I just found this in my high school's TOK teacher's classroom."

I had no idea that TOK stood for Theory Of Knowledge so at first I was worried that there was some sort of class they were teaching on TikToking now.

"Got my son a dinosaur balloon at the grocery store for his birthday. Here it is..."

Is there anything sadder than seeing a kid's balloon flying away into the sky? I don't know why it breaks my heart every time, but it does.

"Found one and then twist my finger... Lucky me!"

There was one individual who suggested, "Maybe that finger was planning to strangle you in your sleep. In that case, you're very lucky!" Who knows what body part might be out to get them next!

"Heavy duty combat boots."

Fortunately, the currency that these boots are priced in is the Philippine Peso, and so this came to around $23 — just in case anyone thought that this person had spent a grand on these!

"What I asked for vs what I got."

I hate it when a stylist looks at the reference picture you bring and just thinks, "Okay, so that's what you want. Right, well I hate that so I'm just gonna do it my way instead!"

"I educated the corn, boss!"

One person explained, "Translation from [German:] this is where good air is produced for everyone." However, when this is aimed at the corn, it sounds like the sign is demanding the plants to produce more oxygen.

"There was an attempt to face swap."

And yet they have inadvertently invented the next horror movie icon, vent-face. They suck the souls of their victims out guessed it, their vents. I cannot wait to see people dressing up as this character for halloween.

"This is how my morning started. Wtf."

Wow, that is a lot of hard work that this spider put into that web. I always feel bad when I have to dismantle a spider's web, like that has surely got to ruin their day.

"I tried making cutesy frozen banana ghosts but they melted horrifically."

I think that these could actually work better for a halloween party than the intended ones. The melted ones are certainly unsettling if nothing else, it's as though they are begging for death!

"The squirrel uprising has begun!"

All the local people wanted to do was give the squirrels a little snack, yet they have inadvertently set in motion the squirrel apocalypse. If only they knew how their actions would impact the future of humanity.

"After 72 days in the NICU, we brought my son home. Two jokes later, he wished he was back in."

So if you have a newborn baby and you think that they aren't crying enough, then why not try reciting this book to them?

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