20 Things That Definitely Look Like Other Things

Whether it's intentional or not, some things just look like other things. You might find a flower that looks like it has a face on it, or a pen that's shaped like a random object. They just are what they are.

These objects are things that also happen to look like different things. That may not be significant in any way, but at least it's fun.

This lunchbox that looks a little sad.

Whoever put all this food together missed something pretty obvious: it looks like a frowning face. It doesn't help that those pastries have little jam centers, which just so happen to look like eyes. It's like it's unhappy because it knows it's going to be eaten.

Lay's is either camouflaging really well, or trying to get rid of the competition.

This summer, Lay's has been coming for all the other chip brands by making their popular flavors. As hilarious as this promotion is, seeing these bags in the wild makes it seem like Lay's is trying to disguise itself or something.

"It looks like a cat or raccoon or something stepped in my (freshly opened!) pint of ice cream."

It's nice to know that this pint of ice cream was sealed and only just opened when the picture was taken. So we know that no actual animal stepped in it. Even if those indents do make a pretty convincing paw print.

This battery that looks like a USB drive.

As far as I can tell, the battery is rechargeable via the USB plug. Which means no, you won't be able to store top secret files in an average-looking item. Then again, what kind of files would you need to be hiding away anyway?

This shrub that's shaped like a turtle.

It's hard to tell if this shrub formed a turtle shape naturally, or if someone trimmed it to look like the shelled reptile. But either way, it's a pretty neat shrub. It definitely matches the koi pond that's right there next to it.

These salt and pepper shakers that look like ketchup and mustard bottles.

I have to admit, these are pretty cool. They're small enough and look enough like salt and pepper shakers that you probably wouldn't confuse them for the other kind of condiments. And honestly, they're kind of fun, in a kitschy sort of way.

This pen cap that's in the shape of a tiny cat.

There's no reason for this pen cap to look like a cat. Then again, there's no reason for it not to look like one, either. It's pretty cute though, not gonna lie.

I bet it would keep the pen from rolling of a desk, too.

"This pinecone scrap I found on my walk to work this morning that looks like a fox."

You know what, it does have a bit of a fox face going for it. With droopy ears and sad eyes, though. I wonder what that fox has been through to end up looking so sad.

This tree trunk that's shaped like a 6.

I feel like I say this a lot, but trees never seem to make any sense. They always make the strangest shapes. Like, who would've seriously thought that a tree trunk could form the shape of a 6? One thing's for sure: it's defying logic.

This little piece of wood that sort of looks like a tiny bird.

It's just a wood chip. But it really does look like a bird with its head turned towards itself. If you look closely, maybe you can spot a rabbit, too. But this is no optical illusion; it's a real thing that just looks like another thing.

This desk that doubles as an exercise bike.

I'm not sure who needed this bicycle desk, but here it is. While you read, or attempt to get some work done, why not get in a little cardio too? It definitely wouldn't hurt, especially if you're like me, and lead a sedentary lifestyle.

Is it a chair? Or a toilet?

While this thing looks a lot more chair than it does toilet, it's giving some strange toilet vibes, too. I guess because it has a seat hole, which would be useless unless the whole piece was supposed to be used as a toilet. That's just plain gross.

The way these shadows create book designs on the ground.

Maybe I just have reading on the brain, but those breaks in the shadows look a lot like open books. I'm trying to decide if this is really cool, or just plain weird. Maybe it's some combination of both at once?

This bird's nest that looks too much like a beehive.

At first glance, you might think that this thing is a beehive. But look a little closer; there's a bird inside. I have no idea what kind of bird makes their nests look like this, but it must make for really good camouflage against predators.

A very sad car seat.

This poor car seat. Who hurt it? Why is it so sad?

Okay, but seriously, what do you have to do to a seat to get indents like that? Hopefully they'll come out, and this person't detailing job won't have been ruined by them. That would suck.

"This Swiss water bottle has the Matterhorn in it."

Yep. this water bottle has an indent that just so happens to look exactly like a Swiss mountain. I'm guessing that it's clever marketing, because this water probably came from some mountain spring in and around the Matterhorn. And honestly? It's pretty cool.

This pen looks a lot like a submarine.

Because pens have to look like other things too, I guess. This pen looks a lot like a submarine. Why, though? Because by the looks of it, it's a Navy-themed pen. I guess that's one way to show support for the troops?

Hotel towels that are shaped like a little elephant.

I'll know I've made it when I can start staying at fancy hotels where the staff fold their towels into different animal shapes. Elephants work, because they're cute. But swans and other kinds of birds are classic.

Too bad all that work will have to be undone when it's time to use a towel.

"These orchids look like little guys."

Not only do these orchids look like happy little dudes, they look like dudes with big hats, too. Maybe that's why they're so happy. They have cool hats they get to show off. I dunno, I just think these flowers are super cute.

"LEGO bridge in Germany."

I've said it before and I'll say it again: the world needs more things that look like LEGOs. This LEGO bridge is a good start, but we need more. Entire buildings that look like they're covered in LEGO blocks, for instance. That would be a great start.

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