20 Signs That The World Was Not On Our Side Today

Everyone has a bad day from time to time, with some bad days being slightly more severe than others! However, people love to take to the internet to share their inconveniences of varying severity.

So, from people who lost rings in the weirdest of places to individuals struggling with how glue works, here are 20 signs that the world was not on our side today!

"Me and my mom failed to notice our car keys and bag hanging on the chair when we gorilla glued the top piece of the chair back on."

This is a spectacularly bone-headed move. Fortunately, this person did go on to say that them and their mother did manage to laugh at their mistake!

"On my way to the market I stepped in a bit of mud."

Maybe this person should have just stood into the mud with their other shoe as well. I mean, it just looks daft to have only one shoe covered in mud after all.

"The result of an angry ex?"

I actually think that you could make this aesthetic work, once you had cleared it off the windows and wheels of course. You could just try and palm it off as a special edition paint job.

"Spent 6€ trying to make these things fall. Only got a pic of this postmodern sculpture (and no food or drink)."

I like the idea that, had they kept going, they could have ended up with all of the stuff in there precariously balanced without falling and losing all of their life savings for nothing.

"Sunk my four wheeler while looking for my phone that also sunk."

Now I am just waiting for them to post an update about the Land Rover that they have sunk while trying to get out the four wheeler they sunk while looking for their sunken phone!

"Pigeon face-planted my bathroom window."

As far as bad omens go, this is a pretty terrible one to wake up to. Mornings can be hellish enough as it is without you having to be confronted by the imprint of a deceased pigeon as soon as you wake up.

Keep Your Wits, And Fingers, About You At All Times!

There is something unavoidably comical in the phrase, "We must all value our fingers," but I cannot figure out what it is. Also, who knew pigs were so hungry for flesh?!

"When you order chicken nuggets from McDonald's on JustEat and they send you a box of pickles!"

This surely must have just been a mixup. Although, who is the person out there ordering a box of pickles from McDonald's? Just get a Big Mac my guy!

"Be right back, just taking the stairs."

What kind of person is going into this elevator with a warning like that on it? I do not know what constitutes as "horseplay" but I wouldn't want to risk a ride in this.

"Someone smashed my window, I replaced it, immediately happened again. Hadn't even taken the sticker off it yet."

I think that the person who owns this van might have pissed off someone nearby. Might be time to invest in a CCTV camera.

"My dog took the squeaker out of her toy. It says 'Game over. Your dog won.'"

That dog looks as though she considers the game far from finished. Also, that dog has some incredible ears, it is a miracle that she needs eyes at all!

"Accidentally kicked this off of a 6 inch ledge onto a shag carpet. WHY?!"

This looks like it would somehow be even more annoying than trying to clean up glitter. However, one person did suggest, "Put a sock on the end of your vacuum."

"Rip friendzone..."

If they are just going to waste, then someone should probably take them and give them to a random stranger. Sure, it could be a bit weird, but it could also make someone's day out of the blue.

"Ok so don't pet anything, sounds pretty lame."

What a shame, rattlesnakes are such loving, safe animals to be around as well! I wonder how many people got bitten by rattlesnakes here before they had to put this sign up?

"Someone is in for a rough afternoon."

I think that the person who owns this car will get this memo. Just hope that the plastic doesn't melt to the car's paint, good job they did this on an overcast day!

"Someone locked my bike with their own bike lock."

A lot of people said that they would have cut it off as this seems like a way for the other person to come back and steal your bike after dark.

"Donate to help end children!"

"Hey, I'm here to help end children."

"Oh, you mean you're here to help end the victimization of Florida's children, right?"

"Look, I know what I said, now are you going to take my help or not?"

The Conundrum Of The Missing Ring...

"For a month, I thought I lost my wedding ring on a cross country road trip. I called gas stations, pawn shops, searched lost and found post. Finally, I gave up ever seeing it again when we realized it was under my husbands deodorant!" explained the beleaguered individual who posted this.

"Well, it is not a good idea to clean the screen of the Macbook with glass cleaner."

Another person who had tried to clean their laptop unsuccessfully added, "And it is not safe to use brake cleaner on the keyboard either. Do not ask how I know."

"I can't find the culprit that left this in my house."

Just to add insult to injury, another person pointed out, "If you have a snake in the house, you have an insect/rodent problem. And before you say, 'I don't have rodents in my house!' you haven't seen them because you have a snake in the house."

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