20 People Who Got Tattoos That Are 100% Art...For Better Or Worse

Art is an incredibly subjective thing, a masterpiece to one person may be a steaming dumpster fire for another...and then there are some who find steaming dumpster fires art.

So, we're going to look through some tattoos that are so bad they're good, some tattoos that are just downright terrible, and some that are just so weird they make no sense whatsoever.

"Lets all just hope that he never decides to leave Tesco..."

One ingenious idea came in the form of: "Missed chance to have your clubcard membership bar code disguised as the side of the shopping cart." That would be something else!

"Don't be jealous of my Molar Bear."

I am really struggling to find the words to express how much joy this tattoo brings me. I think it is the strangely nonplussed expression on the bear's face that is just killing me.

"Update on my POS Pirate Pikachu, healed 6 months and now an equally as bad martini glass to go with it."

Well, bravo. Anyone who goes into a tattoo parlour with the desire to get a "pirate Pikachu" tattoo is a hero amongst men.

That Is Going To Be A Pretty Big Job To Cover Up!

Although, you never know, this person may be made up with it. It is certainly better than some tattoos that I have seen before...if that is of any consolation.

The Freshest Of Cuts!

I mean, this guy doesn't look too pleased with his new look. How could he have committed to a look like this without being 100% sure that it is what he wanted? Chris, it's awfully shiny as well.

A Match Made In Heaven!

The "his beauty, her beast" tattoos have never been amongst my favorites as I have never seen any that I like, but these are pretty special. The use of the Monster logo is just *chef's kiss wonderful.

"Found in the airport… I think is says 'self' in various currency, but I thought it said 'beef' at first and second glance."

I can only see the word "Beef" in this. Although, I don't really understand the point of something saying "Self" in currency, just having "Beef" makes more sense.

"Wolf tattoos are the best..."

I 100% prefer what they got to what they asked for. I was never that big on wolves anyway so the fact that what they ended up getting had a squashed wombat on it makes it much better.

"Just, one of the worst things I've ever seen."

I would not say that it is one of the worst things that I have ever seen, the film Avatar itself was far worse than this tattoo after all. I cannot wait for the sequel!

"The lines, the shading, the wonky eyeballs. Poor David."

Again, this is not one of the worst that I have seen, but it's pretty bad. Sure, I can tell that it is Bowie, although I don't know if I want it to be Bowie!

"Why the change of heart all of a sudden?"

There is no way that those are dog's ears! I thought that it looked more like a penguin going through an existential crisis, or a nun with a really, really bad hangover.

"My buddy's 'desert skyline' tattoo."

This is a pretty odd choice of a tattoo for someone to land on. I cannot figure out what makes this a specifically "desert" based skyline as well? Maybe I am just missing something obvious though...right?

But, What Does It Even Say?

Is this supposed to say Gidleon, or maybe Gideon but just with a really elongated "e"? This has to have been a done at home job, surely? I hope that this guy didn't pay for it at the very least.

Do You Think That This Person Might Be A Bit Of A Disney Fan?

This just gets a little bit worse every time that you look at it. Still, at least she is happily showing off her love for Disney, so that is something.

It Does What It Says On The Tin!

This is one of the ones that is so weird that it is kind of cool. I also found. myself massively distracted by the Caterpie tattoo...although that one looks more like a Ditto taking the form of a Caterpie — I've gone too deep, sorry.

"'Amazing marking' is probably the last thing I'd call this tattoo."

I don't think that the waters that this beast crawled from were that "fresh" actually. It was pointed out that this looks more like one of his organs instead of a snake, and now I cannot see anything else.

"Roast my cat."

I quite like this tattoo, it is pretty daft but something tells me that this is exactly what the person who asked for "a cat with shades on a skateboard" wanted. It's a pretty fly cat if nothing else!

"What is this even supposed to say? Live am your who I am truth."

What this tattoo is actually saying is "Live your truth" and "I am who I amr," as they really dropped the ball with that last R!

"Here's my awfully placed Star Wars tattoo. No idea how to go about fixing it."

I didn't think that this was too bad when I first looked at it, but it is a little bit substantial. I suppose that the only way to "fix" it would be to just color the whole thing in?

"Accidental tattoo, the tattoo gun fell off the tray and I ended up with this beaut."

I am blown away that this is how they ended up getting this strange little tattoo! One of the suggestions that they should do was "turn it into a shooting star."

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