20 Crappy Designs That Are Making Me Wish For Some Eyebleach

Have you ever seen a design that makes your blood boil? How about one that makes you wish you'd never seen it? Some designs can really be that bad, and if you're unlucky enough to find one, at least take a picture of it.

If there's one thing we can all do, it's laugh at these unbelievable designs. They're seriously something else.

"Ad Red by EVERYONE."

I know that the first word on this onesie is supposed to read, "adored," but the fact that they capitalized the R makes it look really wrong. And then the weird capitalization of the word "everyone" too. It's all around just a really weird, really bad design.

Whatever they did to this historic house.

This is just really sad. Someone "restored" this house, but actually made it look worse. It's lacking in charm, character, and style. It went from a pretty unique-looking home, to one that looks like every other house on the block. And not even in a good way.

There's a lot in this picture that's just so *wrong*.

Some of those oddly specific graphic t-shirts are the strangest things. The saying on this shirt doesn't even make sense. And to top it all off, the shirt is so poorly photoshopped, it's like whoever made it has no idea what clothing looks like.

"Mirror in my hotel room. I tried to fix it and found out they were glued like this."

It looks like the hotel staff tried to make a cool design with these mirrors. And it almost worked - it's just that the two side mirrors are at different angles. And they can't be moved, so that's just great.

Looks like no one thought this mug's design through.

This is a mug that you can't actually drink from. No matter what angle you try to use it, those ears are going to be poking into your face on way or another. It's cute in theory, but obviously not well thought out.

I definitely don't remember Shrek looking like this...

At least these characters look enough like Shrek and his crew. But....they also look slightly terrifying. It's like someone tried to draw the characters from the Shrek series from memory. They almost got it right, but missed the mark by just a bit.

This sticker is incredibly confusing.

Actually, this sticker is kind of threatening. Like, it feels like the kind of secret message someone would leave behind for detectives to solve in order to figure out their master plan (or maybe I just watch too much TV). Either way, stay away from whatever this came off of.

Mu M & Dad...

The worst part about this sign is that there was room for the word "mum" to fit in one row. Having the second M on the second row doesn't make any sense. Designs like this don't just make me wish I'd never seen them, they make me genuinely angry too.

What reason would anyone have for doing this!?

Luckily, this is just a poor Photoshop job and no one really put a bunch of makeup on this cat. But, why!? This is just such a creepy thing to use in an advertisement.

Is this from an Amazon product page? Because I wouldn't be surprised if it is.

Oh yeah, that's a panda alright.

Panda, koala. Same thing , really. Well, no, not really. They're pretty different.

They don't even live on the same continent. Who is this sign trying to fool? Because it isn't working.

This doesn't seem like a comfortable way to play chess.

I don't know about you, but I would hate to play chess on these benches. They're so far from the table, you'd basically have to stand up to make a move. Which makes the benches pointless.

Someone messed up designing these big time.

That pole doesn't really leave a lot of room for driving.

You know, the whole point of a road is to be able to drive a vehicle on it. And from the looks of it, this road isn't going to be great for driving. There's sort of a pole in the way, which you'd have to narrowly squeeze past. Just plain wrong.

These button placements make no sense.

Sometimes, I really wonder what goes through people's heads when they label things like this. How hard is it to just post things in numerical order? It can't be that hard. We all know what numbers are after all.

Just another strange, bad design.

For those times you're too tired to shower, but need to do it anyway.

I'm so confused by the layout of this room. Is it a bathroom with a bed in it, or a bedroom with a shower in it? The worst thing is that neither explanation will help this room make any sense.

Wait, isn't there a whole song about the color of Rudolph's nose?

He's called Rudolph the Red-nosed Reindeer for a reason. So, whoever made this little towel design either doesn't know his origin story, or doesn't care. And I can't even figure out which reason would be worse.

Is it really that hard to make a nose red?

"A poster at my moms audiology office."

I've been trying to make sense of this sign for a long time, and I just can't. Nothing about it makes any sense. None of the words or phrases seem complete, nor do they match with any other word or phrase.

This is making my head hurt.

"Sself storage."

This logo actually could've been really cool. But they put the word "self" next to a person holding a block with an S on it, which just doesn't fit well. Now it looks like "self" has two 'S's, which could've been avoided so easily. But no. We can't have nice things.

This suspiciously steep staircase.

Real question: can anyone actually climb this staircase? There's barely any room for your feet to go, which means you'd probably be on your toes. And that's just dangerous.

Maybe next time, if you don't have room for proper stairs, just build a ladder or something.

"This woodland 'alphabet' just gets worse the more you look at it."

This is probably the funniest thing I've ever seen. Everything about it is just so bad, from the placement of the words versus the letters, to the weird whooshy design some letters have.

The fact that fox was used for X and buzzard was used for Z is just hilarious.

"In a Friend's Wedding Goodie Bag."

They really put two rings in the word "popped," didn't they. Did they not realize it makes it look like it says "he pooped the question?"

Also, I didn't realize that those bits in the bag were popcorn. They look more like broccoli and cauliflower pieces.

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