15 Weird Things People Found In Their Airbnb

Traveling is one of the most rewarding and fulfilling things that a person can do with their free time. However, finding a nice spot to stay doesn't come cheap.

More and more, people are turning to Airbnb as an alternative to offset high hotel prices. Have a look at these 15 weird things people found in their Airbnb.

A penny for your thoughts?

The floors at this Airbnb are lined with money — no, literally. Those aren't tiny bronze tiles, they're actually individual pennies that have been stuck together. I can only imagine how long this must have taken.

This is what a true Super Host looks like.

I've stayed at a lot of Airbnbs over the years but I've never once encountered a host who offered me free weed. Clearly, I need to visit Oregon on a more regular basis if this is the kind of hospitality one can expect.

This house has a house on its chimney.

Not just any old house but an exact scale replica of the house in the picture! I don't know why that creeps me out but it most definitely does. I've always hated doll houses...

When up is down and down is up.

Instead of throwing away dozens of perfectly good doors, this host decided to repurpose them and make a unique ceiling all their own.

Is it just me or is anyone else getting serious Alice in Wonderland vibes?

This one's out to pasture.

What exactly constitutes a horse-themed Airbnb? Do they have pictures of horses everywhere; is it on a horse ranch; do you perhaps have your own miniature pony to snuggle with until your heart's content?! I have to know.

Where in the world are you?

This Airbnb host had a map of the world placed on the wall of the apartment. The idea was for guests to leave a pin in order to signify which city/country they happened to be from.

That's one squeaky clean couch.

You might be thinking to yourself "that's one odd-looking couch!" Well, you're not wrong because it isn't actually a couch at all, but rather a bathtub someone has cut in half. it also looks horribly uncomfortable.

Say cheese!

I know that there's probably a good number of people who would find this sort of thing charming or even cool. But for me, I wouldn't be able to sleep at night. A wall of cameras would be the perfect way to sneak a hidden camera to spy on guests.

Why did the chair wear socks?

So that its feet wouldn't get cold, duh! Putting my bad jokes aside, more than likely this person has fastened socks to the chair so as not to scratch up the hardwood flooring. That, or they just thought it was really cute?

Absolutely no fun allowed.

I understand the no smoking cigarettes or marijuana, but an $800 fine just for having fun seems a bit counterintuitive. The whole point of renting an Airbnb is to have fun, and how exactly would the hosts enforce these fines?

When Monopoly is life.

One of the biggest faults of the game monopoly is that it was always too easy to flip over when you inevitably became filled with rage after hours of playing. By turning your kitchen table into a makeshift monopoly board, you solve the problem.

A room for dolls.

This literally looks like a room for serial killers. i would bet beyond a shadow of a doubt that somewhere in that room there's a hidden camera feed leading to a dark abandoned room somewhere in the building.

A bust of a butt.

I suppose the first and most logical question is — whose butt is this? And why would someone go through all the trouble of immortalizing someone's posterior? There are just too many questions I don't know where to begin.

An elephant tea kettle.

"Definitely an elephant-shaped tea pot! The elephant's back was the lid and the tea could be poured from its trunk. It was my first Airbnb apartment ever so it was even more memorable." - Reddit u/simfromeurope

Have you ever seen a Jeff Goldblum shower curtain?

I don't know how I feel about having a giant Jeff Goldblum peeking in on me while I'm taking a shower. And what's with the sad gorilla on the front; is this some kind of movie reference that I'm not getting?