13 Problem-Solving Products We Needed, Like, Yesterday

Who here loves solving problems? I'll raise my hand first. No matter whether the issue is big or small, there are always clever solutions to fix it.

That's why I'm always on the lookout for products that help me navigate through life. So I thought it would be helpful to share some of my favorites with you. Check them out.

1. These Gap Covers

Who here has some gaps between their appliances and the walls? There are so many crumbs that can get in there. Am I right? Well, perhaps it's time you invest in these counter gap covers that work like a charm.

2. This Laptop Cooling Pad

Since I'm a writer, I spend a lot of time typing on my laptop, and it does get very warm sometimes. So my dad got me this cooling pad, and I literally swear by it. Get it! It's really worth it.

3. These Rug Grippers

Is your rug always moving? You have to be careful, or you might slip. So why risk it? Just get yourself these awesome rug grippers that adhere to the floor, and voilĂ , problem solved. I love this idea.

4. These Footwear Deodorizers

Let's be frank, our feet can stink after a workout, and so will our footwear after a while. So instead of putting up with the funk, invest in these handy footwear deodorizers you can easily stick inside all your stinky shoes.

5. These Silicone Baking Mats


Are you a baker? Well, if you bake a lot, then you should already have these sweet silicone baking mats. The best part about them is that they keep your goods from sticking, and they're reusable.

6. This Styling Tool Mat

I don't know about you, but I'm always putting my styling tools on the counter. It's not a great idea, I know. So to protect them from falling into the sink, get this chic-looking grooved mat.

7. These Fridge Liners

My fridge is always stacked with fresh fruits and vegetables. So after a while, it does get dirty inside. I should definitely look into getting these fridge liners. They sure make everything look pretty, no?

8. These Furniture Socks

How many times have you lifted your chair only to realize you made a scratch on the floor? Ouch! That doesn't look good, huh? It won't be a problem anymore when you put these furniture socks on. Am I right?

9. These Silicone Furniture Corner Protectors

If you have a toddler who keeps bumping into your furniture or you're clumsy like me, you need these corner protectors. There will be no more feeling paranoid or suffering from ugly bruises. I need those ASAP, ha, ha.

10. These Wool Dryer Balls

Do you want your laundry to dry faster and come out softer? Then ditch those softener sheets. What you should get instead are 100% wool dryer balls. All my clothes come out softer and less wrinkled now, too.

11. This Sink Splash Guard

Let me ask you a question: does your man do the dishes? Mine does them, and I love that, but there's always so much water splashed all over, ha, ha! So, I should definitely invest in this sink splash guard.

12. This Cord Organizer

I have to admit I'm not the best when it comes to cord organization. I have cables all over my desk. So I shouldn't just preach but practice it, too. I'm getting this cord organizer ASAP, ha, ha!

13. This Shopping Cart Coin

Isn't it annoying when you're about to go grocery shopping, but you don't have a coin for the cart? Did you know that you can actually buy a fake plastic coin like this on Amazon that does the trick? Aha!

I realize these might be small problem-solvers.

But I think they can still help a lot, especially when you're busy running your household and whatnot. So do you rely on products that help you be more productive throughout the day? If you answered, "yes" then please do share them with all of us.