31 Strange Signs That Prove The World Wants To Keep Us On Our Toes

If life were just one big easy ride then where would be the fun in that? Well, it'd probably be a lot more fun actually, but let's not focus on that okay!?

So, from people whose gravestones made us think twice to individuals who made shocking scientific discoveries in the weirdest ways possible, here are 20 strange signs that prove the world wants to keep us on our toes!

Do You Value Your Fingers?

If anyone is still unsure about whether pigs do bite, one other person added, "7-year-old me found [out that pigs bite] standing on a fence with my foot sticking out over the trough, watching some hogs eat. One of them noticed my foot and...CHOMP! Hurt like [hell]. Good thing I had stout leather shoes on."

"Went to look at a University today. Saw this sign outside the Psychology building. I don't wanna know what goes on in that lab."

Reddit | Hippymarshmelloa

Call me crazy, but it seems as though they're going to be putting people asleep and then poking them with sharp sticks in that lab, right?

"I received my first letter from my brother after he moved halfway across the country."

This person's brother is using the US postal service for the purposes for which it was truly intended! What else could you possibly need to send a letter for in this day and age?

"I deliver for amazon, this came up halfway through my route. A little drastic I'd say."

This person really needs to work on their relationship with their cat. Does their cat just keep staring at them and licking its lips ominously?

"My cousins have Alopecia Universalis and an excellent sense of humor."

They really nailed the poses! One person also added, "Took a moment to see the guy in the middle but holy cow did I NOT see the kid for ages. Even when wondering why only two mannequins had a maskā€¦"

"What a relief!"

That cat looks like it would be very fond of biting people! I wonder if it has a name? I'd give it a day before this "cat" is running the house, with its saviour and their dog barricaded in the back room.

"This pug - husky mix is the most intense derp you will ever see."

If I were to walk passed this dog in the street then I would naturally just assume it was some sort of puppet, it doesn't look real after all. It is pretty cute though regardless!

"To those who said, 'In other news, water is wet.' Well, it is infact 'moist'."

It is an absolute crime that they never called it a "Moistometer"! How could they not come up with that name? It's obviously the best option!

"In a brief lapse in judgement, I asked what the difference between left and right tampons were."

Fortunately, this person now realises that they are for different flow and not "left" and "right," whatever the latter implies. At least they won't make this mistake again.

"Got nervous just looking at this sign..."

Seems as though the Chillingham Wild Cattle are anything but Chill. Also, was the little streak of blood really necessary? Anyone who goes near these cattle after seeing this sign needs their head checking.

"Be right back, just taking the stairs."

So, if you are thinking of getting in this elevator then don't move a muscle, don't even breathe while it is in motion! Maybe they just want more people to take the stairs as a health initiative?

"We can park here, right?"

Jesus, how much trouble were they having with people parking here for the local council to think that this was an appropriately measured response? I feel as though this would just make me want to park there even more as well.

"My wife found this on one of her tables today at work."

Some people will do absolutely anything to get out of doing any math whatsoever, both adults and kids alike! Everyone has a calculator on their phone nowadays so this was particularly lazy.

"Local Wendy's meets its end."

Those "now hiring" stickers have never been more important! They are that desperate now that all you need to do is walk in, head behind the counter, and bang you're hired! There is no one there to tell you that you can't work there after all.

"Sign out the front of my house."

I wonder whether there is a particularly aggressive species of bird that is around here or if there is one bird who is just a real asshole. I like the latter more, and I am not sure why.

"The struggle of being a Southeast Asian in the Netherlands."

Tall people from across the world flocked to this image, sharing their own struggles, with one writing, "As a 6'4" man, I submit that I have the opposite problem in most bathrooms, everywhere. I get a nice view of my chest, sometimes, my chin."

"This sign was placed behind a European gas station frequented by international truckers."

I am sure that there would be some people who would simply see this as a challenge. Although, some others were more confused by the fact that the guy is wizzing with his hand on his hips, does anyone actually do that?

"The worst part is no explanation."

Someone actually did manage to zoom in enough and see something underneath the sign. They explained: "It says 'do not go beyond this point unless you have a something something' - possibly 'hunting muffin' but I think I may be wrong there." I wish I had a hunting muffin.

"No. Not that one."

One person did suggest, "Plot Twist: Betty white was the name of their chicken that got run over by a tractor." Life would be even more exciting if this sort of thing was really what had happened, a 57 year old chicken existing I mean.

"Found this one on vacation."

Thank God they put a picture on there as well, if they hadn't put that on then I would have assumed that this was just a lie! Maybe they should actually deal with the hornets instead of just sacrificing their entire terrace.

Make a friend today!

"Money can't make you rich, life makes you rich." - Boy Meets World.

That's very much the energy I'm getting from this sign. Make a friend today and learn some sick moves while you do.

"What's up doc?"

I don't like that the headline on this Reddit post was from Bugs Bunny because I don't want to associate him with butt plugs.

"Owner must be frustrated by the frequency of pool 'mishaps''

I feel very bad for whoever has to clean the pool, or whoever has to go inside the pool for that matter.

I can't imagine being around if something would go down like that...

"Read it, get knowledge about invisible cows."

I kind of like the idea of invisible cows, maybe not in execution but the idea of it is very appealing.

I would also love to have one that I can ride around on. That would be cool.

Makes sense.

I mean, the sign is clear and direct at least. No one can argue with it. It is what it is.

It's not open because it's closed. Thanks for clearing all of that right up.


As a lover of animals, I'm very into this bumper sticker for both the pun and the truth behind it.

Who doesn't like a good frog? Heathens, I say.

At least they're honest.

Hopefully, customers will be nice enough to make sure that they listen to the sign and don't step out of line.

I wouldn't want to be the one who gives someone else an allergic reaction.

"Good thing they’re not an academy of proofreading."

Reddit | expletive

In case you can't spot it, the word that they misspelled is "turoting" which should be "tutoring".

Well, better luck next time. If they're lucky, no one noticed it!

I'll pass.

I don't know about you guys, but this is not a sign that will get me hungry.

In fact, it'll do the exact opposite. Drive right past it as fast I possibly can.

This makes complete sense.

No one is more confident than a child in any superhero getup, I can promise you that.

If we can all achieve that same confidence, nothing in the world can stop us.

"This made my entire day."

That small sign and then the power of the two or more U-HAUL's in back of it?

That is rebelling against the man if I have ever seen it. Wow. Stunning.

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