20 Clever Things I Wish Would Become A Lot More Common

Every now and then, you may end up seeing something really clever. A cool design, or a bright idea, or even something you just didn't think of before. Either way, you may want more of it in your life.

I think these pictures show some pretty clever stuff. I'd definitely like to see these kinds of things more often in the world.

"A snack mix I got has all the suits of a playing card deck."

I didn't know I needed card suit-themed pretzels until this very moment. But now that I've seen them, there's no going back. This is probably the best thing I've seen in a long time, and that's saying something.

Can I have these now? Please?

"Our hotel’s valet tag has all the local radio stations for people from out of town."

This should be a thing literally everywhere. Some people love listening to the radio, but may not know the local stations if they're visiting from out of town. So simple, and yet so effective.

"Airplane sink drains at Minneapolis airport."

I'm a huge fan of decorations that fit the theme of the place they're in, so this is right up my alley. Airplane drains at an airport? Sign me up!

Now we just have to do this in more places. Like grocery store drains that are shaped like apples or something.

"We need more of this."

You know, sometimes having someone to talk to is really important. Even if that someone is a stranger you met on the street. This kind of decency has been missing from the world lately, so we should try and bring it back in a big way.

This adorably polite Keurig that needs more water.

Someone programmed this coffee machine to be a polite little lad, and I couldn't be happier about it. I don't know why, but I just think that this concept is really nice; it almost feels like the Keurig is a little friend.

"The way they packaged this box..."

I'm torn by this. Is it clever, or is it just weird. Because I feel like this padding on the outside would be really useful.

Then again, if there's no padding on the inside, would it really be that good of an idea...?

"This hospital I'm at has a small putting green out back."

Hospitals are high-stress areas. Golf courses generally aren't that stressful to be in. So having a place to destress this close to a hospital... actually seems like a really good idea. Maybe we should be putting these kinds of things in more hospitals.

"My coworker finally got every states license plate on the back of his truck."

I feel like we all need a spot to keep old license plates from every state. It's probably the coolest thing anyone can collect because there's so much history and culture in those little things. And they make pretty cool mosaics.

"Vermont has a highway system for ATVs and snowmobiles, complete with route numbers and signage!"

Something like this would be really helpful for all the people who love to be outdoors. ATV routes can be super cool, but also super confusing. Let's put more signage out to keep everyone on the same page!

"This shopping center's elevator doors have decals of kids trying to pull them open."

This is just really cute. The decals don't really have a function, but that doesn't even matter. They just look really cool, and they're clever in their own way.

They seriously need to put these in a bunch more places.

"I found a cheat sheet left by a previous holder in my rented textbook."

It's kind of like a "pay it forward" thing, except with cheat sheets. Do all that work and then leave it for the next person who may need it. A nice, simple gesture that I wish people did with my textbooks back in the day.

The end of this toilet paper roll is in a zigzag pattern.

Again, not something that's going to be super useful functionally, but still really cool. Who said toilet paper had to be boring? It can honestly have so many different patterns. In fact, it should have different patterns, in my opinion.

"These white gourds grow into the shape of the containers around them, leading to lots of creative ways to shape the end product."

It's true, all of those plants in the melon/squash family like to take the shape of whatever mold they're in. And you can get such fun shapes out of them. This is totally something we should do a lot more often.

"This sign at a storage place shows a person tripping as a warning for slipping."

I like the visual because it sort of makes it feel like more of a danger. A lot of people take these kinds of signs with a grain of salt when they're meant to prevent serious injuries. Hopefully, signs like these will drill that danger into people's heads.

"My grocery store has a gigantic drivable shopping cart."

I'm going to go ahead and assume that this giant grocery cart is some kind of parade float. Not that I'm complaining, it just doesn't seem like it'd have any other use.

But, like, I kind of want to go for a spin in this thing...

"This USB connector can switch between type A and micro B."

This is such a cool connector! It would definitely save on cable space since you always need a bunch of different ones that plug into different outlets. Now we just need it for USB-C, and we'll be all set.

"In Denmark, there are libraries where you can borrow a person instead of a book to listen to their life story for 30 minutes. The aim is to fight against prejudices."

This is such a cool concept. It would really help us all gain a bit of perspective, which can teach us so much about the world we live in. I'd definitely give that a try.

"Star Trek monument in Vulcan, Alberta."

Because why not? Even though Vulcan the planet from Star Trek is named after Vulcan the Roman god, I'm pretty sure people associate the name with the famed sci-fi series more often.

And if that's your town's name, you just have to roll with it.

"The steak I bought comes with a nose print of the cow it came from."

This is a nice gesture, even if it is a little sad. Steaks were, after all, living cows at some point.

I maybe wouldn't want to see something like this all the time, but it's still cool to point out.

"One of those fake seating areas in an apartment building I was making a delivery to."

I mean, what else are you supposed to put on that ledge? At least this way, it isn't a bunch of dead space or some kind of ugly storage unit. It doesn't make sense, and yet it makes perfect sense.

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