20 Pictures Showing Some Highly Unlikely Events

There are some things out there that just don't seem like they'd be likely to happen. And yet, the impossible is happen ing around us, every single day. We just don't always get to take pictures of it.

But these people were different. They took the time to document things we probably wouldn't expect to be real. And now that there's proof, there's no going back.

The age-old question, happening before our vey eyes.

So, why did the chicken cross the road? Other than to possibly get to the other side, we probably won't ever know. But at least we can finally see one in the middle of the act. No terrible punchlines to distract us, either.

The way these rolls of toilet paper in a public bathroom are locked up.

Last I checked, it isn't March 2020 anymore. Toilet paper is as easy to come by as it's always been. So why does this bathroom keep theirs locked? It's not like that's going to stop someone from taking any if they really wanted to.

"Amazon sent me 4 copies of the same mini tripod I ordered."

I swear, it's more likely for Amazon to delay your package, or send you something damaged, than it is for them to send you 4 copies of the same thing. The real question now is, do you keep all of them, or return the 3 you don't need?

"My bank has a punching bag in their restroom."

The bathroom itself is pretty decent. But the punching bag in there? That just seems out of place. And honestly? I wouldn't touch that thing, especially knowing that people probably use that toilet and don't wash their hands afterwards (which is gross).

The shadow of this bunch of bananas that kind of looks like a cat.

Shadows are some of the strangest things around. They block light and reveal really strange shapes that look nothing like the thing they came from. Like a cat coming from bananas, apparently.

Oh yeah, this totally makes sense.

"A few years ago I saw the sun rising in the West. It was there for a few seconds and then faded away. I later found out this is something called Atmospheric Refraction."

As we know, the sun does not, in fact, rise from the west. It's just light, air, physics, etc. making the sun look like it's somewhere it's not supposed to be.

"A weird glitch at Dave & Buster's led me to get ~32,000 tickets instead of 6."

Well, I wouldn't complain about that. This definitely won't happen to just anyone, so if something like this does happen to you, just celebrate.

And while you're at it, find something decent to exchange those prize tickets for.

There's a very tiny lizard inside of this clock face.

How that lizard got into that clock, we may never know. But it's there now. Hopefully it'll figure out a way to get out of there, because the only thing weirder than finding a lizard in your clock, is finding a dead lizard in your clock.

"The way this coffee mug broke."

There are definitely worse ways this mug could've broken. At least it's in two easy to clean pieces, instead of pointy shards all over the floor.

Still, how does a break like this even happen? It just doesn't seem like the kind of thing that should even happen.

"Found a boat wrecked on an undeveloped island."

I guess someone was on that island at some point. Hopefully they made it out in one piece, because it doesn't look like there'd be much around for them to do.

I wonder what kinds of things you'd be able to find in that boat.

"301 views on a video explaining why views freeze at 301."

Have you ever seen a video on YouTube that froze at 301 views? It happens a lot, for reasons that are probably explained in this video. Which just so happened to freeze at 301 views. Ironic coincidence, or YouTube's master plan?

"I received a call from Clark Kent today at work."

Two things. First, do you think this guy's name is actually Super Man, or did he just luck out with his caller ID options?

And second, that's one old phone. I don't even think the home phone we used to have when I was a kid looked that old!

So, this is a thing that exists.

This is more of something that shouldn't have happened than something that's unlikely to happen. Cotton candy-flavored KD? Yeah, that just sounds gross. I'm sort of curious about the taste, but not nearly curious enough to go out and buy a packet to try it out.

"This bird that I hit managed to get stuck, thankfully got him out and he was okay."

Thankfully, this bird made it out of a scary situation. Which is both good for the bird, and the driver. I'd hate to think about having to fish a dead bird out of a windshield. It would be so upsetting.

"McDonald’s just gave me a straw that was still closed on one end."

What are the odds of a straw being closed like that? I don't think very high, but I guess not impossible, either. Still, it must be so annoying, finding your straw unusable. Hopefully they had and extra one around somewhere.

"My town has a special Marine Rescue unit, despite not being near any large bodies of water."

I'm sure they have some other purpose than to rescue people from large bodies of water...? Or maybe they just liked the name and decided to use it.

Or, maybe they're an actual Marine Rescue unit that got landlocked somehow.

"I saw 4 generations of Honda Civics, in order of age, all in white."

Honda Civics are pretty common cars, so I'm not surprised that one person saw a bunch of them on the road at once. But the fact that they're all white, all from sequential years, and all in a line? Seems like magic to me.

"My arrow pierced a piece of grass."

You either have to be a really good archer, or really lucky in order to pull off a shot like this. Grass is so much thinner than an arrow, so it'd have to be traveling pretty fast to do something like this.

And that just doesn't feel like something that's even possible.

"Happened upon two Star Wars license plates next to each other at a stop light."

Meanwhile, the people in this area must really love Star Wars. I don't doubt that plenty of people out there have personalized license plates that reference the series, but for two to be side by side? Maybe they're going to the same place.

"Today at the farmers market I got Kid Rock’s autograph as change."

What confuses me about this is why someone would ask for Kid Rock's autograph on a dollar bill, only to then spend it and lose it forever. Maybe this person wanted the autograph to travel around the country? Or maybe they just forgot about it.