14 Cooking Disasters That Somehow Made Us Laugh And Cry At The Same Time

I have to admit I, too, have had my share of cooking fails, especially when starting out. Whether it was over-seasoning with salt, under-seasoning, or flat out burning something, I've done it all.

So I can sympathize with those who tried hard but sadly failed miserably. Let's shed a tear and perhaps share a laugh at the expense of these poor souls here.

1. This Pasta Disaster

Um, excuse me? Doesn't this person realize stoneware is meant to be used inside the oven and not on the stovetop? Apparently, they didn't read the cooking instructions. Instead, they just went ahead anyway. I do feel bad for them.

2. This Terrible Dumpling Attempt

If you've ever made dumplings from scratch, you know how painstakingly hard it can be. I can attest to that, having made Japanese gyozas before. However, I have no idea what actually went wrong here. This doesn't look good, huh?

3. This Sad Effort

Leave it to this man to try to surprise his wife by baking a birthday cake for her. Awe, at least he tried. Am I right? He should get some brownie points for that, no? Ha, ha!

4. These Burned Pop-Tarts

You know you're one crappy cook when you manage to burn pop-tarts. I mean, they don't even require any cooking skills. All you literally have to do is insert them into your toaster and watch... so they don't burn.

5. This Terrible Carrot Cake

Seriously, folks, if you don't know how to bake, why even attempt to make a carrot cake from scratch? I'm pretty baffled by it. Even I'm smart enough to just get one from a bakery, ha, ha!

6. This Pressure Cooker Revenge

Word to the wise, perhaps it's best not to abuse your cooking appliances. Why? It's because one day they can really go on strike and exact revenge on you. OMG! I've never expected to see this type of disaster.

7. This Lasagna Fail

Somebody dared to call this poor cooking attempt a lasagna. The last time I checked, this didn't resemble anything of that sort, eh? They actually called it "Lasagne Ala Depressione." Yes, I do feel depressed just looking at it.

8. This Egg Mixture

This person was trying to be bold and ended up mixing his eggs with Worcestershire sauce. I don't know about you, but to me, this final dish looks more like dog food. Would the dog eat it, though?

9. These Murdered Ribs

A clever person who attempted to make ribs in their oven came up with a pretty accurate description of this cooking disaster. They called this poor excuse of a meal "Hell Done." LOL! I think they got that right.

10. This Failed Dinner Attempt

This person admitted that they tried to make dinner after many weeks of takeout. Perhaps they need a lesson on how to do it again because I'm pretty sure this won't suffice. Even the dish gave up, right?

11. This Unbelievable Scenario

Call me crazy but this might be why landlords demand a security deposit. Hmm, what in the world happened here? I guess we will never know, lol. But good luck trying to clean that up, buddy.

12. This Sneak Attack

This should serve as a warning to you — never turn your back on a cat in the kitchen. This lady did, and her kitty peed all over 20 cups of uncooked rice. Hey, at least it wasn't number 2.

13. This Incredible Melting Pot

Here's something I don't think I've ever seen before: somebody actually melted a pot. I had no idea that was even possible. But somehow, they managed to ruin it. Can you explain this phenomenon to me, please?

14. This Unhappy Accident

I think you would cry too if you spilled a container full of cooked chickpeas. Oh no! That clean-up isn't going to be that much fun, huh? That poor man. I think he should just go home early, no?

Wow, oh wow! Here I thought I had seen my share of cooking disasters, but no!

These poor attempts in the kitchen deserve some kind of medal. Don't you think? Confess to me, have you ever done anything as crazy as these examples here? I would love to know.