30 Really Neat Photos That Have To Be Seen To Be Believed

You know, there are a lot of really neat things out there. Some things are super huge and unbelievable, while others are small or mundane, yet still kind of unbelievable.

Whatever the case, you'll probably have to see them to believe them. And that's exactly what you're going to get in this list. Just a bunch of really neat things.

"Tumble weeds before they tumble."

I've never once wondered where tumbleweeds come from. I always just accepted them as some kind of desert staple. But actually seeing the plant before it dies and becomes a tuft of brambles blowing along the sand is actually so interesting.

I've seen it, and now I know.

"This blackberry my sister found is in the shape of a heart."

I always love when fruits and vegetables make funny shapes. In this case, it's a blackberry that's shaped like a heart. It would be the perfect decoration to stick on top of a smoothie or a tart, even if the idea of a black heart is kind of sad.

"My local playground flooded and there's a swan in it."

Look, flooding is never good. It always comes with damage that no one wants to deal with. But at least in this case, the flooding attracted a swan, and let's face it, everyone loves swans. So in some ways, this is kind of a win.

"The gym I go to is renovating. They knocked a few walls down and revealed it used to be a Hollywood Video."

It's so funny how some buildings used to be completely different things. I'm sure plenty of stores out there were once other stores, and they just slapped paint on what was already there and called it a day.

But this shows us that this building probably has a lot more history than anyone was expecting.

"My local grocery store has a display space that looks like a truck broke through the wall."

This is such a cool display. Like, I kind of wish more stores did fun and creative things like this.

It's also a pretty good visual pun, since it makes the items look like they fell out of the back of a truck (hence the low prices, probably).

"The wear and scuff-marks on this boat look like an island in the sea."

Here I was thinking that was all intentional, but I don't think it is after all. There's just way too much rust and scuffing for that to be anything other than an accident. But now that boat can never be moved because it's basically art.

"This house I saw while working, supposedly a Disney artist in the 50’s designed it and apparently it’s a landmark."

That's a pretty neat house, and I would believe that a Disney artist made it. After all, it looks like something straight out of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. I can see why it's a landmark.

"My mom bought a massive fur blanket made exclusively from roadkill."

On one hand, that's a pretty unique way to reuse animal hide that would otherwise go to waste. On the other hand... that's kind of gross. Hopefully it was washed (more than once) before this person put it on their couch.

"Sword in the stone. In Cheddar, England."

Man, imagine if that was the actual sword from the Arthurian legends. That would be so cool. But honestly, it looks like it would come out of that rock pretty easily, so it probably isn't.

Still, what an amazing view. There are some really pretty places out there.

"I am from Europe and I restocked pens at work today. I noticed that these pens are illegal to sell in the US and Canada."

Welp, it's good to know that we can never buy these pens. I guess they're made out of some kind of material that's banned in North America?

The real question though, is: would someone get stopped at the airport for trying to bring one of these pens through?

"This sign put up in my neighbourhood after a series of owl attacks."

I never realized that owls could just attack people. Like, obviously they're predators and will attack animals. But people?

Well, either way, at least this sign exists. It won't stop the owls, but it'll remind people to be cautious.

"The way the leaves of my calathea line up with the leaves in the mirror. Had me confused for a minute."

Wait, that's actually so cool. Apart from the one leaf at the bottom of the mirror image, they really do make a continuation of the plant itself. Talk about an optical illusion in real life.

"There is a dried-up chili pepper drilled onto the side of one of the paint cupboards at my school."

I'm not sure why this chilli pepper is hanging up on a cupboard, but I'm kind of into it. It's just one of those weird, random things that you don't really need to explain, you just need to accept.

"Every early October around noon, the sun shines through my parents’ bathroom window and perfectly illuminates their toilet bowl."

This is such a random and specific thing that happens in this particular room to this particular toilet. But wow, it's kind of cool. I'd hate to use the toilet at that time, though.

"The way my cat’s eyebrow whiskers grew."

