15 Things That Scared Millennials As Children For No Reason

Millennials are a scarred generation. We're the beta generation of the internet, yet the vast majority of us were too late to the game when it came to figuring out how to profit from it.

Not only that, but we were force fed countless lies and false facts that have plagued us and stayed with us even until today. Have a look at these 15 things that scarred millennials for no reason.

Flowers don't really want to eat you.

I can't say much about venus fly traps but I will say that after seeing Jumani as a kid — I was convinced that one of those giant yellow pod flowers would come and eat me in my sleep.

There's no way your face will ever get stuck like that.

Unsplash | Mor Shani

"Do parents still tell their kids “your face is going to get stuck like that” when they make ugly faces? Or was that only used to traumatize our generation?" - Twitter/@@DanzaMsBanana

That's not paranoia — that's just common sense.

I still check behind the curtain whenever I have a shower and under the bed before I go to sleep as well. I'm not so much expecting a murderer to be there as I am some kind of specter or ghastly ghoul.

You wouldn't be caught dead underneath a ceiling fan.

"When I was a little kid, I used to be scared that the ceiling fan would fall on me if I left it on while I was asleep." - Twitter/@AnnaHite

Why did literally every single movie have someone falling into quicksand?

There's a scene in the first live-action Jungle Book movie where one of the bad guys falls into a pit of quicksand and it is straight-up horrifying. I can't believe someone thought that showing a man slowly choking on the sand was something a child needed to see.

When people try and tell me that *Jaws* isn't a horror movie...

Do you know how people sharks kill on average every year? Roughly 14 people. Deer, cows, even domesticated dogs all have a greater body count. Yet for some reason, everyone is afraid of what may or may not be swimming beneath their feet — even in a pool!

Wait a second — silica packs *aren't* poisonous after all?!

What other lies did my mom have me swallow in my youth?! No joke, I literally lectured my fiancee just last week for not promptly throwing out the silica packs when our new lamp got delivered.

This was quite arguably the biggest waste of our time.

"Did anyone else as a kid, believe that when you got older you had to write in cursive all the time?" - Twitter/@CetkiWilliams

Absolutely everything that every teacher ever told us about cursive writing turned out to be a lie.

Remember when Y2K was influencing all of our pop culture?

It sounds silly to say now but in the mid-late 90s, there was a good chunk of the population who legitimately believed the world was going to end. With films like Armageddon and Deep Impact, it's no wonder a generation of kids grew up terrified of asteroids and meteorites.

How we all thought that we could spontaneously combust at any moment.

"Did anyone else think spontaneous human combustion would be more of a[sic] issue when they were a kid?" - Twitter/@samwitchttv

I swear that The X-Files and Unsolved Mysteries were the biggest trumpets for this crazed theory.

Mattress tags were absolutely not a joke.

This was a legitimate concern, especially considering that a good number of mattress tags threaten criminal charges should you remove the mattress tag. What most of us never realized was that this was for retail/fraud purposes.

The moon is moving with you.

"Who else believed that the moon tried to keep up with the car you were in when you were a kid?" - Twitter/@MyPowerTrip

Was this seriously a thing; did people actually believe this?

When we all though that watermelon seeds could grow in our belly.

I vividly remember this episode of Rugrats and I feel the exact same way. It's incredible how such a false fact can stay with you for so many years.

I wasn't afraid before but I'm terrified now.

"When you were younger did you fear falling asleep because you thought an earwig may infiltrate your ear, lay eggs in your brain and ultimately destroy you, or were you normal?" - Twitter/@maryycherryy

Why did it seem like skunks were constantly lurking around every corner?

I was absolutely terrified of one day having to sit in a bathtub while my mother dumped can after can of tomato juice on my head. I'd be interested to know where this irrational fear first sprouted legs.