15 Hilarious Jokes About Getting Older I Am Laughing And Crying At

Right now, we're older than we've ever been. With each passing day, the vast majority of us tend to get a little greyer, a little slower, and in my case — a little wider.

But aging doesn't have to be something we rage against; we can go quietly and gracefully into that good night. Have a look and check out these 15 hilarious jokes about getting older that I'm laughing (and crying) at.

The fact that people have been born after 2010 seems totally impossible.

I met my future brother-in-law's new girlfriend the other day and I was shocked to learn that she'd never seen Remember the Titans. After she explained to me that she was only 1-year-old when the film came out, I quickly understood why.

Let's start a riot.

The grocery store around the corner from me completely rearranged their store layout so that the frozen food/meat was the first thing you encountered after walking in. I was so upset that I asked to speak to the manager for the first time in my life.

All of a sudden time seems to speed up.

Times flies once you turn 25. All of a sudden months and years begin to pass as quickly as grains of sand falling in an hourglass. Not only that, but the ability to recall certain events begins to wane as well!

I put your picture away...

It's not that I don't like/care about your children. It's just that since I have none of my own, I tend to find their quirks and quarks rather pedestrian. Especially babies; like seriously — who cares.

When your taste buds grow up.

I used to love eating those purple, red, and orange FIZZ candies when I was little. I tried one at the corner store last week and I almost threw up all over the sidewalk.

Late nights become an impossibility.

When I was in my 20s, I used to stay up all night and more often than not would wind up waking the sun. If I were to skip my bedtime as a 33-year-old man, I'd be a wreck for the entire week.

When your taste in music is no longer appreciated.

The most ironic and funny aspect of this meme is that the majority of kids who would react in this way are also too young to be able to understand that this is a reference to Saving Private Ryan.

When you stop lying to make yourself older and start lying to make yourself younger.

I'm not exactly sure which "websites" this Reddit user wasn't able to use their actual age for but I think I understand the sentiment either way.

Everything comes full circle.

In all honesty, it's been a long time since I had to worry about sneaking out of a party. But I can still clearly remember leaving the bars early so that I wouldn't have to wait in a long line for post-bar poutine

You stop caring about the latest trends.

Trying to remain pop-culturally relevant into your 30s is exhausting. I myself much prefer to staunchly dig my heels into the ground and double down about how nowadays, everything sucks and nothing's quite as good as it once was.

When your body begins to betray you.

Just last month I got up off the couch, cleared my throat with a light cough, and then immediately doubled over and was unable to move for 25 minutes. It was the most humbling moment of my life.

Can you pay my bills?

There's a moment in between getting paid and realizing that all of that paycheck has already been accounted for that's truly blissful. It can almost make you think, if only for a second, that you actually have money to play with.

When you're too stubborn (and afraid) to go to the doctor.

Granted, I was much older than 17-years-old when I first began having knee problems. That said, now whenever I bend my left knee it sounds like someone shaking a can of rusty knuts and bolts.

Wait — they're two different people?!

Love them or hate them, there's no denying that the Paul brothers have made their mark on social media, as well as the boxing world at large. Here's to hoping that we finally see Jake get his comeuppance.

When it becomes harder and harder to stay awake during a movie.

When the sun goes down and the melatonin kicks in — all bets are off. I'm lucky if I can stay awake for the opening credits these days.

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