I wonder if this cat knows it has very long whiskers coming out of its eyebrows. I mean, it's honestly kind of cute, and like, weirdly fashionable? I dunno, but I feel like this cat could start a new eyebrow trend or something.

"Found Amethyst pieces in a new gravel driveway."

When you think about it, amethyst (and all the other precious and semi-precious stones out there) are just rocks. And gravel is also rocks. While it's cool that this person lucked out on some pretty stones, it at least makes a little bit of sense that they were there.

"This monster sunflower head from my dad’s garden."

At this point, I shouldn't be surprised by the size of plants and vegetables anymore. And yet, I always find myself staring in disbelief when I see something like this ginormous sunflower. I'm staring right at it and it's still hard to believe.

"Found this rock with odd shaped hole."

I'm sure that this hole was made by someone. I couldn't have just appeared naturally. It looks way too deliberate for it to just be a product of nature.

So the real question is, why is it there? And how did someone make it?

"This tiny electric car."

This car is so strange. Not just because it's impossibly tiny, but because the front looks like it's just as wide as a regular car. It's all just so odd.

I guess, though, it would be easy for anyone to drive it, not matter what side of the road their country uses.

"Found a Spam slicer for my dad!"

I definitely didn't know that such a thing existed. Sure, there are plenty of slicers for vegetables and fruits. But who would've thought that there was one out there specifically for slicing Spam?

I guess for some people, this would be really handy, though.

"As far as I can recall this is the first time I've been in an elevator with a seat."

I have a feeling this is an elevator in a really fancy building. Like, one that's fancier and more expensive than anything I'll ever be going into. But that's perfectly fine, because we can always dream about the fancy elevator bench.

"The way this screw landed."

Seriously, what are the odds of this screw landing like this? Somehow, the little pointy end got stuck in the wood just enough to keep the whole thing from falling over. I'd probably get it off of there before someone walked on that step, though.

"My Dad lives in the country in Texas and currently has a ton of deer in his backyard."

I've seen a deer or two out and about during nature walks and stuff. But I've never seen this many deer in one spot before! This is unreal. And definitely the kind of thing no one would believe you about if you didn't have photographic proof.

"I forgot I had some pens in my pocket when I did the laundry, nothing bad happened, but it did this to the pens."

Now we know what happens when you leave a bunch of pens in your pants while doing laundry. This was probably the last thing I'd ever expect, and yet it doesn't seem all that surprising. In any case, though, it's pretty neat.

"A bee hitched a ride on my train to work this morning."

There's really not much to this; it's just a bee chilling on some guy's knee. Or you could say, it's the bee's knee now (I'm not sorry).

But look at how harmless this thing is. Bumblebees are such a gift, honestly.

"This vending machine at a mall sells Gameboy Advance games."

It almost looks like this vending machine is specifically selling Pokemon Ruby, Sapphire, and Emerald cartridges. Which is... actually so cool. If you want to get your retro gaming on (because yes, Gameboy Advance is considered retro now), then this would be a fun way to get a game.

"I have no idea what this is but I have never seen anything like this before."

I wish I could explain what's going on here. But beyond knowing it has something to do with water and light and air, I got nothing.

But that's fine. We can just stare at this weird cloud rainbow. No thoughts, head empty.

"Moved into a new house. The old owners never changed their furnace filter."

I don't even know what to say. Did the previous owners know that they had to replace their furnace filter every few months? Because that's pretty gross. Don't be like these people and get it done as often as it needs to be done.

"Wood ear fungus that really looks like an ear."

I've never seen a wood ear fungus that wasn't cut up into thin slices and stuck in a bowl of ramen. But hey, I guess it had to have gotten that name from somewhere.

It may be an edible mushroom, but I wouldn't want to eat something that looks like an ear.

"Real human cranium that I am using for the study of anatomy, bought by my father in the 80s for around $10 USD (entire skeleton), when he was in med school."

It's kind of sad that someone's entire skeleton was sold for $10 in the '80s. Like, I get that it was used (by the person when they were alive), but you'd think it would've been more valuable.