15 Annoying Designs That Tested Our Patience

I have to admit something to you: I do get irritated easily. I don't set out to be that way it just happens occasionally. It's especially true when I encounter badly designed concepts or products.

Does that resonate with you too? If you answered "yes," then you'll probably lose your marbles looking at these examples. Tell me which one annoyed you the most.

1. This Mirror

How would you feel if you encountered this mirror in your hotel room? Um, I honestly would be totally irritated from the get-go. I mean, how does one even get ready with this? I don't understand the logic.

2. These Doors

So, apparently, these doors open right into each other. And if that wasn't bad enough, the doorknobs also get stuck together. What? That would drive me so mad. I'd like to know who's the absolute idiot who thought this was right?

3. This Roof Drain

So here's the situation. There are two downspouts located on this balcony, and they both drain all the water from the roof. Oh wow, I wonder how much fun it is for the tenants who want to enjoy their balcony?

4. This Elevator

Why is it that every elevator company seems to choose a different numbering system, huh? If that in itself wasn't confusing enough, then you encounter something like this. Can anybody explain to me which floor is what?

5. These Chess Tables

It's always great to get out in nature and do something you enjoy like playing chess with your buddies, for example. However, I don't think anyone anticipated this uncomfortable seating situation here. I hope they have long arms, ha, ha!

6. These Urinals

I do realize that urinals don't take up as much space as regular toilets, but I still wouldn't feel comfortable being as close to someone else if I was a guy, Way to save on space, hee-hee.

7. This Bathroom Stall

I guess we all shouldn't really expect privacy when using a public bathroom, huh? At least not when you enter this stall. The gaps here are as big as a baby's arm. That would make me feel so creeped out.

8. This Street Pole

I feel like poles like these have been placed for a reason. Perhaps it's so distracted people on their phones would pay better attention. At least, I hope that was the reasoning behind this. What do you think?

9. This Balcony Roof

This roof looks like a cool design, no? Well, that is until you realize that those are actual intentional holes which means good luck enjoying your balcony while it rains outside. Wow, can you believe this awful design flaw?

10. This Poster

Somebody found this cryptic poster at their mom's audiology office. What does it even mean? I've tried reading it several times, and I still can't make any sense of it. Did you have better luck than me?

11. This Stove Knob

Whoever thought that putting the stove knob so close to the actual burner must have a death wish or something like that. Either that or they're pretty much an evil person. Good luck not burning yourself every time you boil a pot of water.

12. This Shower

Oh my goodness. What the heck is going on with this shower here. Apparently, the glass acts as a door, but even so, this shower is tiny AF. I would demand my money back and fast, ha, ha!

13. This ATM

At first glance, you wouldn't think there was anything wrong with this ATM. And then you look at the floor and realize the poor location of the drain. I wonder how many people dropped their cards in there, eh?

14. This Plate

If the intention of the designer was to make this plate look dirty, then they definitely succeeded, hehe. Just don't put any pasta sauce on it, or you'll be stuck scrubbing it all night. Does this make sense to you?

15. This Shower Head

This girl who's 5'7" can't even take a proper shower in her dorm room. Perhaps, in addition, to stellar grades, the college prerequisite is to be shorter. Awe, I feel bad for her. Who doesn't want a warm shower after a hard day?

Oh, wow, and here I thought I had seen the worst of awful designs.

But somehow, I still get pretty surprised. Wouldn't you be royally peeved off if you encountered these yourself? I know I would. I'm definitely scratching my head in disbelief.