20 Things We Couldn't Help Staring At...But Not In A Malcolm McDowell Kind Of Way

The daily rush of life can mean that we don't have time to take in all that is around us at times. However, there are some things that people feel need to be seen by the masses, the weird, the wonderful, and...well, just the downright daft.

So, from people who found restaurants with incomprehensible names to individuals who were cursed by their children, here are 20 things we couldn't help staring at...but not in a Malcolm McDowell kind of way!

"This guy has a lot of faith in that rope..."

I can barely tie my shoelaces sometimes so I would not fancy tying a ladder onto another extending ladder and then climbing up it. You may as well blue-tac the two together over getting me to tie them together.

"My 4yo and I did each others makeup and he drew something on my chest that makes me worried for my soul."

It also seems as though that demonic presence lurking inside their son has shown itself in this picture. I would be very wary over the next few nights if I were you!

"I have no idea what this is but I have never seen anything like this before."

One helpful person explained:

"Such holes are formed when the water temperature in the clouds is below freezing, but the water, in a supercooled state, has not frozen yet due to the lack of ice nucleation. When ice crystals do form, a domino effect is set off due to the Bergeron process, causing the water droplets around the crystals to evaporate: this leaves a large, often circular, hole in the cloud. It is thought that the introduction of large numbers of tiny ice crystals into the cloud layer sets off this domino effect of fusion which creates the hole. It’s a fallstreak hole."

"Still unsure of this store's name."

I thought that it was a store called "Ralwspoot," which sounds more like a village in a Terry Pratchett novel now that I think about it. Eventually one person pointed out that it was probably called "Rainspout," which makes much more sense.

"But is it really genuine?"

Look, if you are going to buy a fake product, then always make sure that you are buying a genuine fake product! You don't want a fake fake product, as that would just end up looking cheap!

What Are You Doing My Man?

Even this guy looks as though he know that he has made a pretty stupid mistake here, and yet he is powering through with his choice. The fact that there are people like this out there is incredible.

"*flicks strap* Yup, that's not goin' anywhere."

I like how it looks as though the dog in the car on the left is equally shocked by the amount of tires balanced on the back of that truck. Better give this guy a wide berth.

"They were not raised well enough apparently."

Do we think that this croc-wearing person may have cheated on their ex partner? Or was this actually left by an angry friend after this person cheated at Monopoly on their game night?

"What genius decided upon plastic wrapped bananas..."

Also, what kind of person ever just buys one single banana? You buy a bunch of bananas or you don't buy any bananas, surely? I can't be the only one baffled by this.

"Either or..."

Sometimes the most ramshackle or old-fashioned solutions are the best ones that you can opt for! I mean, not necessarily when it comes to wiring up a building, but you's best not to dwell on that sort of thing!

"Academy of English sign offering 'turoting.'"

I wonder if they got many parents calling up for this place to provide their child with English "turoting"? I don't think that I would have much faith in them if I'm honest.

"What was he expecting?"

Christ, this must have been the most cathartic experience of their life! I would have loved to have seen the guy's face as they walked out, just sat there thinking, "What the hell just happened?"

"Now gimme that, you!"

I just cannot stop laughing at this picture. The unbridled joy in the monkey's face contrasted by the sheer terror in the guy's face just kills me. That monkey is going to look pretty damn slick in those shades.

"Yep, that is definitely how America looks."

"So, you definitely know how to draw a map of the world, I don't need to get you an atlas for reference?"

"For the last time, I know what the bloody Earth looks like!"

"It's just the the last time you drew a horse."

"I'm an impressionist!"

"I caught the ice cream dripping at the perfect moment!"

This is one of the most aesthetically pleasing photographs that I have seen for a long time. Christ alive, now I want nothing more than a massive ice cream to devour.

"This train I saw at a carousel."

Well, thank you very much whoever designed this monstrosity. I think that this is actually a sleep paralysis demon manifested in real life. It's always good to get the children at the fair nice and terrified isn't it!

"My grandfather and I took the same photo 55 years apart."

Wow, this is pretty eerie actually, as though there is some sort of glitch in the matrix. Next thing they need to do is get the bottom picture colorised!

"These guys have top quality 'Butt Nuggets' for sale!"

Nope, don't like anyone calling eggs " butt nuggets." I didn't know that there was something out there that could put me off eating omelettes and yet here it is, the phrase "butt nuggets."

"Have fear."

This is pretty much how I approach a lot of my life now that I am approaching thirty, living in constant fear that absolutely everything is now really, really bad for me and is slowly trying to kill me.

"Not at all what I expected to see in this birdhouse."

"Excuse me, but I was wondering if you could possibly leave me some insects out to eat instead of seed for the duration of my stay?"

" really a frog?"

"No! What makes you say that? Tweet...twee tweet!"