13 Meaningful Tattoo Designs Inspired By People's Personal Stories

Getting a tattoo is such a personal choice. Many of us end up with one for various reasons. It could be to celebrate a milestone, overcome hardship, or honor somebody who has passed.

Whatever the reason, every tattoo is unique in its own way and tells a personal story. Here are just a few special ones I would like to share with you.

1. This Tribute To Grandma

This person chose to put a tattoo of a robin on their ankle to honor their grandma. She was always working in the garden, and there was a robin close to her while she was gardening. Aww, isn't that so sweet?

2. This Tribute To Dad

When your father unexpectedly passes away, it must be so hard to deal with — there's no doubt about that. So this guy did the only thing he knew what to do and got a fitting tribute tattoo.

3. This Cosmos Tattoo Idea

This lady's husband got a pretty rad cosmos tattoo recently. He chose this particular design because, according to what his wife said, "We are all made out of recycled stardust." Hmm, that's an interesting concept, huh?

4. This Sibling Tattoo Concept

Would you ever get a tattoo with your siblings? Well, if that's what you're into, take a look at these fun ones here. I bet these guys are really into classic cartoons. Can you tell, hee-hee?

5. This Cute Tat

If you're a gamer, you'll probably really appreciate this adorable tattoo. This person wanted to pay homage to the first video game they fell in love with here. Isn't that such a unique idea or what?

6. These Mother-Daughter Tattoos

I've always wanted to get a tattoo with my mom. I don't know if my mom would go for it, but I love the idea of it. This mother-daughter duo is totally rocking their matching tattoos here.

7. This Friendship Tattoo

It's never easy when you lose a friend. This person had to deal with that recently when a friend passed away. So they decided to get a tribute tattoo to remember them by, and I think it's so beautiful.

8. This Doodle Tattoo

Do you have a friend who likes to doodle? If you do, that could be an idea for your next tattoo. It's exactly what this lady did, and she's showing the original doodle that inspired this fun piece.

9. This Cat Tattoo

If you've had a pet who really influenced your life, a tribute tattoo could be in order. This lady here got to honor her cat, Kovu, and I think it's beautiful to boot. What do you think?

10. This Special Tattoo

This son wanted to commemorate a very important day in his family's life: the day his dad got a heart transplant. Wow, that's definitely a tattoo to remember, huh? Not only that, but it's so beautifully done, too.

11. This Gorgeous Peacock

Wow, first of all, this is a masterfully done peacock tattoo. The person who got it did it to honor their grandma. I bet she must've really loved these majestic birds. I think they're pretty special, too.

12. This Long-Time Awaited Tattoo

Some people wait their entire life to get tattooed. And when I say whole life, I really mean it here. This lady who's 76-years-young just got her very first tattoo. Wow, that's a bold move, no?

13. This Kids' Drawing Tattoo idea

Let me ask you a question: would you get your kids' drawings tattooed on you? This guy did, and I think they came out pretty good. Don't you think? It might not be everyone's cup of tea, but I like it.

Wow, I've loved learning about the stories behind all these wonderful tattoos here.

Unsplash | Lucas Lenzi

Which one is your favorite? Or better yet, tell me about a special tattoo you have gotten. I would love to know the story behind it too.

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