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Viral Posts Point Out 15 Travel Scams Tourists Should Watch Out For

Many people love to travel and go on long trips and vacations. Traveling and going to a new city is very exciting for some individuals. Being on vacation, however, can mean that many people are "carefree" and relaxed, which can leave people open to being taken advantage of and even scams and tricks. Thankfully, one TikTok user is sharing info. on some major scams we all need to know about.

Chiara is here to share some things you can avoid.

Always ask for the menu in Rome, Italy's restaurants.

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In Rome, many restaurants try to get you to order things without seeing a menu by verbally telling you what the restaurant has. However, they do this to make you get something without looking at the menu so that you don't know the price and they can double it.

People in Dubai try to sell you fake gold.

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"It's really popular to buy gold souk, but a lot of unregistered stores will sell you fake gold at too good of a price for it to actually be real gold. Make sure that the store has a registered number."

Careful of fake policemen in Madrid, Spain.

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In Madrid, at night, people dress up and pose as police officers trying to "check wallets" for "fake Euros." When you give them your wallet, they will steal your real Euros and flee. Make sure you don't give anyone your wallet.

Beware of the Rosary Lady in Spain.

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"The lucky rosary: an older gypsy lady will come up to you with a rosary and as soon as she gets the chance she's going to start telling you your fortune. As soon as she's done she's going to ask you to pay between €5-€25. Avoid this scam by just not letting her give you the rosary and walking away."

Card readers are big in London, U.K.

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In London, many people in crowded places have been scamming tourists by using a contactless card reader. They brush up against people in crowded areas and get their card information in order to then use it to spend money. Always keep your bag close and your cards closer.

In Korea, fake monks are a big scam.

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"In the streets, you might run into fake monks. These people will offer you a 'lucky amulet' or a good luck charm and in return ask for a donation. They can also show you a picture of a temple and a book full of names of donors that can influence how much money you want to give them."

In Dubai, the taxi drivers may try to rob you for more money.

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"When you're taking a taxi, make sure it has a meter. A lot of the times they'll tell you that it's not working or that they don't have one. That's just because they're trying to charge you more."

Money scams

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Many people in China realized that travelers don't know what the Chinese yuan looks like up close. So, when you go to exchange money, they will try to give you fake yuan so that they can keep your money for themselves.

Watch your money in Istanbul, Turkey.

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If you are out to eat and you're about to pay the bill, a scam is when a musical group comes up to play "live music." We all get distracted seeing the band come up, but restaurants do this to distract you and get more money from you for the bill by stealing the change.

In China, careful of the tea house scam.

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"A beautiful man or woman will come up to you in the street and invite you for a cup of tea. Most of the time they're just promoting a cafe. Once you go in and place an order without seeing the menu (of course), they leave and you're stuck paying more than a $100 worth of yuan."

Watch out for ticket scams in London.

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"This scam is around music festivals. Around the Wembley arena, or around the Roundhouse, people will sell you fake tickets to enter the music venue. Avoid scalpers and just try to get the tickets online."

Paying for way more than you actually ordered in Argentina.

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The cabaret scam is popular in Buenos Aires, Argentina, apparently. A "beautiful woman" may come down the street and offer you to go have a great time at the cabaret. Before you know it, you're being billed for things you didn't even get or order. And, they'll make you pay.

Never travel alone in Mexico City.

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In Mexico City, there are a lot of fake taxis that are run by local criminals who have gotten their hands on a taxi somehow. Chiara says that they have been known to sexually abuse passengers, and some are even kidnappers.

Don't get your shoes shined in Turkey.

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"Shoe cleaners: a lot of times an older man will be walking in front of you and 'accidentally' drop a brush. If you pick it up, he'll offer you to clean your shoes. You're going to think that's free, but nothing is free."

Careful with your drinks in Dubai.

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"Spiked drinks are very common. Because of the laws of extramarital affairs being very strict, the court might not always have your back if something happens, so keep an eye on your drink at all costs."

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