15 Couples Share Weird Things They Do Together That We Can All Relate To

The more time that two people spend together, the weirder they become. These are the facts of life and no couple is immune or can guard against it.

With time comes comfort and comfort breeds trust. And what ends up resulting from the two is the kind of hilarious and quite frankly weird behavior that only couples who have been together long-term can truly relate to.

Instead of arguing, try throwing socks to settle disputes.

Unsplash | Nick Page

That's what Redditor Levoire and his girlfriend Jade do. The object is to stand a fair distance apart, and then attempt to throw a sock so that it lands atop the other person's head.

Do you believe in alternate dimensions and parallel universes?

Unsplash | Jeremy Thomas

Reddit user Ohthatnamestaken certainly does. They said that when things get weird between them and their boyfriend, the two of them imagine an alternate reality in which they're both bean-versions of themselves.

When propane (and propane accessories) is life.

"We have a little paper cutout of Bobby Hill that we hide in random locations for the other to find days or weeks later. It's currently in a stack of toilet paper at her place waiting to be found again." - Reddit u/mackerley

How to keep your partner on their toes:

Unsplash | Mark Rabe

"I used to mess up writing the name of the month on our dry erase calendar, but it has turned into us doing it wrong on purpose to see who notices it first. For example, right now it is apparently 'Septemble.'" - Reddit u/zimmerman_ty12

This couple writes fan fiction together — for their cat.

Unsplash | Daria Shatova

The backstory ebbs and flows without any reason at all, according to enzymathicc. At the current moment, the cat is a revered chicken sauce tycoon but at different times has been a Japanese businessman, as well as a famous soccer player.

Sending one another goofy text messages.

"I text him pretending to be tech support for his 'Wifebot' robot. I’m old, so I’m a 'Classic model,' and there are often problems with 'annoying downloads' (our children) causing malfunctions." - Reddit u/TortleAbyss

What exactly does "cape-ing" mean?

Unsplash | Stephan Schmid

If you go by the word of Flapjack__Palmdale, cape-ing is when one partner sneaks up from behind another and forms themself to their partner's back — almost as if they were wearing a cape.

Proposing time and time again.

Unsplash | sergey mikheev

"Whenever either of us takes off our ring for any reason (showering, washing dishes, gardening, etc.) the other will grab it and put it back on them while 'proposing.' We have easily proposed to each other several thousand times by now." - Reddit u/mrsmedeiros_says_hi

When's the last time you played hide-and-seek?

I'm willing to bet it isn't nearly as often as jaqqq_ and her partner. She says that their games are so intense that one time she found her husband asleep underneath the bed.

Playing playful schoolground pranks.

Unsplash | Katrina Berban

"My wife likes to pants me (pull down my pants from behind) when I'm doing things where both my hands are occupied, like cooking or carrying things." - Reddit u/pejeol

Giving uncomfortable compliments in awkward situations.

According to a post made by MinimalChocolates, every time they or their partner bends over, the other immediately calls out "AWE YEAH! THAT's RIGHT!" for all to hear, regardless of where they happen to be.

A surefire way to guarantee you never get lost in a store.

I'm sure you're probably at least somewhat familiar with the game Marco Polo? Well, this couple pays "Gloop/Gloop." The premise is pretty much identical, it's just far more awkward.

How do you ever truly know someone?

Unsplash | Priscilla Du Preez

"We have a code word to determine if the other person is a shapeshifter. We will randomly ask each other to repeat it. It always causes a giggle or a concerned 'Oh god...'" - Reddit u/TheRealDannySugar

Making them feel safe in the creepiest way imaginable.

Unsplash | Patrick Pierre

"We take the t-shirt we’re wearing and trap the other person's head under it, holding them to our stomachs and telling them that they 'are now safe.'" - Reddit u/FillinThaBlank

Stripping to get out of going to the grocery store.

Unsplash | Randy Kinne

MamaSquash8013 says that she and her husband have a rather odd game to get out of going to the store. Whenever they run out of something, the two of them will race to strip off their clothes. The first one naked is the winner and therefore doesn't have to run an errand.