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19 People Talk About The Shows They've Rewatched Over 5 Times

People tend to cherish their favorite TV show greatly, like a prized possession they can't physically hold so instead they just tell everybody about it.

And that's okay! You're allowed to celebrate the things you like and recommend it endlessly until your friends finally cave and watch it. A Reddit post asked for people to share the shows they loved so much they've watched it over five times, and people delivered.


"I've probably rewatched the series a hundred times and still laugh every watch. It's the perfect combination of smart and dumb humor," one commenter wrote.

"I [bought] the box DVD set probably 15 years ago and must have seen every episode a dozen or more times each. I just can't get sick of that show," said another.

What We Do in the Shadows.

Many people were questioning the show's quality when it was first airing, as the movie was so phenomenal and they were worried it might not live up. Turns out, some believe the show to surpass the movie in quality.

"In my opinion the TV show is WAY better than the film. Both the dialogue and the characters. Go [on]. Put an episode on..."

The X-Files.

One user was impressed with how well the show still fit today, "I'm amazed how well it has held up after all these years. The clothing and some of the acting is a sign of the times but the stories and ideas are still awesome."

Band of Brothers.

One user came to share a neat fact related to the show, "I had the pleasure of working at the retirement home that the actual Buck Compton lived. He was a very [soft-spoken] man. And funny as hell too, the witty comments that came from that man we're endless."

The Simpsons.

Classic The Simpson, to be precise.

"Not sure I ever turn _The SimpsonsT off. Continuous repeat as I go to sleep the last 20 years. I even like the show so much I stay a whole season behind so if they ever cancel it then I could still have my new Simpsons ‘fix’ by playing a new episode on special occasions."


"It’s such a funny and well-written show, that I can throw it on almost any episode and still get a good chuckle out of it."

One user even has a strict rewatch schedule for this one, "I watched the show every summer. It’s weirdly therapeutic for me."

Malcolm in the Middle.

"This show has been in syndication for most of my life. I probably watched it everyday after school. So underrated & clever. Probably one of the best sitcoms ever," said one fan. Many others were in agreement, sharing favorite lines and episodes among themselves.

Parks and Recreation.

"This! Everytime I watch it I catch some new detail in the background or between-the-lines dialogue I never noticed before. elegantly crafted."

Another user replied, "I can watch these episodes over and over again without getting bored. The only downside is that you start seeing Parks and [Recreation] references EVERYWHERE and nobody knows what the heck you're talking about."

Star Trek: The Next Generation.

"With all the reruns in my childhood, I cant help wondering how many times I watched the whole series before reaching adulthood, even. It was surreal the first time I binged the whole thing. I'd never been able to connect all the dots in the overarching storyline."


"The show has the perfect combination of wholesome, funny, [and] serious topics [...]."

"I rewatched again recently and I forgot how immediate this is," another person noted, "From episode one Dr Cox is dropping serious truth bombs and it’s clear it’s not just a comedy. It’s crazy how much of the DNA for the entire show is baked into the pilot."

Bob's Burgers.

"I love how everyone in the family is weird and quirky in their own ways, but loving and supportive of each other. I feel like almost every family sitcom plays up the sibling rivalry aspect, but I love how the Belcher kids are all buddies and get into antics together. It's my go-to show when I just want something upbeat, happy, and wholesome."

Arrested Development.

"To me this is always the show. I have seldom mentioned it under any other name. In my eyes it eclipses and predominates the whole of its medium."

Other fans were celebrating the show's brilliance in the replies, but many felt the need to specify they only mean seasons one through three. Understandably so.

It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia.

A seasoned fan wrote, "The writing in this show is incredible, I feel like I laugh harder every single rewatch when I pick up on so many funny things that I didn’t even notice before."

While a newer fan said, "I'm currently on my first run of the series, while having seen some episodes out of sequence. It is absolutely amazing."


"It's my go to show to watch when I'm depressed. Seeing Fraiser having some of the same problems I am going through is comforting and reassures me that I'll get through it too. I have watched the entire show from start to finish at least a dozen times and it never gets old."

Avatar: The Last Airbender.

"The writing and character building is some of the best of any TV show ever. I'm so glad I had kids, because I would never have given it any attention otherwise. My first watch-through I was like 32 years old."


Sharing a fun fact regarding the show's production, one user said, "Firefly has some hilarious props. The part when they sneak into the hospital to steal a bunch of drugs. They sneak into the hospital carrying some sort of spaceship medical stretcher. Yeah that stretcher is one of those car roof carriers you can buy to add a little more cargo to your car for long trips. Cracks me up every time I see it."


"I've watched [Community] 7 times. My life has become consumed with me constantly making [Community] references, it's damaged my friendships and my mental health. I'm getting my friends to watch it so they can understand me better," said one very involved watcher.

Breaking Bad.

"That show will never get old, and it will never stop being thrilling and entertaining."

"I think I watch Breaking Bad once or twice a year," said another reply, "This year it was 3 times haha. I must be at 8 or 9 runs by now. And now that Better Call Saul is coming to a close, I think I’m at 4-5 runs of that too!"

The Good Place.

"One of the best comedies of all time. And the finale is probably my favorite piece of fiction ever, beyond the few shows that I otherwise consider better overall. Seriously people, if you’ve been avoiding it because you think it’s just a basic NBC sitcom, give it a shot."