15 Funny Posts About Siblings We Can All Relate To

Growing up with siblings is something that can be a blessing and a curse at the same time. While we love our siblings and cherish them, they are also huge pains who totally ruin our lives (most days).

Everyone who grows up with siblings has a story or two to share about what life is like being one of many.

This is adorable.

Nothing is sweeter than this 10-year-old sibling wanting to share the good news with their older sibling about his new girlfriend. And, with proof, he has her scrunchy on his wrist. It's so sweet and adorable.

And, the older sibling even verified for him, too.

This is true support.

“I told my sister if she graduated with honors I would wear a matching dress to her graduation. She said the thought of seeing me in a dress was her motivation when she wanted to quit," said Reddit user, u/frekkenstein.

That's true sibling love!

Nothing like sibling rivalries.

Everyone wishes their sibling a happy birthday because we always want to make them feel good. But, there's nothing that says "sibling rivalries" quite like them not even appreciating their celebration or song.

And, this sums up what it's like to have a younger sister.

Everyone has gone through this at least twice.

We've all stolen stuff from our sibling's room before, and we've all had stuff stolen from us, too. There's nothing quite like finding our stuff when we are going to look for something, then getting mad and realizing that they've beaten us to the punch.

We all have a good chair in our house.

You know you have siblings when you fight over a chair in your house. There are so many times where we rush to get to the living room or the basement, just because we want to get a good chair. And, we fight with our siblings over them, too.

Being literal can be funny.

This 9-year-old has a seriously great sense of humor for not responding in Battleship. There's nothing better than pissing off your older sibling by being literal when they didn't mean to ask you such a literal question. Win on his part.

Ah, sibling love is real.

Everyone's childhood is full of siblings trying to scare us about something. And, then when we're not scared, they try to do something to make us scared. And, when that doesn't work, we end up just getting hit because they can.

It's too easy.

Little kids are so gullible, they will believe everything you tell them. There's nothing like pranking them and into thinking that everything is going to ruin their life.

This was one of the best we found though. Telling your sibling they can disappear? Amazing.

Lend your siblings your car? Think twice.

At least this brother was trying to make up for what he did wrong. Also, it's literally the oldest story in the book—you lend your sibling something and they either break it or get it destroyed. Ah, we love siblings.


There is nothing as sweet as getting the perfect opportunity to get in a good burn on your sibling. When they give you that opportunity to give it to them really well, you can't help but give them exactly what they deserve.

Who wouldn't send this?

Everyone wants the opportunity to tell their sibling that they're a giant pile of poop. So, if you want to, you might as well copy and paste this text to your own sibling and then use the poop emoji, too!

There really is no in between.

We would go to the ends of the Earth for our siblings and it turns out, most of them would do the same for us, too.

But, we also don't want them to even breathe in our direction most days so, it's either one or the other. Usually, it's both.

This one takes the cake.

Tell your sibling that you want to show them a magic trick and totally get them soaking wet. This is the kind of prank that every sibling would love and enjoy. As long as they're the ones showing the magic trick, not the wet one.

This is going to be a war.

Pushing our siblings' buttons is something we all love to do. But, when it comes to girls and their phones, you shouldn't get in between them. Someone is going to get their a** beat for this one, really badly. I know it!

Hilarious and delicious.

Giving your siblings a gift means you can actually pull a fast one on them. And, there's nothing like getting a burn and also making it a delicious gift. Like this sibling who got a "perfect man" for Valentine's Day.