30 People Whose Days Turned Sour In The Strangest Ways

No matter how your day is going, the gods of chance, circumstance, and general misfortune will always be lurking nearby to try and find ways to inconvenience you in some way!

So, from people who like their AirPods with a filling of sweet and sour sauce to individuals who got their heads trapped in the most unlikely of places, here are 30 people whose days turned sour in the strangest ways!

"Damn, a parking ticket."

I wonder how long they have been parked here to accumulate that much bird crap? I mean, if that was all done in one afternoon then there is something wrong with the birds in this neighborhood.

"Bought a 'brand new' jacket online. Found this inside the pocket..."

The person who owned this jacket when it was "brand new" needs to get themselves a wallet! Also, this person did add an update, writing: "Owner confirmed they were lost months ago. Owner also confirmed he was not satisfied with the jacket, lmao."

Won't Someone Think Of The Children!?

I would like to know what happened to precipitate this war between the local children and the local peacock population. Or maybe it is just due to the fact that the peacocks see children as easy prey?

"Uh oh. Keep out of the danger noodle room."

I suppose that proper security systems are just too expensive for a lot of people, so they prefer to take measures into their own hands. The threat of being bitten by a snake will deter most people anyway.

"Road made in Spain. The owner of the land-field next to the road didn't want to sell that little triangle. They built the road in the same place anyway."

I can't actually tell what was the bigger power move, standing up to the people who wanted to build the road or going ahead and building the road anyway?!

"So part of the automated chicken feeding system broke today..."

While this was probably the worst day ever for the people working there, it looks as though the chickens were having the best time! That's a lot of chicken feed to clean up!

The Worst Luck Of All...

The person who posted this picture explained:

"I've spent month trying to find the location of the grave of my Great-Great-Grandfather. I located it, went to visit and found that grave robbers got to it first. After shining a light down (as I first suspected a structural collapse) I can confirm that I can see the bottom of the empty grave."

"Lots of swearing ensued..."

As if this wasn't enough, the person who posted this went on to add, "I also managed to electrocute myself. First day of house renovations." Maybe they should consider getting some professionals in from this point onwards?

"Son decided to swallow a nickel and turn $.05 into $4400."

This person also did not apparently get to keep the nickel! I would have made sure that I got that back at the very least, and they could have kept it as their unlucky coin.

"Never a good sign…"

Well it is a very good sign if you look at in terms of it effectively conveying the information it is trying to convey — it's just that the content is a little bit concerning. I'm trying to start looking for the positive in more things nowadays!

"Saw this walking through my university after hours."

Maybe these things should not be left alone in the first place, just a thought? Also, I do not know why they put the word "Danger" in one of the smallest fonts?

"Thanks for giving me Salmonella to go. This is why I have trust issues…"

I am more amazed that this person managed to eat so much of this without realising that they were eating raw chicken! That seems like the sort of thing you would notice after the first bite!

"Found on Table Mountain, Cape Town, South Africa."

I am assuming that a fair few people have had to find this out the hard way for this sign to be necessary. Although, I bet that it is a pretty damn fast way of getting down!

"People on the sky ride just throw their trash on this roof."

They should pay someone to sit on there and throw the trash right back at them as hard as possible. Sure, it might be a little dangerous but it would really spice up the fair!

"Just went through my unmatched sock bag. Not a single match. How can this be?"

One individual who has clearly been plagued by missing sock syndrome before suggested, "They are inside the casing of your dryer. There's a gap in old dryers once the seal wears out that they can get sucked into."

Nothing Like BBQ'd Meat!

"My pork ribs dinner. Unsure if stress causes short term memory loss but I put ribs on, logged into work and here we are two hours later with grill at full blast," explained the person who posted this. Still, at least it isn't raw like that other person's burger!

"Every disabled spot filled at the gym, not one disabled badge in sight..."

This is going to be one hell of a jackpot for the local tow trucks when someone calls them! I cannot believe that this gym has so many asshats!

"Trying to chill on a lighting post. (It was later saved by someone with a long pole!)"

That looks like a truly uncomfortable place to get stuck! It also seems as though that bird is looking into the camera and saying, "Seriously, are you gonna help or what?"

Give them an inch...

Just think though, if you could train raccoons to take other people's treats instead of yours, you could have such an adorable army of candy collectors. Of course, with trash pandas, there's no guarantee what they bring back will be, um, not garbage.

"Sunk my four wheeler while looking for my phone that also sunk"

You're gonna need a bigger bag of rice for that issue. But the good news is that they've clearly been able to borrow a phone to take a pic of their problem, so they can at least call a tow truck or something.

"Thieves stole my steering wheel, now I can only drive straight"

Who steals a steering wheel?? Seriously, catalytic converters are somewhat understandable for the metals and the fact that they're on the outside of the vehicle. But the steering wheel?

"I can't find the culprit that left this in my house"

Nothing like a random snake skin to grab your attention, is there? Could anybody sleep in that house knowing there's a snake on the loose in their house? Well, at least any rodents would be having an equally uneasy time.

"First time I ordered shoes online"

So, anybody know what you do when your shoes come with one of the anti-theft tags still attached? Because I feel like taking them into the store or trying to send them back won't work out too well.

"Bottle of sweet & sour sauce exploded in my bag."

That looks like a very expensive sweet and sour container. This person should consider just buying their sweet and sour sauce in ordinary bottles from this point forward I reckon.

"Someone locked their bike to mine"

Is this the cycling equivalent of another driver blocking you in? Because there isn't much you can do other than wait around for the other person to come back, basically ruining whatever other plans you had for that day.

"Each person took a turn slamming their shopping cart into the front of my new car. I've heard of 'Shopping cart dings' but c'mon..."

You could make the argument that that's the danger of parking near the shopping cart return stall — but that's clearly just a parking spot where someone decided to leave a cart. And then someone else followed suit. Again, and again, and again. What a bummer.

"My delivery confirmation photo. The bag was gone when I got down there."

Don't delivery people have to follow basic directions all the time? Shouldn't that be one of their most fundamental skill sets? Because it sure looks like the person who delivered this package had plenty of opportunity to get it right.

"I lost my phone at a festival, a few hours later I found it burning next to the campfire."

I have been in some pretty bad states at festivals, but I have never been so drunk as to try and BBQ my phone for a snack. Just go to a food truck in future like a normal person!

"Well, it is not a good idea to clean the screen of the Macbook with glass cleaner."

Good news for anybody out there who thought that glass cleaner might do the trick for their own dirty screens — this person did the research for you, and no, it's not a great idea. Glass cleaner is for glass.

"Someone smashed my window, I replaced it, immediately happened again. Hadn’t even taken the sticker off yet."

Well, I guess someone really has it in for that window specifically. Either this driver has really angered someone, or they're being haunted by an oddly obsessed poltergeist. Whichever it is, it sounds like an expensive and annoying issue.