20 Things That Didn't Turn Out How Anyone Planned, Despite Best Intentions

There are many things in life that will go exactly as you planned them to — and then there are also the things that will surprise you in whatever unexpected way that they can.

So, from people who had to retire unexpectedly from their jobs as very successful super heroes to individuals who learned why you should never trust a group of seniors, here are 20 things that didn't turn out how anyone planned, despite best intentions.

"Why you never put design to a vote. I high school senior t-shirt. Blue Valley High School Tigers."

"We got to vote on our 'senior slogan' which would also be on all the prom pictures, prom theme, yearbook, etc. People suggested things that made sense, like end of the road, what a long strange trip it's been, stuff like that. It ended up being No Diggety," wrote a similarly disappointed person.

"Celebrating my first divorceversary and the office girls bought me a cake."

I did not know that a "divorceversary" was a real thing, but I guess if people are going to celebrate an anniversary then they should also be able to celebrate a divorceversary!

"After 72 days in the NICU, we brought my son home. Two jokes later, he wished he was back in."

Any time spent in the NICU is an incredibly stressful period of time. I am sure that this baby will start to appreciate your jokes more over time...hopefully?

"This is some GOD level security system!"

Errr, starboy98 if you are out there then it might be time to change your password. How did anyone ever program in such a colossal mistake into this security system? It's almost impressive.

"My boyfriend sent me this from a house he's working on."

I will admit that it took me an embarrassing amount of time to realise that the icons did not match up with the words that they were supposed to represent.

"Octopus, soy sauce, and wasabi nails."

I am sure that they set out with the best intentions, but the outcome is just...horrific. I think that the wasabi nail might actually be the worst one and I am not sure why that is.

"My wife kept threatening to throw away my favorite pair of yard work shorts. Today I found them like this."

There are some things that you should never do, and cutting holes in your significant other's beloved attire is one of them.

The Weirdest Way To Break A Laptop!

I am guessing that this must have been one extremely stale piece of rice! Also, how hard did she close the lid of this laptop? Did she slam it shut with a hammer?

"A college student."

All that this note will do is make sure that the traffic warden has a big warm grin on their face when they are giving you a ticket. Traffic wardens have no souls, it is a well-known fact.

"Was it too much trouble to look at it?"

This is such a lazy job that it actually must have taken longer than it would have to just do it right in the first place. It is somehow impressive that they have managed to find such a solution to this problem.

"It's a Ziraf!"

Someone else suggested that they could have gone with "Zurtle," but I think that Ziraf is a much more solid answer. Only a big old nerd would have picked a real animal like a zebra or the like.


Either these Cheetos are haunted or they want you to let them ferment and try to turn them into some sort of alcoholic beverage? Sounds absolutely delicious if you ask me...but it will probably give you one hell of a hangover.

"My pizza from a DoorDash order came without a box and just thrown into a paper bag."

Something tells me that this may be the pizza that was left over from yesterday and not necessarily a pizza made fresh just for you!

"Grilled cheese from an airport deli..."

I don't know what I expected from an airport deli, but this is probably it. The worst cup of coffee I ever got was from a jarg vending machine at an airport, it tasted like off baked beans.

"Nailed it?"

I know that some people like to celebrate their pregnancy in unique ways, but this is a little too strange for me. I think what is proving a problem is the coloring on the nails, black and white would maybe have worked better?

"What my college deems acceptable for a $9.50 pizza."

No slice of pizza should be priced at $9.50, unless the slice is the size of the whole pizza. The fact that they still put it in such a big box just rubs salt in the wound!

"I don't wanna toot in my own horn..."

I think that we might have an award for the most uncomfortable-looking toilet that has ever been created. Anyone who installs this must be one hell of a brass music fan to tolerate the discomfort.

"Aquaman quit his job and opened car repair shop."

Sometimes you need to find creative ways to get under the car when you don't have a jack. At least he put rocks in front of the rear tires as well, otherwise this could have gone horribly wrong.

A Hat AND A Toupe!

If you can't decide whether you want to get a wig to cover your bald spot or you want to cover it with a bit of stylish headwear, then look no further than this weird creation!

"My friend went to a restaurant and had a steak. Neither of us know why it was served on a white bread."

One strangely knowledgeable person added, "In classic French cuisine, a piece of toasted/fried bread or shaped mound of food like rice or some sort of salad that is used as a base under other food is called a 'socle'. It elevates the food and makes for a neater presentation. It can be a single portion or it can be part of a large buffet display.

"The socle may or may not be eaten (yes if single portion, no if part of a buffet display) but must always be edible. Socle has an architectural use meaning 'plinth or base of a column'."