30 People Whose Moves Are Downright Baffling

No matter how much we sometimes wish we could, we can't control the actions of others. Every single person is a unknown, wild variable in our lives, and one simple decision on their end can change our lives forever.

Or, sometimes, their decisions can just confuse us. Be it through improper usage or strange designs, here are some moves people made that are downright baffling.

"The way my wife loaded the dishwasher."

Do you know waterfall showerheads? The ones that are directly above you and pour water straight down rather than at an angle? Maybe your wife thinks you guys have a waterfall dishwasher. Hopefully that's the reasoning behind this.

"These people are driving down a busy street while holding onto their dog’s tail."

Shiba Inus are rambunctious dogs with a lot of energy and a pretty big attitude, it can be hard to stop them from doing whatever crazy thing they want to do. However, this situation has a very clear answer. Just roll up your windows.

"My sister opened a box of tissues like this."

Was your sister in an inconsolable rage that could only be quelled through aggression and violence? Or was she maybe piloting a mech suit that lacked both the gentleness and articulation needed to properly open a box of tissues?

"Clueless idiots who walk down the MIDDLE of the road to their car. This has gone on for over a minute."

I'd suggest laying on the horn, but based on the tone in your title there, I'm going to guess you've already done that.

How people can just not notice that they're holding up traffic is beyond me. Or maybe they simply don't care.

"This guy parking in three spaces in a small apartment parking lot."

That truck has clearly been through enough with all those dings and scratches, the owner is just trying to protect it, give a bit of a break for a while.

"My delivery confirmation photo. The bag was gone when I got down there."

Them sending this as a confirmation photo really adds insult to injury, huh? At least you have perfect evidence of someone not following instructions and can hopefully get a refund with it.

"“Chicken pizza.”

You just know this was served at some too-expensive, hyper-modern restaurant that just opened downtown that everyone's been raving about for its 'simplistic menu' and 'unique displays'. This pizza will run you $30, will taste like cardboard, and it'll be cold by the time it gets to you.

"I went to get bread butter and cheese and someone in this house put a CAKE like this."

It doesn't look like the cake has any icing on the sides, right? maybe there was no other room and they thought this would work? I'm trying really hard to defend this, but it's diffcult.

A never-ending cycle.

Reddit | X_PRSN

This display was given context by the uploader: "Every few weeks at work, someone brings in a banana and leaves it in the break room until it turns black and eventually starts to rot. I throw it out, another one appears, and the cycle continues…"

"The signature work of my dad at my aunts’ house."

It's nice when people have a signature style or something that makes their work really stand out from the rest. Usually, anyway. In the case of your dad, he should work to become less unique as soon as possible.

"My neighbors are dog phobic and we have 2 wonderful loving dogs. This is OUR fence on our side of the property line."

I've got the sneaking suspicion they weren't hanging or reinforcing anything on that fence and just drilled those screws in plain. That's alright, though, you can just grind them down without saying anything in return.

"How my husband cut this pizza. Do I… do I stay married??"

Oof, that's a tough question to answer. Think about how this could translate into other areas of your life, though. Not very good at planning, creates awkward scenarios for others. Did he apologize for what he did? That's a big factor.

"How my mom cut the cake."

Wow, okay. I thought that pizza was bad, but this is a whole new level. How does this even happen? How butchered was that first slice where the only solution was to do this to the rest of the cake? Does no one feel remorse these days?

"C'mon, you had all that room available."

This plan only really works if there's someone still sitting inside, but just walk right into it. Fall over, be dramatic about it. Look confused and trace the line of the sidewalk with your finger until it leads to their car, then make eye contact with the driver. Make it obvious how in the wrong they are.

"Someone at work labeled the milk as expired instead of throwing it out."

The debate this photo caused in the comment section of the original post was surprisingly heated. Topics discussed include whose job it is to throw out the milk, the consequences of not throwing out the milk, and whether or not this was too passive-aggressive for the workplace.

"The way my boyfriend’s family stored [their] pizza."

Nuh uh. There's no way. This isn't real, right? This is a cruel joke you're playing on the internet? It better be. What sick beasts would do this to store a frozen pizza? It's taking up more room now than it would have if you laid it flat!

"Roommate throws away dishes so he won’t have to do them (I bought all our dishes and silverware)."

It's incredibly easy to tell who in your life has had it easy growing up by how willing they are to replace doing chores with spending more money.

No one likes doing dishes, but we still do them because replacing a dish every time it was dirty would be the most financially irresponsible habit you could pick up.

"The bathroom door in our hotel room."

The word 'glass' should never even come near a bathroom design plan unless you're discussing the shower. I don't even like glass shelves. Too much glass in one room and I start to feel like a bull in a China shop.

"My little brother did this to our dinner after he was told he could not skip swim team"

Disappointment is tough to learn to live with, and we've probably all acted out because of it before. Not sure how ruining everybody's dinner — including your own — really makes the situation any better, however.

"This 3rd grade math problem."

No matter how many times you read this one, it never quite gets to the point were you can actually solve it correctly. Some third-graders are going to tear their hair out trying to get it right.

"I ordered a baconator fry from Wendy’s and got 6 cooked hamburger patties instead and I don’t know what to do with myself."

You know, we all make boneheaded mistakes sometimes, but this really takes the, uh, patty. How do you get an order this wrong? There's literally only one element of a baconator there, and it's not even the best part.

"Failed the only mission she was given..."

And it wasn't even as if that mission was terribly difficult. All she had to do was...nothing. Just not show him, as requested. Pretty simple. Which makes that decision baffling.

"People doing this on train"

As if putting your feet up on the public seat with your shoes on wouldn't be bad enough, bare feet is just nasty. How often do you think those seats get cleaned? That's gotta be some kind of bacteria stew you're inviting into your toes, and contributing even more to.

"How my stepfather chooses to dispose of his cans for weeks at a time before cleaning them up."

Other people might need to use that sink from time to time, you know! And just imagine the smell that must be coming off that area. I'm gonna be sick.

"Cups designed with tiny grips."

I've always wondered what the design ethic is behind these? I don't have beautifully slender model fingers, I have little breakfast sausages, these cups are entirely unusable to me unless I burn myself holding it from the bottom. Just give me some ice and a straw instead.

"All the weights... just for me!"

I really don't understand people who do this. You've clearly already made multiple trips to the weight rack, so why not return the ones you're done with when you go to grab new ones? It's so easy!

"This rear exit to the local grocery store"

Not what anybody expects from a trip to the grocery store. And does that door swing outwards, too? This setup is just a lawsuit waiting to happen. An easily preventable lawsuit waiting to happen.

"After 17 years of my life I finally notice this in my house."

I have a conspiracy theory that people who lay tiles do these sorts of things on purpose sometimes. Just to sow a little chaos, to feel like they've really left an evil mark on the world that will remain for years, decades even.

"Straight up built a barricade on the emergency doors at a thrift store I visit"

How does anybody get away with barricading emergency exits? Seriously, somebody should be fired over this — before an actual fire breaks out. There can't be any good justification for it.

"3 ladders roped and ratcheted together"

A person can do some pretty amazing things with just ropes and ratchet straps. But you wouldn't catch me standing on even the first rung of this contraption. Call me when you've set up some proper scaffolding, or maybe a scissor lift.