13 Pics To Make Home Depot Employees Shudder

Working retail is hell.

Everyone who has ever done it knows the struggle of online stock versus store stock, angry customers, and poorly managed shifts. No one documents those struggles quite like the Home Depot subreddit, where employees make memes out of the things they have to put up with at their stores.

And guys, those memes are GOLD.

They simply don't get paid enough for this.

To quote the iconic artist Olivia Rodrigo: "Who am I, if not exploited?"

Working nine days straight with no breaks is one of those things that just feels illegal, but probably isn't... because of capitalism and all.

How tragic!

Going to another store means the employee someone is harassing doesn't have to deal with them any longer. Sounds like a win/win to me! Time to take a break!

Kanye jump scare incoming.

"Customers when a 3 ton forklift is honking the horn and moving directly towards them."

Man, if I even HEAR that forklift, my back is against the shelves. I've seen Final Destination, I know how that stuff ends.

But the orange has such an air of authority, you see.

"'You don't know this? Why are you in this department then?' Sir, I'm passing through cause I gotta pee."

I can't imagine being stopped every time I had to pee. I would go insane.

Real original.

Luckily, the employees have figured out little phrases to nip this one in the bud:

"Yeah, most people usually do it [themselves] but if you don't know how to use a handsaw I can help."

Ok boomer.

The comments under this one really add some flavor to the horror:

"Oh no I can't take them on a pallet I need them hand loaded."

"Oh darn I don't have a pickup truck guess we need to try and fit it in my hatchback."

Yeah this is not a drive-thru.

"Years ago we had an old guy during the day drive through the lumber roll-up door, knock over about five customer carts and almost took out two customers. He gets out his car and starts crying how, 'He can never get help in the store so he drove his car into the store to send a message'."

Just wow.

But she's in a rush!

"No ma’am, the gate needs to remain closed until he’s done with the forklift."

The thing I'm learning from this article is that an alarming amount of people do not fear or respect the forklift.



That man took his life into his hands that day. Go through your own life with the confidence of a man standing on a ROLLING CART in a Home Depot.

Come on, HD.

Get a load of this in the comments:

"I accidentally put yes once and it just lets you try again. The quality screening surpasses that of the CDC."


What's a bit of shoplifiting between pals?

"The 'I was definitely going to pay for that' special."

I had no idea people would try shoplifting like this. That's as brazen as it is stupid, I'm not gonna lie.

Oh, hell no.

"Some idiot thought the display was plumbed in and dumped their coffee."

I would never think of disposing my garbage anywhere but, I don't know, a proper garbage can.

The way I would just turn around and leave work immediately...

The tragic thing is that you KNOW some customers would start demanding they be allowed to keep shopping in that aisle. "When is it going to be open? I'm in a hurry."

It's not in the back. It's never in the back.

"Sometimes I'll say I'll check in the back, leave for two minutes, then come back saying we're sold out, just to humor them."

Sounds like a great excuse for a two-five minute break to me.