13 Packages That Were Just Designed To Make Us Angry

I don't know about you but what infuriates me most is plain old deceit. That's especially true in terms of companies who choose to go that route to fool their customers. I mean, why can't you just make a good product and advertise it properly?

Instead, these brands choose to hide things and fool their unsuspecting buyers. They should be ashamed of themselves, no?

1. This Cream Moisturizer Scam

Ladies, make sure you read the packaging very carefully. Because you might be thinking you're getting your money's worth with this size here. Instead, they got you good, and they're not even apologizing for it.

2. These Sad Shortbreads

Who here loves shortbreads? Aren't they the best? But not when you expect a full box and only get a handful of them. What kind of crap is that? I don't agree with this at all.

3. This Deceitful Cheese

Wow, when you look at this giant package of cheese, you would think you're getting more than just three slices. But sadly, you have to focus on the grams and not the impressive packaging. A mere 80 grams doesn't quite cut it for me.

4. This Cookie Fail

What happens when the product packaging is more attractive than what's inside? That's when you realize you've just been had. And I admit that it's a sad realization indeed. Next time, you must try another brand.

5. This Ice Cream Bar

Ah, they had me at strawberry shortcake. That is one of my favorites, for sure. I bet that's exactly what happened to this person too, and then they opened it and found this inside. What a shame, eh?

6. This Pitiful Excuse For A Sandwich

Not only does this not resemble what is on the package, but where are the ham and cheese? Did somebody forget the ingredients in these or what? How do they get away with this food scam here?

7. This Baby Formula

Come on, Nestle, not the baby formula. You would at least expect them to give some food for those babies. But no, they are up to their old tricks no matter what kind of product you buy.

8. This Frozen Dinner

If this packaging here doesn't put you off of buying frozen dinners, I honestly don't know what to tell you. You might as well buy yourself some meat a cook a meal from scratch. At least it's money well spent.

9. This So-Called Avocado Oil

Most people know that avocado oil is much more expensive than plain canola. So what are these guys trying to pull here with this blatant switch, huh? That is so cruel and deceitful, no?

10. This Total Irony

Yes, I hear you loud and clear. We must all stop struggling with those stubborn plastic packages. Unfortunately, whoever made this failed to acknowledge that very fact here. How the heck are you supposed to get them out without scissors? Ugh!

11. This Chocolate Box

Doesn't this chocolate box make you feel like you're getting lots of goodies? Well, you'll get the shock of your life once you open it up. Um, where is the rest of the chocolates? Am I missing something here?

12. This Ridiculous Sandwich

I don't know about you, but I would be quite pissed off if I bought this sandwich. I mean, what the heck is even going on here? If this isn't blatant asshole packaging, I don't know what it is.

13. This Less Is More Oxymoron

Do you know that old saying, "less is more?" Well, in this case, it definitely isn't true. Who are they trying to fool here, huh? That is one evil packaging idea here. Am I right or what?

That's it I've had it with this deceitful product packaging.

If you ever encounter a company that does this, I hope you refuse to buy their stuff for good. It's time we put our foot down and make them stop what they're doing. Are you with me on this one?