Unsplash | Jonathan Rados

19 Photos That Honestly Make My Head Hurt

The internet loves optical illusions.

Remember the "what color is the dress?" fiasco of 2015? That was quite the mind-numbing experience! No matter how you looked at it, people either saw white and gold or blue and black.

Well, now's the time for another brain workout! These optical illusions and camouflaged items will leave your head hurting (sorry in advance)!

This countertop that matches the chip.

Some might say the counter matches better than it matches the picture on the bag. There's another illusion here as well. You might mistake the nacho for a slice of pizza.

This dog that looks like an arm.

At first glance, you're convinced that this is someone's hairy arm pointing something out on the screen. But, it's a dog with floppy ears and a curious mind about what game its owner is playing.

This cat that isn't a shadow.

It will probably take you a long time to realize that it's a black cat laying down in front of the other cat. They should pull this trick during Halloween! People would definitely be scared.

This ramen that doesn't expire.

Want endless ramen? Buy one that has an expiry date that doesn't exist! You could take a risk and eat it or simply believe that an alternate universe where November 31, 2020 exists is out there.

These pringles that defy gravity.

While some people chomp down on the salty goodness of Pringles as soon as they pop open the top, some have other plans.

It's hard to imagine how this is standing upright without some glue holding it together.

This cow that looks like it's eating a young calf.

Yikes! It certainly looks like this cow isn't a vegetarian. It's eating one of its young! But upon closer look, you'll see that those little feet dangling are actually its own from behind!

This cat that isn't a raw chicken.

Pictures like this make us wonder why people like Sphynx cats. "The sphynx cat we are looking after looks ready to be seasoned and baked at 350° when seen from this angle," this Redditor wrote.

This windshield that looks like snowy mountains.

Dang! How pretty would this view be if it were actually true? It looks like something you'd see in Game of Thrones!

In reality, though, it's just someone who really, really needs to defrost their windshield.

This person isn't carrying a headless body on their back.

Look closely and you'll see that the little boy's head blends in perfectly with the man's.

We can only assume they're father and son since their hair color matches perfectly.

This guy's bag isn't a sleeping person.

It's not hard to imagine that the backpack is actually a man who fell asleep while waiting for his girlfriend at the Kylie Skin launch.

Truthfully, it's just a backpack with clever placement of the hat.

This dog that doesn't have a human body.

If you're having trouble finding where the black dog starts, start at the girl's arm. Above it, you'll see the adorable doggy that the girl is hugging.

This guy who isn't wearing heels.

Although this guy rocks heels like no other, it's actually just the chair's legs!

There's another confusing illusion here that might make your head hurt. Is he drinking coffee or a beer?

These Sour Patch packages in the back of this pickup truck.

This one hurts our head because we're left wondering "WHY?!" Who would need a truck full of Sour Patches? Kids birthday party? That time of the month? We need answers!

This jalapeño that looks like a T-Rex.

How could you eat this afterward?! Forget fossils; THIS is what belongs in a museum.

It makes sense that the jalapeño is shaped like a T-Rex since they certainly were the spiciest dinosaur!

This person who isn't missing half of their body.

This is one of the best optical illusions we've seen. It makes you think, "what skirt?"

While this person looks like they're missing half of their body, it's actually a camouflaged skirt. Well played!

This chip that looks like a grape.

This hurts our head because all we're thinking about is how satisfying this would be to pop it. It also goes to show that you can eat healthy! It's a grape after all, right?

This cat who's hidden amongst these logs.

This one will leave you stumped (pardon the pun). It's just the purrrfect illusion! But since we don't want your head to hurt too hard, look at the top of the middle stack. You'll see it there.

This dad who looks like he's in the painting.

Unfortunately for this dad, his shirt lines up perfectly with the painting. At the very least, this is a Christmas card that will actually make the fridge since it's so interesting.

This soup that's the same color as the bowl.

This one is pretty mind-numbing. We don't know if this was an accident or on purpose. But what we do know is that this picture is tripping us out!