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19 People Share Dark Secrets They Keep From Their Partner

You'd like to think that people tell their partners everything.

The good, the bad, and the definitely ugly. But there are just some skeletons in the closet that are too dark to utter out loud.

Well, if they won't tell them, they'll at least tell the internet!

Here, 19 people share the darkest secrets they keep from their partners. Shh.

The regretful father.

The father of this Redditor's ex once shared words that should never be said out loud.

He said, "if he could go back in time, he would never have dated her mother and have kids with her." The timing was also extremely off, as they were on vacation with the whole family.

The hot brother.

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"I've never told him that the reason why dinners with his family feel kind of awkward sometimes is because I am painfully attracted to his brother." - u/QuiveringQuim. The good news is they said they would never act on it.

The almost-affair.

This guy never told his wife that her mother tried to have sex with him. Yikes!

He said it happened early in their marriage when they were living with her mother who had recently gotten divorced. She was emotionally fragile and drunk when she came onto him.

The gigolo.

"I hooked up with a professor of mine in college and after that she would pimp me out to her colleagues. That’s not the label she would have given it, but that’s what it was." - u/Thejibblies

Their dark past.

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"Exactly how bad of a person I used to be before I met her. She knows I was into the drugs and some other dumb [expletive], but she doesn't know the depths of depravity I delved to in order to fit in with the people I mistakenly wasted my time with." - u/boondockslasher

The breakdown.

"I had a total mental breakdown in 2017 caused by stress. Never told anyone, it's the worst my mental health has ever been and I'm afraid of getting like that again and not getting help." - u/sid_capivara

The depression.

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While this Redditor's partner knows that she suffers from depression, he doesn't know the extent of it. She's afraid of unloading her "crazy" on him, so she keeps the dark thoughts and feelings to herself.

The fetish.

"For most of my early 20s I used a fetish hookup website. I have done some real weird [expletive] just to see if it did anything for me. A lot of it did but it wasn't particularly safe and I dodged a bullet not contracting STDs." - u/GandalfsHairyTaint

The anxiety attack.

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"I have anxiety attacks when my SO is away. We joke about me believing he's dead when I don't hear from him often enough, but it's real. Like hyperventilating, heart racing, crying, rocking back and forth-real." - u/serume

The scapegoat.

This one's pretty embarrassing. The Redditor shared that they once pooped in their partner's garage because they were waiting for them to come home and let them in. When she saw it, he blamed it on the raccoons.

The surprise breakup.

"That I've been planning my goodbyes for quite some time now. We've been in and out of this relationship many times across 5 years. I guess we really can't turn back from some mistakes." - u/Brakah

The child support.

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"Got someone pregnant in highschool, gave up custody so I wouldn't have to pay child support. They all died in a car crash 5 years later." - u/Joetho24. That's pretty messed up.

The cheater.


A few years ago, this Redditor cheated on his wife with her cousin. He tried to justify it by saying they were having problems and she had cheated multiple times. Still not okay!

The devil inside.

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"Deep inside I feel like I can commit the most cruel acts yet I have never done something like that. Feels like I’m one step away from hell and the only thing stopping me is my own will to live." - u/sickomodetoon

The regret.

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"That I truly regret having kids. If I could find a time machine, I’d go back in time and never have gotten pregnant. I’m exhausted beyond belief and parenting is literally not for me. I hate it." - u/camuhkazi

The hidden identity.

This Redditor shared that they are trans, but many things keep them in the closet.

This includes desperately wanting to be a parent of their own biological kids and how their secret would destroy what little family they both have left.

The one that got away.

"I think my ex was the one for me, but he didn’t feel the same so I had to let it go and now I’m just accepting what I got and not complaining. But deep down I miss my old life with him, and know I’ll never feel that way ever again." - u/Ancsee

The smoker.

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This person shared that they used to smoke at work behind their partner's back because they couldn't cope. This is significantly less dark than the other secrets on this list, but still something this person is keeping from their partner.

The best friend.

"I hooked up with a friend of his before we met. I knew they knew each other but never thought they were close, then months into the relationship my bf told me that he was one of the only true friends he has." - u/Majestic_Function694

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