14 Upcycling Projects That Inspired Us To Pick Things Up From The Curb

There's nothing better than a good upcycle.

We love upcycling over here — the weirder, the better. For these projects, people decided to take things they found on the side of the road (or at the thrift store) and turn them into gorgeous pieces for their homes. No flipping here!

This free table became a centerpiece!

I can't believe someone actually managed to make something out of that table base! The glass looks so great, and the chairs match perfectly. Loving the vibes here.

This bed bench is so cute!

"Found a trunk at a garage sale and couldn’t help myself - this is my first time upholstering and it was a great learning experience." It looks great!

Goodbye, filing cabinet!

"I bought these drawers for £1 2 months ago and I’ve been trying to get rid of them ever since. Nobody wanted them so I upcycled them instead!"

Honestly, I like this so much better.

That cherry colored wood is one of my least favorite colors. I deeply hate it on furniture and on floors, you guys. But as an accent to this new bench? I'm for it.

These cabinets are stunning!

"I got some free bedside cabinets online and made them into the perfect nightstands for my room!"

I love that they added gold leaf to the top and sides!

Well this is crazy.

"Found an old piano with severe water damage. Would‘ve been a pity to throw it away." Sure! You know how you just casually create works of art for your home out of old pianos, right?

Patio space: upgraded.

Those Adirondack chairs had definitely seen better days. Some sanding, primer, and paint not only brought them back to life, but the paint color gave them a funky edge! I love when people paint their own stuff weird colors. I mean, why not?

Loving the dog here.

"I got this vintage drinks cabinet on Facebook, stripped the chalk paint off and found a beautiful veneer underneath. I’m really happy with it!" God, that chalk paint was tragic!

This table looks so much better.

This is a really fun makeover! I love when people choose to do actual art on their furniture. This was done using alcohol ink and silver foil!

This table got some serious legs.

From a junker to a mid-century dream! Those hairpin legs really give the whole unit a fresh, fun look, but I am dying over those gold accents!

The talent here is amazing!

"Found this vintage file cabinet for $11 at a thrift shop and knew I had to buy it. After cleaning and sanding the wood, I painted the whole cabinet white and added a hand-painted design to the sides."

Okay, I now see the upsides of chalk paint.

This was a childhood dresser that got refinished to become a grown-up dresser! I love that they removed the drawers to make a cute little cubby for displaying things!

Who doesn't need a fancy bar in their home?

I don't even drink and I totally want one — this one specifically. I am all about that wallpaper along the back! The new trim along the front is really nice, too.

This couch is to die for.

It took three rounds of cleaning to get this couch back to pristine condition, but boy was it worth it. Look at how beautifully that gold shines now!