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15 Teachers Who Clearly Deserve Some Kind Of Award

Being a teacher is a lot of hard work. Not only are you responsible for educating hundreds of students, but you are also their caretaker for the majority of their week. Students look to teachers not only for knowledge, but also for help and advice, guidance, and sometimes support and care.

But, teachers have to also deal with a whole lot of stupidity. So, they try to keep things interesting.

This teacher who lends out Bieber pencils.

As a teacher, lending school supplies to kids is a black hole. They will never, ever, ever return them. You run out of pens, pencils, markers—everything—in about 5 seconds flat. But, if a kid borrows a Justin Bieber pencil, you may get it back sooner than you think.

Humor is the best.

Teachers who allow their kids to be funny and play into their humor are the best. This teacher gave such a long test that kids were "giving up" on it, making doodles, but she doodled right on back to them.

A life lesson.

All students do is text in class as if that is going to help them get by or learn something. Teachers know, they all know. No matter where the kids put their phones, like in their laps, thinking they are slick. We all know.

What an award.

At least this teacher has a good way to deal with kids who keep losing their homework. A whole award for the kids who cannot seem to keep their homework in one spot. But, I bet you the award will also go missing, too.

Raise your hand when you get it!

Teachers who include and incorporate pop culture and student's interests into their lessons, even in Science and in math, are the best. Everyone loves when they can relate and find interest in a class. Even when that is Chemistry and Lady Gaga.

This is too good.

Talk about hilarious. This teacher was absent from class and decided to say sorry by leaving up a large photo of herself on the board in order to show kids she was "not there for professional reasons."

The ultimate "no cheating" hack.

If you're a high school teacher, you know that kids are glued to their phones. The last thing you want is for the kids to be on their phones 24/7, especially on a test. So, this teacher made it possible so kids can't cheat.

Another solid life lesson.

Bonus points and extra credit on quizzes are the best way to get kids to pass. But, sometimes, the kids will surprise you with how they can get around it. And, teachers who let the kids always get those points are the greatest.

Excellent question.

Kids are always concerned "what time the period ends" and when the school day will be over, so this is a way for them to stop being so distracted and wonder if they're doing what they need to do to pass the class.

Straight into the trash.

Some teachers take late work and others can't be bothered to deal with it. Many teachers think that late work is a waste of time because it's extra work for them. So, they're honest to tell the kids where they can submit the late work—in the trash.

This fundraiser idea is a winner.

This teacher found a way to get the kids to contribute to a fundraiser for their school—amazingly. He said for every $1 they donate, they can buy a strip of tape to tape him up. Look how much money they raised!

Bribery gets you everywhere.

Even though it's a joke, this is a great way to make sure that kid's open house conversations between the parents and the teacher goes well. Bribery makes it so that you can always have good comments, even though you're failing class.


Memes are the best way to communicate anything to students. Clearly, the kids need to know that anything they hand in needs their name on it. If not, you ain't getting a grade! Oh oh oh, oh oh oh.

Hilarious and on point.

This chemistry teacher knows his way around a pop culture reference. When teaching the chemistry of methamphetamine, he dressed up as Walter White, the ultimate teacher move. And, it's a great costume! A total win on his part.

This wall is iconic.

Kids who forget to put their name on everything are the worst. So, prevent it by making a "shame wall" and hanging up signs with photos. Kids will remember forever to put their name on everything. I promise!