14 Online Purchases That Came With A Whole Lot Of Regret

Online shopping can be so convenient. Am I right? After all, you don't even have to leave your house to open your wallet and spend. And you can do so while wearing pajamas, ha, ha!

However, there are some major drawbacks to shopping online. Namelyl, you can't see the product, and that's a problem. The following photos are good examples of that.

1. This Online Flower Delivery

I have thought of ordering flowers for Mother's Day online. However, I've heard some horror stories, so I've been hesitant. And it's a good thing because I definitely wouldn't want my mom to get shriveled and moldy flowers like these. OMG!

2. This Toy Alpaca

There are so many cute toys you can buy online, and lately, I'm completely obsessed with alpacas, ha, ha! So, if I had seen this one, I would have been tempted to buy it too. Thankfully I didn't make that mistake buying it online.

3. This Sandbox

When you order a sandbox for your child, you expect it to be life-size, no? Well, this guy's wife ordered it online, and it came looking like it was made for a doll and not an actual child.

4. This Mask

First off, why would anybody buy a mask that looks like this is beyond me? And second, I would never risk buying something this specific online. I guess this guy learned his lesson the hard way, huh?

5. This Clothing Fail

There's a reason why you should only buy clothing from reputable shops online. Why? Because you never know what will arrive. Case in point here, these articles of clothing don't look at all like how they were pictured online.

6. This Cat Tree

Now that we have a cat, I've been thinking of getting him a cat tree. I mean, look at how cute they are. This lady must've been excited, too. However, when the package arrived, this is what she got. WTF?

7. This $40 Doll

When you shell out $40 for a handmade doll, you expect it to look a lot better than this, no? Imagine the shock this lady got when her package arrived? I would have been so peeved, that's for sure.

8. This Tent

Here's why I would never buy a tent online. This guy must've been either tired or drunk. He ended up getting a two-person child's tent instead of an adult one. But he made the best of it and took it to the festival anyway, ha, ha!

9. These Veneers

I don't know about you, but I always thought veneers were supposed to get fitted to your mouth. So how can you even buy something like this online? I'm both baffled and surprised, ha, ha! I guess it serves him right.

10. This Model Engine

Somebody thought they could order a teaching car engine replica they could study off of, but I guess they picked the wrong listing. This is what they got instead. Oh my goodness. Is this a joke?

11. This Laddle

I'm used to seeing people order stuff online only to get a miniature size. In this case, it's clearly the opposite. Heck, I guess they can use it when they make a sauce for their entire family, hee-hee.

12. This 'Baby Yoda' Fail

My fiance surprised me for my birthday and bought me Grogu a.k.a a Baby Yoda toy. I was absolutely thrilled. But I guess this person can't say the same. What they got is nowhere near as cute, lol. Yikes!

13. These Boots

This lady's sister was waiting for one missing piece for her Halloween costume but what she got was even scarier. Now I guess she can give it to one of her nieces to play dress-up with their dolls, eh?

14. This Wedding Dress

Ladies, please do yourself a favor and don't order your wedding dress on Wish. This is the one purchase in your life that you might as well splurge on, okay? It's better to be safe than sorry indeed.

Oh boy, I hope this serves as a stern warning to you all.

When you shop online, you must do thorough research, alright? Otherwise, you may end up with something you didn't bargain for, and that's a fact. What was your worst online purchase so far?