20 Times People's Creativity Led Them On A Wild Goose Chase

It is important to never stifle other people's creativity, as being creative is one of the most rewarding things that a person can experience. However, some people's creativity does take them to pretty...weird places!

So, from people who designed skeletons that were scary for all the wrong reasons to individuals who fixed their cars with whatever they had in their fridge, here are 20 times people's creativity lead them on a wild goose chase.

"The furry skeleton isn't real, it can't hurt you... Probably."

This is quietly unsettling in all the wrong ways. Now I cannot stop thinking about what it would feel like if we all had furry skeletons inside of our bodies.

"Environmentally friendly travel!"

They really are saving the planet here, in one way or another! The fact that the guy at the back has one of his feet hanging off and a kid on his shoulders is absolutely biblical.

They Put The Sign Up, That Is All That Matters!

I would love to meet the person who put that sign up, stepped back, and thought to themselves, "That's a job well done!" The way that their brain works, or rather doesn't work, is fascinating!

"This unsettling 'Shronkey' tattoo."

This tattoo should be banned from now on. Nobody wants this image in their head, and yet everyone who sees this will never be able to shake it off. I had to see it and so you will have to see it as well.

"'Wouldn't be too easy pedalling this bike."

If you were heading downhill at speed I can also imagine that it would not be too easy to stop this thing! You would get some momentum going though, which would be fun for a few fleeting moments.

"I have questions... Many questions."

I also have a lot of questions, but I really do not want them to be answered. One thing is for sure though, I would not want to be hanging around here in the evenings.


"I've got a flat tyre again, get the spare out the back for us."

"No need, I've got a fridge full of coke that will do that job for you!"

"Dave, please can we just use the spare wheel?"

"And let all this coke go to waste? Not a chance!"

"That'll do it!"

I mean, why even bother going to the effort to do this? Maybe they just wanted to brighten the pole up a little, because Christ knows this is not going to do anything structural to help the situation!

"Impromptu pool heater!"

Every part of my brain is telling me that this is incredibly dangerous, and yet I cannot specifically think why. You could also make some S'mores while swimming with this. Obviously I need to say "Don't actually try this at home" though for all the airheads out there.

"A PVC pipe basketball 'hoop' I made so that my son could practise."

I actually really like this ingenious little bit of DIY, there are much worse solutions after all. There are few things like becoming a parent to turn someone into a MacGyver-esque inventor.

"Don't have a cow, man! Or have one permanently across your whole torso."

Well, this guy must really like cows? The artistry is undeniably very good, but I do wonder why they would ever want this done to their body?

"Fixed the ATM for you boss!"

So are they going for a sort of "honesty rules" situation here? I don't think that anyone would be tempted to open it in fairness, who really steals money in this day and age anyway?

"A speed limit sign posted in a school zone in Georgia."

What is really worrying about these roads is that the speed limit is 90 between 2:46 to 2:54. You really do not want to be on this road during that time, it is carnage.

"Local Wendy's meets its end."

I like that this starts off as though it is going to be an apology for slow service, and then they just change direction halfway through. This must have been one hell of a place to work!

"A fun game I like to play at work. I call it chip roulette."

This is a guaranteed way to make you incredibly popular in the office! Also, it will pretty effectively stop people from stealing the snacks that are on your desk if that's something you're currently contending with.

"In retrospect, this was inevitable."

Apparently, this sort of thing is quite common, with one person writing:

"Mid to late 1970s. I pumped gas at one of my grandfather's gas stations for extra money. There was a regular customer who had a beer tap on the hood of his Chevy. Now I don't know how it worked I just know that it did in fact work."

"Do or do not... There is no try!"

So is this car now officially a Toyoda? I think that I will be having nightmares about being chased by this thing tonight. Also, do you think that they really made the ears big enough?

"A whole new meaning to putting a band-aid on the problem."

It is better than just leaving it I suppose. I think that the band-aid solution may put the likes of Autoglass out of business in the not too distant future!

"A fan net designed to keep child fingers out of the fan, with a cute bear design that entices the child to touch the fan."

Still, that child would have to have some pretty strong fingers to get through that mesh...you would hope.

"Apparently, forceps make great antenna boosters."

I like their ingenuity and all that jazz, but would it maybe not be easier to just buy a slightly newer TV? It can't be hard to find a newer TV than this in all fairness.