30 Moments That Showed People Screwing The Most Basic Things Up

There are people out there who seem to delight in messing up the most basic jobs. No matter how straightforward a task may be, they will be right there to cock it up in one way or another!

With this in mind, from people who committed crimes against pizza to individuals who weren't sure how paint works, here are 20 moments that showed people screwing the most basic things up!

"Shape of the bowl kind of makes it look like 'puke.'"

When you are designing a sign for a restaurant it is pretty standard stuff to avoid all allusions to vomit. And yet, the genius who designed this sign managed to miss this cacophonous error.

"Got angry and kicked the rubbish bin because it wouldn't give me the bag... I think the bin won."

So this person technically lost a fight with a small inanimate object? Wow, that is actually kind of impressive, in the worst sort of way! Go you!

"Paint crew on my roof dropped a paint can on my balcony and tried to sweep it up with my personal broom."

The fact that anyone would genuinely try to sweep up paint is baffling. This is like something out of a Laurel and Hardy film.

"My kid was sent home from school with this… Whaaaa?"

It would surely take you absolutely ages to write anything with an "m" in it if you wrote like this? Does anyone out there actually write their M's like this?

"My sunflower in the front of my house finally bloomed for the world to see."

Some sunflowers have a bit of a hard time following the rules when they are in their teen years. This sunflower will grow out of this, even if it does claim that it is "not just a phase!"

"Someone played cat's cradle with these heating pipes."

"I know that they just want some pipes putting in, but I think that we should try and give the whole thing a bit of pizzaz!"

"Dave, can we please for once just put the pipes..."

"Pizzaz, Steve! Pizzaz!"

"Someone locked my bike with their own bike lock."

One person did suggest, " You need to cut the lock ASAP. If you leave it overnight they will steal your bike, this is a tactic used when your bike is in a very public space where they can't steal it during normal work hours. It's like a video game mission you have until it gets dark to free your bike or lose it."

"Flew 13 hours to Hawaii to see Volcanoes National Park."

It is pretty hard to go to Volcanoes National Park and not see any volcanoes, but this person has managed the impossible! I hope the rest of their trip was more successful!

"This map I found at a local bar."

I feel as though looking at this when you were drunk would really tip you over the edge. Although, someone being drunk when they designed this might explain how it came into being!

"This not-at-all centred pillar at a church in my city."

I suppose that the only roof support that the congregation needs is the support of the Lord! Pretty nice idea, but I wouldn't want to be in this building for any stretch of time if so.

"So which way do I turn it!?"

Someone did suggest that this might be a trick and that you are actually meant to press this button in! That would be truly devious on behalf of the design team if that was the case!

"This marble maze at my local playground."

It turned out that these mazes actually have secret tunnels in them that you cannot see which is what makes the maze hard. With that in mind, I love the idea that the person who posted this was just stood staring at this, thinking it to be unbeatable, when in reality it is pretty easy!

"Running late this morning and ordered an Egg McMuffin. Got to work and opened this monstrosity."

Well they definitely got the muffin part right at least. Although, someone else did suggest, "Maybe you spoke unclear and the employee heard 'egg McNothin.'"

"Hot coffe to goo!"

Sounds as though someone could have done with their morning coffee before designing this thing! Although, some people may like their coffee in goo form...they'd have to be pretty weird people, but to each their own!

"We asked for no mushrooms. They added extra and everything else is raw."

Jesus, it is like they went out of their way to ruin this person's pizza. I think that maybe this person's ex may have just taken a job at this specific pizzeria!

"A lot of swearing ensued..."

They were so close to getting that nail out as well by the looks of things. There are few things like housework and DIY going wrong to make someone turn the air blue all around them.

"Just went through my unmatched sock bag. Not a single match. How can this be?"

I wonder if this person has a cat by any chance? From personal experience, I would follow your cat around for a while if so, they may be hoarding odd socks!

"The way my boyfriend's family stored their pizza."

The fact that it looks like they have never even come close to cleaning that freezer only makes this whole situation worse! How hard is it to clean out your freezer every once in a while?

"Thieves stole my steering wheel, now I can only drive straight."

"I thought I told you to go and steal a car, and here you are just giving me a stolen steering wheel?"

"Well our plan is to steal it piece by piece over the course of a year!"


"Roommate throws away dishes so he won't have to do them (I bought all our dishes and silverware)."

I have lived with some pretty lazy people in the past, but I have never known anyone to be this lazy. I'd be finding a new roommate pretty damn fast if I were them.

"This sign that due to shade and letters being close to each other is almost unreadable."

The fact that I do not speak this language adds an extra barrier. But, even if I could speak the language, translating this would give me a nosebleed.

"Mirrored letters? Sure thing!"

Another individual also noted: "Apart from the not-so-mirrored letters, why would you want mirrored letters on the tailgate? 'Ooh I see this ambulance in my back mirror, and it is… going the opposite direction farther and farther away from me. Guess I’ll keep on driving then.'"

"Why couldn't this be one window? Been bugging me since I moved in."

A lot of people suggested that the bottom window is where there used to be an air-con unit. However, I prefer the explanation that the bottom window is a pizza delivery window!

"Does not contain red onions..."

Maybe they need to rethink their packaging then. They chose to put one single item on the bottle, an item that is nowhere to be found within. I can't help but kind of love the needlessness of it all.

"What do you mean you already microwaved it!?"

This is just asking for trouble. Some companies seem to go out of their way to try and annoy their customers, which does not seem like a very good business model really.

"It's the martini glass and the capital letters that do it for me."

It took me ages to understand what they were even trying to say with this sign. Some people like to opt for a headache-inducing sign for their business, I suppose it's eye-catching if nothing else.

"Donate to help end children!"

"The one thing that we want to do is convey the fact that we are trying to help children, okay?"

"Yup, seems pretty straightforward."

"The one thing we don't want to do is say that we want to 'end children,' for instance haha."

"Right, end children, got it."

"This weird door at the top of the stairs in a weird hotel."

This looks like what would happen if you let someone design a cheap hotel in the Sims. I suppose that it might come in handy in the event of a zombie apocalypse though!

"This studded tile to let the blind know they're at the edge of the road."

"I think that we may need to put in more studded tiles."

"Why? There's a little bit there and it's yellow so they'll see it pretty clearly and know to stand on it."

"They'll...see it?"

Are You Sure You've Got That The Right Way Around?

Maybe this is for people who want to learn how to moonwalk? Or it's just a way to really mess with your hip and have fun at the same time!