15 Scars That Were Turned Into Stunning Tattoos

The one thing that all of us have in common is that we all have scars. For some of us, they're harder to see while others a forced to wear them on their sleeve like a badge of honor.

Now, instead of having to deal with self-conscious feelings, people are getting creative when it comes to covering them up. Have a look at these 15 scars that were turned into stunning tattoos.

A rose by any other name.

The initial incision was clearly done with care and skill by the surgeon. It made turning this abdominal scar into a gorgeous long-stemmed rose all the easier. A little splash of color would really liven it up.

A gorgeous bouquet of flowers.

Clearly, this person has had some type of knee surgery in the past, and judging by the scars — perhaps more than one. I'm all for the decision to turn what perhaps may have been an unsightly blemish into a beautiful bouquet.

It's as if it was never there in the first place.

this is the kind of tattoo that makes you really appreciate the skill and artistry that goes into the work. I'm positively in love with the hues of blue and purple.

Look into my eye.

This one is pretty freaking epic. Upon first glance, I thought it was Sauron's all-seeing eye. But upon closer inspection, I'm now wondering if this isn't supposed to be a dragon's eye? What do you think?

A beautiful new beginning.

I love the idea of covering up a scar with a butterfly. The image of the butterfly or moth has long been associated with change or growth. I love a good metaphor and this is one of the better ones I've seen.

The one who holds the conch, holds the power.

Is it weird that whenever I see a conch shell I immediately think back to high school and "Lord of the Flies"? That, and of course The Little Mermaid.

I wonder what that says about me as a person?

Not Queen, not Duke, not Prince...

If you started singing "If I Were King Of The Forest" from The Wizard of Oz, then you're my kind of person. In all seriousness though, I'm blown away by how lifelike the lion in this tattoo looks.

And from the cracks the flowers bloomed.

I can only imagine that given the location of this scar that it wasn't exactly easy to conceal or cover-up. now, it's a beautiful memento that this user can proudly display to the world everywhere she goes.

Zip it up, zip it out.

I've got nothing against flowers but it's nice to see someone with a unique perspective every now and again. I also like the idea of having it unzipped, almost as if this person is choosing to show their scar to the world.

Putting the scars of the past behind you.

Instagram | @carlosornelastattoo

Normally, I'm not an advocate for tattoos on the head or neck area. But given the special circumstance, I think that I can make an exception. The nice thing too is that you could build or extend upon what's already there down the road.

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

No part of your body is ugly. You just simply aren't looking at it in the right light. Sometimes, a fresh perspective and a new set of eyes can show us the beauty that was hiding in plain sight all along.

My little pony.

I'm not going to lie, when I first saw the unicorn tattoo — I thought that it was farting out rainbows! Which would have made it way better, if I'm being honest, but I still think it's pretty good despite.

We're all perfectly imperfect.

"Judge me when you are perfect" are words we should all live by. I'm an especially big fan of the lilies. I never understood why so many people associate them with funerals and death — they're so pretty?

Spread your wings.

Conor McGregor is that you?! in all seriousness, you can't help but admire the dedication it must have taken to sit and ink this on your chest. I myself would've gone slightly smaller but to each their own.

Peacock feathers framing a spinal scar.

If I'm being completely honest — I'm deathly afraid of peacocks. but seeing their beautiful feathers beautifully woven between this spinal scar makes me think that peacocks may not be so bad after all.