14 People Who Decided To Do Things Their Own Original Way

Are you the kind of person who always thinks on your feet? Do you ever come up with creative solutions for everyday problems? Well, if that sounds like you this article is really going to resonate with you.

As it turns out, there are other folks out there who use their ingenuity to get through life. And we should all thank them for that.

1. This Uber Idea

Talking about some ingenuity here, people. This clever Uber driver rigged a COVID barrier so the AC could reach the back with these homemade air vents. OMG. Isn't that such a cool idea or what? It made me laugh out loud.

2. This Grocery Store

I think mushrooms are real _fun guys), ha, ha. Are you a fan? If you are, you'll get a kick out of this grocery store idea. Get this, they actually grow their own mushrooms right in the aisle. What?!

3. This Faucet Over The Stove

Isn't it so annoying when you have to carry that heavy pot full of water to your stove? I hear you loud and clear. So somebody thought of installing a faucet right above their stove. Wow! Genius.

4. This Clever Dad

Does your child love camping trips? Those are sure fun, huh? This awesome dad wanted to bring a bit of camp life into his kid's room. So he custom-made a nightlight to resemble a campfire scene. Awe!

5. This Cat Lover

If you're a fellow pet lover, you know that we will pretty much do anything for our fur babies, right? Therefore I'm not surprised this guy build a cardboard fun house for his itty bitty kitty here. Oh my goodness!

6. This Crafty Grandma

Why spend more money on one of those fancy produce bags? It's not needed at all, especially when you're a crafty grandma. She made one out of used plastic bags, so there you go. I love that.

7. This Breakfast Option

Let me ask you a question: how long do you boil your eggs? For me, it's exactly five minutes. This hotel realizes that different people like various temperatures and gives you some more choices. Nice, but where's my five minutes? Hee-hee!

8. This Upcycled Fence

Why spend a ton of money on a new fence when you can reuse what you can scavenge? How do you like this fence made entirely out of old wheels? I think it's pretty dang cool indeed.

9. This Bus Shelter

Speaking of upcycling things, what do you think you're looking at here? Yes, it's a bus shelter. But what makes it interesting is that somebody made it using an old excavator bucket. Holy moly! You don't say.

10. This Truck Art

No, this isn't the actual Mona Lisa, but it does come as a close second. The best part is that some talented person drew it using the leftover dust on this truck. Wow! What a sight to see, huh?

11. This Smart Wife

Who else loves eating Cheetos? They are so delicious, huh? But if you're not careful, they can make quite a mess. So give it to this clever wife to come up with a smart solution for that by using chopsticks.

12. This Cat Hammock Idea

Awe, look at these cute little kittens here. They do look so cozy. But when you look closer, you'll realize that somebody created their hammocks using leftover face masks. Oh my gosh, this is the sweetest thing.

13. This Wearable Reptile Head

Wouldn't it be cool if you could come up with a unique Halloween costume that costs practically nothing? Say hello to the reptile head. This person made it out of paper. I wish they were my friend, hee-hee.

14. This Giant Beach Ball

"Someone let loose a giant beach ball in my town and now it’s become a fun community event," said one Reddit user.

This looks like so much fun... as long as it doesn't go into the road and block traffic.

You see, it's not that hard to be original.

All you need to do is try. Why not think outside of the box and see what happens, huh? I think these folks did just that, and it definitely paid off in the end. What was your best clever idea? Share with us, please.