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15 Kids Who Were Caught Being Super Weird

Kids are crazy, there's really no other way to put it. They're little balls of energy that have a dual talent for getting into trouble and driving their parents wild.

They also happen to be incredibly odd at the best of times. Have a look below and check out these 15 kids who were caught being super weird by their parents.

The practical applications for Vaseline are endless.

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"Once, I noticed that my 4-year-old daughter was really quiet in her room. So I peeked in and saw her on the floor putting Vaseline on her patent leather Mary Janes. I asked her what she was doing, and she said, 'Making my shoes shiny!'" - Reddit u/ISLANDMISS

A two-year-old boy tries talking to chicks.

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Reddit user mslm90 said that their aunt once walked in on their two-year-old cousin in the kitchen; cracked eggs all over the floor. Apparently, the boy had been putting the eggs to his ear and saying "hello." When he didn't get a response, he dropped the egg.

Just hook it to my veins!

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"My 3-year-old grandson loves sugar. Well, I woke up one morning to find him standing on the kitchen counter eating powdered sugar and also rubbing it all over himself. When I asked him why he was doing it, he said, 'This way, my body gets more sugar!'" - Reddit u/daunlander

"I used to catch my daughter licking her reflection in public spaces." - Reddit u/smileyk

When you say "public spaces," what exactly are we talking about here? Is this Reddit user saying that their daughter used to make a habit of licking the mirrors in restaurant restrooms?

There are more effective ways to kill a spider.

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"When my cousin was little, my uncle caught him peeing all over the bathroom one day, saying proudly, 'I got the spider!' Turns out, my cousin had seen a spider and decided to practice his aim by trying to pee on it!" - Reddit u/lilithstormgoddess

Imagine finding "poop bombs" underneath your bathroom sink.

Redditor quiveringmass said that they once found their daughter methodically filling cardboard tubes with her own feces. When she confronted her about it, the little girl said that she was making poop bombs.

You're in the dog house now.

"My mom's friend's daughter used to get caught pooping in the backyard. Apparently, the first time she did it, it was an accident and the dog ate it, so she thought that's what the dog ate. So she'd poop outside to 'feed the dog.'" - Reddit u/thelategreatnobody

Stickers are a parent's worst nightmare.

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Reddit user evar_1998 remembers giving their 1-year-old some stickers to play with while they sat on the toilet. When they came back to help them clean up, they discovered that the little girl had placed the stickers all over her body.

Welcome to medieval times!

"When I was 9 and my brother was 6, my dad would catch us running at each other with our arms out, screaming, 'WHOLE FOODS!' at the top of our lungs. Then we'd slam into each other, turn around, run the other way, and repeat the process." - Reddit u/DiscoDancingBookwormKitty

I'll take mine to go.

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When bleepblooopblop was three years old, they used to ask their mother to make them a ham and cheese sandwich. Only instead of eating it, they used to take it to their bedroom and hide it in their sock drawer.

Lego my eggo.

"Our 1-year-old loved being pantsless and loved the fridge. Well, one morning I opened the egg carton to make breakfast to find that he replaced every egg with a Lego brick..." - Reddit u/chrisf4f29b6d5c

Puberty truly is the most awkward stage.

Redditor Cougar33 wrote that they once walked in on their little brother rubbing a stick of deodorant all over his entire body. The kids supposedly had "the talk" in school that day but the teacher neglected the specifics of antiperspirant.

Nothing can stop the claw!

"I once caught my son inside one of those claw machines at a pizza place trying to get toys for himself and his brother. I still don't know how he did it!" - Reddit u/evfransham

When you can't go to the water park, the water park comes to you.

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Back when mslm90 and her best friend were little kids, they took bars of soap and soaked up the hallway floor. Once it was sufficiently sudsy, they slid on their stomachs like it was a Crocodile Mile.

Take a nice long whiff.

"Anytime my 5-year-old daughter gets something new in her hands — a shirt, a new toy, a book, a piece of tape, anything — we catch her sniffing it first thing." - Reddit u/beckyolson77